Select Stock Indices of the World

Usually, we are aware about the details of only a few stock indices in the world. This post aims to widen your horizon. The table has enumerated some of the facts about 10 other countries’ stock index generally quoted, other than India.

Country Stock Index Stock Exchange No of Companies Birth year Index kind
Brazil Bovespa Sao Paulo Exchange 56 1968 capitalization-weighted
China SE Shang composite Shanghai Stock Exchange (Unavailable) 1990 capitalization-weighted
France CAC Paris Stock Exchange 40 1987 capitalization-weighted
Germany DAX Frankfurt Stock Exchange 30 1988 capitalization-weighted
Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Hong Kong Stock Exchange 33 1969 (Unavailable)
India Sensex Bombay Stock Exchange 30 1986 capitalization-weighted
Japan Nikkei Tokyo Stock Exchange 225 1949 price-weighted
Korea KOSPI Korean Stock Exchange 200 1964 capitalization-weighted
Mexico Mexbol Mexican Stock Exchange (Unavailable) 1978 capitalization-weighted
US Nasdaq composite Nasdaq Stock Market 5540* 1971 capitalization-weighted
UK FTSE London Stock Exchange 100 1984 capitalization-weighted

*Subject to change

Capitalization weighted: It means that firms with the largest market value have the greatest influence on the indices’ value.

Price weighted: A stock index in which each stock influences the index in proportion to its price per share. Stocks with a higher price will be given more weight and, therefore, will have a greater influence over the performance of the index.

NOTE: The number of companies refer to the number of companies included in the computation of the indices.

Author: Alex M Thomas

A passionate student of economics!

0 thoughts on “Select Stock Indices of the World”

  1. Interesting, I used to be a big fan of BSE index ever since i was a kid. I was totally clueless about the stock market those days but still I liked to follow it with the same interest for following sports stats. It was fun!

    @SC An example may help. Even though, thousand + companies are listed in Bombay Stock Exchange only the stock price of 30 selected companies are taken into account when computing BSE index value.

  2. Ohh Yes.. I am still a loyal fan. I wanted BSE to beat Dow Jones, FTSE, Paris indecies and it delivered! So, I gotta reamain as a loyal fan:) Now, the eye is on Nikki.. We are gona trash it too. Long Live BSE!

  3. Good one again… the recent trend seen is the consolidation of stock markets across the world.. i heard that NY stock exchange is in talks with BSE about some stake. Are stock exchanges run like a company? What benefits are there in such consolidation?

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