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After my 12th boards i knew Economics was what i wanted to do and preferably in the best college in the country. I realised economics could never bore me and it was the most interesting and dynamic subject that i had ever learnt. So i pursued it at Loyola College, Chennai, India.
Well, there i realised that most of my class mates were there either out of compulsion from their parents or just for studying in Loyola or because they did not get B.Com. I felt weird. I was eager to meet people who were as interested in economics as me. I felt disheartened.
Here i am, after three years of my undergrad, and still enjoying economics as i have never before. Yesterday, i happened to view a programme on NDTV, we the people, about getting 90% and still not getting into economics honours at St Stephens. I was happy and sad to see that the most sought after course was economics honours. I was happy to know that the youngsters of today were so interested in economics as a subject and sad because a lot many chose it because of compulsion and because it was the sought after course.
Here, in my hometown of Kerala, the most sought after course is Medicine and Engineering. Chartered Accountancy is cathching up. But humanities are looked down upon. What a pitiable condition.
What is it that the students of this generation look for’ Is it more and more money or knowledge’Taken from: Undergraduate Economics

Author: Alex M Thomas

A passionate student of economics!

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  1. Alex, I stumbled upon your blog and was curious as to how an undergraduate program in economics, from India, looks like. What I mean, what classes do you take and their respective levels (a good indicator would be the textbooks you use). Just curious, as I just finished my undergrad program and am starting the Ph.D program this month.

  2. hello alex,

    I wanted to pursue Economics from St stephens college delhi but could not manage to get the admission. Later i joined in chennai now pursuing PG course in sucks a big dreams have been squashed

  3. SC,
    I know that a masters in Loyola is worse than its undergrad. And if you really want to pursue economics, you could try masters abroad or in India. (Provided you are not in a hurry)
    I would rather study by myself than enrol in Loyola for a masters degree. 🙂

  4. well , as a matter of surprise i want to pursue economics at postgrd level but my family thinks there is better scope for an M.B.A. so i gave cat and would land up in some B-skool . it is kool for me because i think i would like to understand the efficiency with which the capitalist work and maybe after i have aquired the requisite knowledge ,i would apply the same to the economy as a whole.

  5. Paddy,
    It depends on what one wants to do in life. And if you feel that an MBA would give you a better insight into the workings of an economy, choose that.
    A masters in Economics would almost offer a balanced view of the economy.

  6. development economics had always focused on the public policies and i feel that the economy has changed since globalisation and development should be looked from a diffrent perspective . now the private sector had to take the onus of growth and development . well it is just what i feel and i am an economist at heart and am just trying to look at the subject from a diffrent way . who knows if i am right i could open up a new avenue in economics.

  7. Actually, in recent economic literature, there has been a group of economists who criticise development theories stating that they place a large group of people as underdeveloped which further hinder their growth.

    What you are suggesting is a good idea. Not only the private sector, but each individual has a responsibility to fellow beings. Keeping in view ones ‘self interest’, care should be taken so as to not hurt others opportunities and avenues.

  8. me a mech/software engineer…..with 5 years experience…still dreaming about an economics major from…abroad..
    not exactly economics major but in petroleum economics/resource economics..
    i wud luv to work in some policy think tanks..just luv to…
    dude.. will definitely keep in touch w u..
    and amazing eco site u hav…!!!!
    i will definitely help me in clearing my entrance which i might be taking next year…
    Thanks dude for such a site…and if at all u also..share some passion in doing specialist eco courses..we can collaborate..bcse sooner i wud land in chennai…

  9. Neermathalam,
    It is great to see engineers(having experience in the resource sector) taking up Economics. This enables you to have a better and wider perspective of potential problems.

    India needs to develop its resource sector and in fact not only India, but other countries too.

    Which entrance are you writing next year? What did you mean by ‘specialist economics courses’? I am currently in Kerala.

    With the internet, geographical barriers are broken so collaboration would not be a problem. 🙂

  10. i m applying for ENI corporate university(they test me on ecomonics basics,statistics and mathematics..) and GRE.
    through which i m targeting
    mineral economics in colarodo institute of mines.
    but exactly i hav not put a time frame..(very rigid one..)
    due to my family compulsions…
    yaa.wat u said is 100% true…net has really melted the distance..
    Cheers !!!

  11. Neermathalam,
    I went through the course module and found that it contained management, economics, energy, geoscience and finance as its core areas. Great! You will surely be as asset to them, since you possess the necessary engineering skills. I never knew of such a course.

    I dont think you would find basic statistics, maths or GRE tough. Economics can be learnt and understood by those who have a passion for it. So that too would not be a problem. 🙂

  12. u have hit the nail on head…tat was really a bold statement stating tat u study urself than taking a masters degree from loyola college….

  13. hey alex can you give me some idea about which colleges should one aim for for postgrad in eco. and when they give their admission form and when their admission tests take place . it is jan and i suppose their forms would be out soon …

  14. Paddy,

    I have mentioned those institutes which i consider good under the label ‘Institutes of Economics’ in the right side of this blog.

    You could have a look at this too.

    Yes, admission notifications will will in a week or so.

  15. Dear Alex,

    Its quite an insight to see people knowing clearly what they want. I too share the same thought however the subject alone varies.Well m an ex loyolite did sociology as my grad,anyways do stay in tuch incase i can be of any help to u.U can reach me thru


    That is a fact, in Kerala, students opts Arts subjects like Economics, Politics, Sociology etc for their graduation and master?s level is declining. As a reason, some argues that the exposure of some professional courses like Medicine, Engineering, Nursing etc. Though this as a major reason, but resembles only one side of that coin.

    Before blaming the above mentioned fact, it is needed to think how this situation aroused and attained its peak! It is happening in a state with people having high literacy rate, highly educational concepts etc. It is the time to think about the reason behind it and to understand how the educated masses of Kerala realized the ?limited scope? of Arts subjects.

    At first let?s put a glance on the level of our professional college students compared to other universities. Our students have a number of Medical Colleges and Engineering Institutions with huge potential for excellence. They are highly efficient and skilled in their respective areas. We can compare them with students from other prestigious universities. In the case of Arts subjects, if for example, can we compare an economics graduate from Kerala even with an economics graduate who had completed his graduation from outside Kerala? In Kerala, professional colleges provides better facilities for it?s students, including excellent faculties, libraries, hostels and other facilities. They support students for developing their co-curricular activities by helping them to conduct cultural festivals and events. Can an Arts student doing his graduation in Kerala expect to get these kinds of supports?

    Next is about syllabus up-gradation. This can be termed as the other side. In the case of professional colleges the course content is fully updated with respect to other universities. Our medical and engineering students can easily follow the writings of foreign authors, and apply it directly up to a certain extend. This is not applicable for arts students. If they did so, it will come ?out of syllabuses. Most of our arts students follows pathetic lecture notes or ?paper chits? given by Guest lecture?s or private tuition masters.

    One of the other major point regarding this topic in Kerala is about the so called ?social status? enjoyed by these professionals in the ?minds of public?. This automatically creates a demand for professional courses. This is now attained its peak that education rooted as a business and the main source of income for some lobbies. Parents now think by opting a professional course, his child?s life is somewhat secured and sure that will get a good job after completion of the course. We can?t blame them that they are running with the market trend. It is obvious that no parents will think like this in the case of arts subjects. While referring the campus placements and job recruitments we can understand that a number of multi national companies (MNC?s) like Microsoft, Infosys, IBM etc were recruiting professionals year by year for IT and related jobs. It is true that an arts student can never dream off this happening to him in Kerala. Or, can he dream to get through the entrance tests for getting an admission in post graduation?

    This is the situation of our students who opts arts subjects in Kerala. Outside Kerala the situation is different. Besides creating efficient technology brains, we also need good Economists, Bureaucrats, Politicians, and Research Scholars. Major problem behind this pragmatic situation is the intervention of politics in education sector. We need to reverse this situation by providing better and quality education to them.

    By, AJESH.A.T

  17. Ajesh,

    “can we compare an economics graduate from Kerala even with an economics graduate who had completed his graduation from outside Kerala?”

    It depends on the basis of comparison.

    “can he dream to get through the entrance tests for getting an admission in post graduation?”

    The tests conducted by other universities are in tandem to their syllabi. And since the syllabi in the north and south are different in approach, though not in content, students find it difficult.

  18. hey
    I have just completed graduate in Economics from Delhi University.Does anyone know good universities or institution in India or abroad that offer masters in Law and Economics?

  19. hey evry1
    m shourya in class 11 at present……i have a lot of interest in economics and also i am scoring good marks in the subject….so as i have interest in it i want to make my career on that subject….please tell me as to what shall i do after my +2 gets over…..please tell me in detail…i’ll b waitin for the answer……..

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