IGIDR’2013 sample paper‘(Hat Tip Andrea) [NEW]

The areas which were asked in IGIDR 2007 were:


1) Comprehension

2)Analytical Reasoning

3)Logical Reasoning






4)Integration-Definite and Indefinite

5)Sequences and Series

6)Co-ordinate Geometry



9)Matrices and Determinants


11)Special Probability Distributions


13)Economics-Production fucntion, Elasticity concepts

14)Trigonometric Applications in Calculus and Matrices


16)Simple and compound interest

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  1. ok thanks for the igidr thing. did you apply for isi? hw did it go. i think the level of eco was at par with dse. wat do u say?

  2. one thing more….have you seen the microeconomics books by k.raychoudhary(spelling may b diff)? and sorry for this but i’d really appreciate if you can give me some info on coaching in delhi , for m.a entrance.

  3. hi alex,
    thanks a lot. am on the net after a long time. applied for gipe? i have. am confused as to how the no of questions will b divided betw the 5 sections, i.e, maths, stats, eng, eco and reasoning. its the only test am appearing for this time. when r mse forms available? or is it over? good luck for your endeavours!

  4. ALL THE BEST!! thats the best place for eco in india, i guess. we’ll talk abt gipe aft its over. till then, i’ll try to study hard!

  5. your web is really good..helpin 4 prep of dse entrance.can u giv som lighton deriving competitive eqm price on 2 commodity 2 person world

  6. can u tell me plz how will I derive asymtote of a given equation.Is there any particular formula to drive that

  7. hi Alex ,Chetna
    am Rupali frm kolkata applyin 4 DSE this year…r u also? I didnt get IGIDR, ISI so am very tenzed…….waiting 4 jnu result..n preparing 4 DSE……did any1 of u get ISI or IGIDR…Bcoz I didnt find ur name there and got surprised

  8. ok thnx..
    do u have any idea about jamia’s placement…is that a good institute..actually i dont have any idea about jamia…

  9. Rupali,

    I do not know about the placements. But it has got a comparitively okay Economics department. Not one of the best though. [I doubt if the placements are good.]

  10. okay thnx..
    am not giving jamia thogh..will try to get throgh DSE as its my 1st preference….if u get dse & others what will b ur choice?

    1. hi Alex,
      i just saw ur site. it,s amazing..
      Can you help out with the name of few colleges that i should apply for MA in eco(i m a bcom grad from pune univ)

  11. r u taking any coaching for DSE entrance..4 me staying at kolkata its very tough to take coaching from delhi..but am just trying to solve all d DSE prvs years question papers…and reading my undergrades books…is that suffi for that?

  12. ur perf is qiute abnormal…is there any special reason???am not heard about any1 who pref JNU over DSE…only kol people have a strong pref on kol-ISI over DSE…ne way BSET OF LUCK….

  13. But some of the domains of that site u have mentioned is not accesssable….r we require to pay any thing 4 that

  14. Rupali,

    I prefer JNU because i wat to be touch with the social sciences in general as in i want to learn economics in an inter disciplinary setting.

    Plus i am a fan of those who teach there. 🙂

  15. I think for that its best to join any IIT’s economics course becoz their course is more interreleted with other subjects of social science…..and as far as i know from one of my senior at jnu there is no such connection with other sbjts of social science at all

  16. hey i hv got a call frm IGIDR….can anebody throw sme light on the future prospects of IGIDR???hw are its placements??its market value?

  17. Sanchit
    1st congrats 4 getting call from IGIDR..IGIDr is one of the best institutes in India,they provide a good placement..over 90% students from IGIDR generally get placed..
    but if anyone tell me to rank, I will do it as below
    1. DSE

  18. Ram
    sorry for not mentioning ISI, the rank would be as
    1.DSE 2.ISI-cal,3.ISI-del,4.IGIDR,5.JNU,6.MSE,7.GOKHLE

    generally people from IGIDR get a average package of 6 lacs and more

  19. Rupali,

    Your rankings are for job oriented programs or research oriented ones or both??
    For PhD abroad, ISI Delhi is better reputed to ISI Calcutta, isn’t it? Please let me know

  20. Ram
    for job and research purpose its quite same upto MA levels…if u want 2 know about Mphill or phd I will rank JNU,IGIDR b4 DSE….
    And its a totaly wrong view that ISI del is more reputed than ISI cal in abroad rather its opposite..remember ISI cal is head insti of all ISI

  21. Rupali please drop a mail, I will give you more details.

    It would be nice to discuss such issues with ppl from same domain

  22. ram,
    ya thats good, but actually am now in this summer time working at a corporate ,where I cant access any mailbox from here..ok I will mail u 2morrow from cafe

  23. Hi,this is satyajit here.well,i have received an interview call from IGIDR.do any of u guys have any idea about the kind of questions asked at the interview(for econoomics students).

  24. hi alex,
    what are topics covered in the entrance of GIPE. what are the topics from maths,stats, reasoning and english.

  25. please dont call dat naresh guy a professor…i wasted 6500 bucks on dat guy n really,got no output…i wud suggest self study from the rite material.

  26. the ranking of various institues dat are offering ma,m.phil and phd in economics should be judged according to thier research output rather than the quality of placements.

    quality of placements should become the criteria if one does not want to study furthur in economics(ie,after an MA).

    DSE,that way shud come later than ISI and JNU.this is so because if one wishes to study in US(which one usually dreams of) then definetly, MA from ISI and JNU would be carrying more weight than the one from DSE.

    Gokhale and jamia milia(militia) islamia should be the options of last resort as its gonna take time before these institutes become more reputed interms of quality(never know if its going to be the opposite), and even if one doesnt have ne other option but these….consider reappering fr the top 3 next year.

    again,im strictly talkin interms of the option of goin higher than ma…if u want the placement to be good…then jamia n gokhle too aint dat bad.

  27. @ chetna

    KRC…as it is popularly known is not a good book for practicing problems of microeconomics 1 and 2…there are lots of errors and very few conceptually right questions to figure out…For most of the entrences Varian workbook wud be the best

    one can see that DSE frames its questions from this book as the microeconomics questions dat are asked by DSE are of very similar nature…

    you can get hold of dat book from the DSE photostat shop.

  28. does ne1 in here know the universities in US which r considering 3 year economics hns degree from delhi university to be equivalent to thier 4 year bacclaureate degree?

  29. @ ram

    tough to accept dat harsh fact…really,the course structure which DU fllows for economics is very much at par with thier own bach degree fr economics…still this discrimination…neway,thnks.

  30. @Akshay Botre,

    But Harvard, MIT, Chicago their BA Economics programs are more rigorous to DU ones. But They accept BA Hons of UK univs, that sucks. BA -Econ from UK not on par with our Indian Programs.

  31. akshay,

    thanks a lot for that suggestion. also for that bit of info abt “naresh sir”. actually i was planning to go to delhi for his coaching.i’m appearing nly for gipe this yr. most probably i’ll hv to sit for a yr though. plz tell me which books do u think make a comprehensive study package for entrances of top grade institutes.

  32. @chetna

    n thnk god you changed ur mind abt dat “naresh guy”…well,the books dat shud be reffered for different entrances would depend on the questions asked(pattern of which can be formulated by looking into past papers).

    DSE–content is based upon DU’s economics hns course content. Books dat shud see u through–Varian(intermediate microeco)–Dornbusch and Branson(2 seperate books for macroeco)—Hammond(mathmatical methods fr economics) n if u want to jst do a quick revesion,rs bhardwaj will do. For statistics,theory frm Nagar n Das n probability from Freund.

    JNU-if u r complete with the above,im sure dat JNU wud prove to be easy..jst be prepared with little bit of indian eco(best bet wud be the latest economic survey)

    IGIDR-very mathmatical,theres a book for subsidiary maths 1 and 2 which is asked in du 2nd year…im not able to recall the name of the book so i’ll let u know abt the same later…a bit of english wud help…n practice on sme reasoning questions from ne book which wud offer such questions.

    ISI-i never thot abt dat institute…as i know i simply cant make it.

    Gokhle-look up for the GIPE community on orkut…it gives out the necessary information on GIPE entrance,its content and tips quite clearly.

  33. @chetna

    forgot to add rubenfield n pyndick fr microeconomics…application problems regarding various market structures(competetive,monopoly,oligopoly,etc.) wud prove very helpful for DSE n JNU.

  34. @Akshay please give me the title of probability from Freund.
    There are 2 books, 1 is Introduction to propability and other is Probability and Statistics for Engineers

  35. @ram

    mathmatical statistics with applications

    author—miller n freund

    the book may be coming out now in the name of miller solely.

  36. Economics will be tough no doubt about it, but if its more standard than DFS and Branson , Varian then its really tough.

    @ Akshay whats the standard of questions this year.

  37. @Akshay

    Thanks buddy for your books list.
    rubenfield n pyndick fr microeconomics is damm good.

    Thanks once again.

    Please suggest list of readings for ISI too.

  38. Akshay,I have my IGIDR interviews on 11th July.What kind of questions are asked in the interview for ECONOMICS students.Please inform me as I dont have much idea about how to go about preparing for the IGIDR interviews in these last few days.

  39. @ satyajit

    ive never been thru it myself…but if i were u,i wud have prepared well on the intent of pursuing this course…brushed up basics of economics and a favourite subject in the same…apart from that they cant ask much.

  40. hi alex. its ankita here. i want to know abut the entrance tests of uoh . u have got it . so can u let me know what all the types of questions come in that entrance .
    and one more thing does the graduation marks count fr the entrances?

  41. Ankita,

    You can get the previous question papers from UOH. They ask pretty much direct questions, which cover a large spectrum of Economics.

    Unless there is a tie in the entrance test, graduation marks will not be considered; though they require you to have a minimum percentage.

  42. hi, frds, i m studying in tybsc statistics frm mumbai university, n i wanted to do ma in economics frm a decent institue. well i dont have much base of economics, coz i hardly studied economics in detail in sybsc…

    so can u plz assist me in hw i shd i start prpeparing for ma in eco entrance, i still have 1 yr in hand, so can anyone suggest me which books i shd refer for prepartion.

  43. Amit,

    The books DSE recommends and which is suitable for any other entrance for masters are

    Intermediate Microeconomics- Hal Varian
    Macroeconomics- Dornbusch and Fischer
    Fundamental Methods of Mathematica Economics-A C Chiang

    For statistics, a book that covers probability, expectation, hypothesis testing etc will do

    You can visit this site to do basic exercises in each of the areas.

  44. hi alex,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! let me knw how do u like it once your classes begin. a friend also got through UOH. dunno whether he’s taking admission or not.and thanks again for this site. i appeared for gipe. it went fine but didn’t get thru so i guess cut offs must have gone very high.totally confused. thinking of a coaching in delhi. would you recommend economicsentrance over others?

    thank u so much for that delailed answer. did u get through any of your prefrd places? want to ask u the same thing, which coaching wuold you recommend?

  45. Chetana,

    UOH is an awesome place-the campus especially. The library is good too. The papers are nice too.

    I suggest you prepare for this one year by yourself using the texbooks suggested. Create problems on your own and work them out; because then you will know if you have understood the concepts with clarity.

  46. @ chetna

    didnt get thru ne of the preffered places..about the coaching..its hard to judge on a good coaching place as it depends on how comfrtable u r with microeconomics,macroeconomics n stats(especially probability)…delete the naresh option nehow.

    i went to naresh personally so i know how good he is…n those who went to others(like the prime education in lajpat nagar) said dat its how well ure concepts r developed in the subjects as they wont teach u concepts…they will jst make u do questions and the explaination of answers dat they give wud hardly be understandable if ure concepts r not developed enuf.

    im seeking a transfer to a us university for completing the fourth year…im movin out on sep…so i was only partially serious for the entrances.

    but one thing is for sure…everyone who appear fr these entrances know economics quite well…so u’ll have to be the best among the set to be able to secure a seat…ie,uve got to be dead serious.

    all the best.

  47. alex,
    thanks for evrything.if it hadn’t been for this site,i’d have long quitted my dream of pusuing eco further. the info i get here means a lot.plz lemme knw if i can get uoh prev yrs ent ques bank by post.

    congrats for making it to US.thanks a lot for ur suggestions.I’LL cartainly try to mk a place among the best.. for thre’s no other option! and no i hvn’t got thru any of the places i want to be in. waise bhi, i appeared only for gokhale.

    keep in touch with this place.


  48. can u plz tell me how is lalwani’s coachin institute.and wat is the venue fr economicsentrance any if posssible contact no. too. are they takin admissions at this time also.

  49. Sir,
    Iam interestd to get an admission in IGIDR. I took Science group in my +2. I finished my BA Economics with university 3rd rank.
    Now Iam preparing for the entrances.
    Is there any thing with you that can help me.

  50. hi alex,
    am confused regarding the coachin thing. please tell me whether a full fledged coaching is better than sumthing shorter like ecoentrance….currently am referring to varian(buk n wkbuk) for micro, dornbusch n fischer for macro n schaum’s for stats plus solving maths for igidrn all.am not able 2 decide if the short term course will gimme enough practise or not.since u’ve been thre, plz throw sum light on how they teach n wen do they start.
    if it isn’t a lot f botheration, plz also lemme knw hw 2 get hcu prev yrs q pprs.

  51. Chetana,

    If you have time for a full fledged coaching, i feel it would better than a short term one as it would give you more time to practice. The books that you are using will suffice. Understand the concepts and try making your own questions and solve them.

    economicsentrance started about a month and a half before DSE entrance exam; which will be very useful for those who have completed their ‘own’ study. Moreover, i do not not if they will be there in the coming year.

    I have HCU previous papers. Mail me your address to my email id and i shall send it to you.

  52. hey alex i just read about this university can we provide me light on how can i get through this university…..i will appear for my graduation exam in 2008.but i want to study further n i din know abt this university untill i jussaw this…can u jus throw light o the eligiblity n the other basic requirements.thank u.

  53. Sabrina,

    The university conducts an entrance in May or June, which was objective last year. They test you for general economics awareness along with micro, macro, stat and math.

    You can visit their website where all the details are provided.

  54. my name is avdhesh. at pre. i m preparing now dse entrance exam.could u tell me about preparationSir,
    Iam interestd to get an admission in IGIDR. I took Science group in my +2. I finished my BA Economics with university 3rd rank.
    Now Iam preparing for the entrances.
    Is there any thing with you that can help me.which coaching would u recommend.


  55. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for running this web site, its certainly a one stop for all the students preparing for the
    MA-Economics entrance.

    There is lot of information about DSE/JNU/ISI but very little about IGIDR entrance.

    Can you please provide some info for IGIDR entrance:
    a. Topics to be covered in the entrance exam, and
    b. Good reference books for the preparation.


  56. Hi,

    i m abir completed my M.A with Eco this year from kolkata. I want to know abt the good univs from where i can pursue my Mphil and later on Phd. I have heard abt IGIDR, JNU etc. are there any good univs besides those? If so pls post some names in this web. I want to also know abt the prospects after completion of Mphil & Phd from different univs like how is the placement history of them.

    I want to also know abt where can i get the entrance exam syllabus and previous questions.

  57. hey alex….
    i am goin to give my igidr entrance exam this year…to be very honest am an avg student and also am doing my majors in eco form a college in mumbai….i really intend to get thru this institution.will u please gimme an advice as to where to start from …bec my maths doesnt include trigo at all..its very 11th 12th kinda…an i ahve very lil time to prepare as am in my last year.wat is a must requiremnt wen giving igidr wat is the basic that has to be there wen goin to give that exam..and wat are the chances like is it its tuff and an avg student would require to it give a re test?….plz recommend books that have to be brushed up with to give the entrence.

  58. Avdesh,

    The pattern of IGIDR is similar to that of the CAT, except that this one is relatively easier. Possessing a high speed of reading will aid you so try and increase that. In mathematics, one has to be thorough with all the topics covered in 12th science. Though in 2007, they did ask bits of economics and statistics (akin to data interpretation).

    I do not know of any coaching for IGIDR yet.


    I have posted the topics that came for 2007 IGIDR entrance test.
    As for the books to refer, one can go through any math book that is prescribed for 12th standard science.


    I do not about the Mphil entrance tests. But some of the other good places to do Mphil are University of Hyderabad, Center for Development Studies (Trivandrum), etc. I am sure there are good places to pursue research in India.


    A thorough knowledge of 12th standard mathematics will greatly help. If you are leaving trigonometry, then you must make sure that you have covered all the remaining topics. Calculus involving trig. functions can also come. Last year they quizzed us about a bit of microeconomics too. So try and increase your pace in math and also improve on your english comprehension skills.

    It does not matter if one is an average student or not. Being confident is important too.

  59. Hey initially IGIDR offered the sample paper on its website, now a days it doesn’t. Or it could be possible that I could not find. Can you Alex or anybody help?

    Also Alex are you at IGIDR? If yes, then can you please tell about the Faculty, Student Life, Attitude of People, Disciple, Timings etc.

  60. hy der..
    needed sum help..
    can ne1 xplain how an masters in eco wudd b diff from an mba in finance.. ie if we hav the same job profile in mind (eg. research analyst)??
    wudd doin the eco masters n then goin fer an mba be a good idea..
    if one is lookin to workin after the eco masters wot job profiles wudd b offered?? cudd 1 make the jump 2 i-banking aftr doin the eco masters??
    thanx in advance,

  61. george,
    masters in eco is concerned with the study of core economic theories plus traing in their application. mba finance, as far as i think, is totally in sync with the manegerial requirements of companies dealing in finance or the finance deppt in any company. its more to the side of commerce.

  62. Hi alex,
    I graduated with BA Economics ( hons ) from a college in Mumbai and am planning to apply to DSE, IGIDR, Gokhale Institute, and UOH. What we’ve studied in BA is very non mathematical and non application based but i have started preparation of Micro and Maths from the books listed on the eco entrance site. Just wanted to ask you how i should go about studying, whether i should start by looking at all the previous q papers for all the colleges and then start, or should i just perfect the books listed. Also since most of the topics for these entrances overlap, is there a common list of topics i can prepare in Econ, Maths & stats ?


  63. IGIDR courses offered are– M.Sc(eco) AND M.Phil (devlopment science ) .. which one is better for future growth ? and also as final placement ??

  64. hi
    i am a under grad student doing phy hons. I want to sit for IGIDR, ISI,DSE,JNU exams this year. I saw the sample papers for ISI and the macro micro part has ques which are very quantitative. do you know where i can practice more of such ques which will also have the sols to thm?

    do reply

  65. hi
    i have not doing eco at the under graduate level and i have heard that the jnu exam is only for eco graduates. is this true?

  66. Mirko,

    The IGIDR sample paper is available in this blog in the MA Economics page. IGIDR will put it up only after they announce the admission dates. I am not at IGIDR.


    An economics graduate has a wider scope than a finance MBA. And yes, after economics, one can take up a banking job as well.


    I cannot tell you which is the best possible way to study, because i do not know it myself. I suggest you use different methods and stick to the one from where you learn the most. When you go through the question papers, you will get an idea about the common topics. But i suggest that you ‘perfectly comprehend’ the textbook concepts.


    Basic Econometrics by Damodar Gujarati is a nice book.


    I don’t think you can compare Msc and Mphil and Mphil is given only after one has completed his/her post graduation.


    Try getting hold of the DSE entrance question papers-both option A and B. They are the closest you can get.

    For M.A. in Economics: Bachelor’s degree in any discipline under 10+2+3 pattern of education with at least 50% marks, and Mathematics either at 10+2 level or at Bachelor’s level, either as subsidiary or as honors. [JNU Admission notice]

  67. Hey Alex, Thanks for the former answer!
    Can you also tell me on what kind of mathematics should I focus on (for IGIDR) – The CAT style or the Higher Secondary Mathematics. Also you have written above the topics that were asked in 2007, could please give a rough Idea of their weightages. Agree they may change but still, if you can as they will give fair idea about the paper and as such IGIDR’s previous papers are not available!

  68. i’ll be appearing for igidr nd jnu entrance(economics) this year,can anyone help me regarding the analytical reasoning part for both the entrances. i have found a typical pattern of question is being asked at the jnu entrance. moreover if anyone is having previous years igidr entrnce model question papers please mail me at dia0111@gmail.com. hope to hear from u folks soon

  69. @Shadan(Reg Post NO.111)
    No idea abt placement records n the reputation of the course(pondi univ.)…
    You may talk to Profs over phone and if possible to the current students to get an authentic info regarding ur queries…

  70. thnx alex i have gone through the samplepaper of igidr…….can you help me in solving the analytical reasoning part asked at jnu

  71. hi..i wll be givin the igidr xam this april..i hav strted preparin nw..shuld i stdy micro nd macro for the xam a lil bit ar shuld completely focus on maths nd eng. is tat sufficient?

  72. friends,
    my name is vinyas. i am currently studying my final year
    B.A(hons) in economics. i am planning to write for IGIDR and can u guide me on how to prepare and what to prepare.

  73. hi alex
    i am preparing for ISI, I have seen the question papers and the eco part is tough it has numerical based problems. can you suggest some book or any source where I can get practice of similar ques.

  74. hi guys,
    I gave IGIDR entrance in 2007.There arent any CAT kinda questions as in no time speed distance rather no core arthematic questions.More questions on limits integration differentiation.
    Also,statistical questions on normal distribution and general statistics questions.I guess the difficulty level is not dat high for statistical students.Also,I personally dont think dat english wud be given much importance given the fact dat the MSC programme is very very mathematical.
    About the interview, general question on wats convergence define skweness kurtosis blah blah blah were asked
    I have a friend in IGIDR.I will brief u guys more on dat oncwe i get in touch wid dat friend.

  75. Hi Alok. You are saying that there is not much need to focus on english but i think tht igidr paper consits of 100 questions on eng and 50 ques on maths. So i think then we need to focus on english as well. Acha is the level of english part really difficult or its simple???? And how many seats are there??????

  76. hi somali,
    The english isnt dat easy as in don exactly remember but the english passages are pretty complex.I guess its as good as CAT passages as in very complex and all but i guess the questions asked are pretty straight forward.Also,I dont think there are 100 questions on english as this cud definately prove easy for those whose english is very good and maths is average.Trust me MSC eco in IGIDR is completly mathematical as opposed to MA eco.Therefore even if english has some weightage Maths section wud definately be the deciding factor.Also i noticed more inclination towards questions on limits and statistics.But i dont exactly remember the other questions.

  77. hi alok thnx for ur rply. Actually i m preparing for other entrance exams as well but they focus more on economics part so i hav to spend time there as well and so i jst wnt to knw tht wat r the main topics which i need to focus so that i dnt waste time doing something which is of less importance. And abt the eng ques there is a sample paper of igidr available on this site where it is stated that there are 100 ques on eng. Which other entrance exams r u preparing for????

  78. hi somali,
    Dear 100 questions include english as well as analytical reasoning.Check the ques paper again dear.shud b one of the deciding factors as reasoning capacity is a very strong aspect to judge a persons aptitude.Also as i always say prepare for limits and statistical ques.But i cant say dat for sure as the weightage might change so i don wanna misguide anebody.
    I gave MBA xams n am wationg for the results.Wat bout u?U finished grad?

  79. Hello friends,

    I am a mech engg. and want to do masteres is Eco. I have aaplied for IGIDR. Please can you give some idea about the difficulty level of maths and english in the exam. What all books should i refer to prepare for the exam?


  80. Hi folks. I m in my 2nd yr Agri Graduation course frm AgriVarsity Kanpur, wd a few gap yrs after my 12th. Anyways, i now want2 go4 m.s eco course dse. Idea is2 compensate4 d gap yrs nd also enhance d mkt value! (Read:my RBI/ExecMba prospects).Plz Comment.

  81. I have solved about 60-65 / 80 questions from English + Analytical and about 42-45 / 50 from Maths. I am fairly confident about the maths part but don’t know about english. Still I would say I should get 50+ there. Any idea about the scores?

  82. hai ….
    ve completed ma grad from mcc..in eco, ma igidr,jnu were screwed up,now ma only hope is gokhale…can anyone enlighten me on how i should go about preparation..? with a time constraint do i ve only a fat chance..?

  83. Hi Alex,
    I did my Bachelor’s under Gauhati University this year. Would you please tell me what are the type of questions GIPE entrance test incorporates? Is it of objective or Subjective type? Moreover, how should I prepare for the exam? An early response will be highly appreciated since the exam’s on 6th july,08.

  84. Hi
    I am Esha…
    I have ISI and IGIDR interviews lined up in first week of July…Can someone tell me how to go about preparing for these interviews…
    Also how did the DSE entrance 2008 go? i think it was pretty tough…what should be the expected cut off?

  85. hi esha,

    DSE exam was pretty tough..i guess the cut-off would be around 42-43..its very hard to predict..

    Even i have IGIDR interview on 8th..sm thins dat i know abt it r..6-8 profs on the panel..dey ask u to solve questions on d board..if u r not frm eco background thn nt mny ques frm it..and they ask a lot of maths and stats…if u gt ne info thn post it plz..

  86. Thanks Gaurav

    my interview is on the 7th…that is exactly wt i hav heard about it…dont knw anything else…but one thing i dont understand tht how will they interview so many ppl i.e. 64 on one day and the remaining on the other…i just hope they sum how manage to finish it on the respective days…

  87. @ esha

    i hope so 2 bt in d call letter dey hv mentioned dat u mite have to stay 4 an extra day so u never know..plus whn d panel is dis big generally thr is only 1 panel taking all d interviews and in dat case it wud really difficult 2 interview 60 ppl in 1 day…
    nd hw ws DSE exam…..

  88. hi!
    iv got a call for the interview from igidr.Can anyone tell me as to what sort of questions to expect?
    nd how was the dse exam?what cd be the possible cuttoffs??

  89. hey, any interview feedbacks? mine was really really awful! i come from engineering and they asked me a hell lot of that, probably without realising that given that i am trying to move out of engineering means that i know nothing. 😉
    i just kept on saying i don’t know for most of the engineering questions. the most important tip for people preparing for next year would be expect a good number of knowledgable non-economics
    people out there.

  90. Hello…Alex!!!….I want to appear in IGIDR entrance in next year…….i want to know, how many Questions they ask??…..and what are the ratio of answer(in english and maths) for selection…….plese give me detail about it….Thanks!!!!

  91. hi thomas,
    well me curretly a B.E.(IT) final year student from jaipur, i want to do some course in finance, economics so which college do i apply for exams that i can give, presently me applying for IGIDR only. please let me know i would be thankful to you.

  92. hi alex,
    a great attempt with the blog!
    do u have any info regarding hcu eco masters prog.? how good is it? any placement figures? plz help

  93. Hi

    My name is Heena.
    I am preparing for M.A.Eco entrance xams…
    I appeared last time as well but was not lucky enough to get thru any…
    Will try my luck again this time…
    Actually I want IGIDR’s ; GIPE’s, University of Hyderabad’s and MSE’s previous year question papers…
    My email ID is heena_kapoor1988@yahoo.co.in
    If any one of you cud mail me I will be highly obliged…

  94. Hi

    My name is Himanshu.
    I am preparing for M.A.Eco entrance xams?
    Will try my luck again this time?
    Actually I want IGIDR?s ; GIPE?s, University of Hyderabad?s and MSE?s previous year question papers?
    My email ID is himanshu_mgr@yahoo.co.in ?
    If any one of you cud mail me I will be highly obliged?

  95. has anybody submitted an extra sheet with the msc application? something of past achievements, awards etc? how much weightage does it carry and are we supposed to write only subject related stuff or other extra curriculars could do as well?

  96. nobody seems to be replying to the posts..can someone plzzzz suggest the study strategy for IGIDR entrance exam…????

  97. Hello alex gr8 blog i wish i would have visited it way earlier nm it is going to be very helpful…

    I am an BE(IT) & working in a financial sector..
    i want to pursue MA. in Eco. except for DSE i dont have much idea which other College or Uni. provide this course
    can u tell me which colleges i should for also when do they conduct the entrance for the course ..
    DSE has its entrance in JUne only that much i kno.
    What IGIDR & ISI? which r these Colleges?

    Also coming from an extreme dif. Bckgrd i am very naive in this subject so how should i start preparing for the entrance which books should i refer….to.
    I will be really thankful if you could provide me with some help regarding the above.

  98. Hi everybody. i got my admit card for IGIDR. but are any question papers available?? i got the sample paper.. the one which they put up every year. and if you know the source or anyone has it puit it up or mail please.. imitra7@gamil.com

  99. @Ishani&Gaurav:
    don’t worry too much about the question paper…have a cursory look at the sample paper available on the igidr website…revise +2 maths thoroughly and do practice verbal and logical reasoning from any available source.for verbal reasoning,go through Barron’s GRE book.
    i bet you’ll clear the written test.

    1. Thanks Sumit for the reply. But i was wondering whether we have to go thru everything in the 12th standard maths. like Trigonometry .. its huge and co-ordinate geometry. is there ample time or u fall short of it. honestly speaking i am pretty scared. looking forward to your reply.

  100. @Ishani:
    go through co-ordinate geometry properly cuz last year they asked quite a few questions from straight lines and conic sections…be familiar with the concepts.questions won’t be tough.
    be sure that you are comfortable with calculus and vectors.
    all the best for the written test.

    1. i attempted 40 in maths & 40 in eng+ logical.what are my chances??
      the paper this year was different mainly in reasoning
      last yr 20 analogies & vocab based questions came ,but this yr was all critical reasoning in english.
      in logical reasoning ,data interpretation & mba type questions on maths like speed distance,profit & loss,share mkt, rato proportion were new additions

    2. The question paper was pretty easy. I gave it for the first time so don’t know how different was it from the previous years’. Managed only 38 in Math and 50 in Eng-reasoning, but I guess above 100 questions in total was a possibility.
      IGIDR says that it may mark you negative for the wrong answers; it can affect the kind of candidates selected.

      1. Hi,
        I too feel the question paper was comparatively easy, last I solved 60 reasoning and 40 maths and got through written. This year, I did same no of questions but with lesser difficulty.
        So, I am worried of my chances to clear the written test. friends please share your experiences to have a fair idea of cut-offs.


  101. Could someone tell me around what time the results would be out? Any of you all who have got calls earlier.

  102. hi alex!!! can u pls send me Madras School Of Economics’s previous year’s entrance question papers…….i hav given this years exam but dint perform well …infact i had no idea of the question paper before takin the exam….so plannin to pursue M.sc economics atlest nxt year…..can u send me this may 24th’s 2009 & previous years entrance paper’s………..this will be of great help………i wud be grateful to ya if u cud help me in this front..pls!!

  103. hello. i am appearing for the DSE entrance this year. I havent joined any coaching classes…so was wondering what all should i use to prepare. Should i only revise all the 1st and 2nd yr syllabus from the prescribed readings or do i need to do some other texts as well? please please help!

  104. hi, i am appearing for the Gokhale Institute of Pol and Eco entrance exam next week. it would be of great help if you could send me previous year’s question papers. i have no clue of what the question paper’s like. please help me.

  105. Hi All/ Alex,

    I am a BCOM grad with a year of work ex.. Havent studied maths at 11th and 12th.. Managed to clear the written test..Any interview tips for me please

  106. Got thru IGIDR.have done BA(H) economics…pls pls give sum tips for interview…kindly do adhere to my request..

  107. @Heena:
    Prepare your undergrad subject well.
    Since you’re an econ grad,you’ll be grilled.;)
    You’ll face a panel of 4-7 profs.They’ll ask you your fav topic and a large chunk of the interview will be based on that topic.
    They might also ask you to do some problem-solving(mainly maths qs) on the board.
    You can drop in any further query @ my mailbox: sumitm@igidr.ac.in

  108. Hi to all………
    I am Anil, M Tech in Industrial Engg & Management. Now i got interview call from IGIDR.
    Please help me regarding interview.

    1. any one got the call letter for interview from igidr?

      and did anyone get an email confirmation from delhi school of economics?

  109. hi, m shiba from Mumbai. m working as an equity research analyst in a brokerage firm after completing my MBA (Finance). m a commerce graduate.currenlty m doing CFA (USA).

    apart from above, i’m very much interested to pursue MA (eco) from a reputed institute. so please can ne1 suggest me for which institute i should go for…..how wud i prepare for d entrance test n lastely will it be worthwhile to go for economics after completing MBA.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Shiba,

      Here i have found atleast one person who has some common line of thinking as mine.
      I completed my MBA(Finance) this year. But now i have got admission into MPhil/PhD porgram of IGIDR.

      I dont see any harm in pursuing good courses from good institutes as long as we can apply it in the job market or in teaching. But after a MAster’s Degree i wud suggest to go for higher studies in the sense doing an Mphil if not Phd.

      So hopefully we can start sharing mails. my email kaushik19872007@gmail.com. Drop in for further queries.

  110. Hey guys,
    Am planning 2 gv entrance 4 igidr next year. However, it seems tht being above average in maths is the main criteria 2 get in thr. M hwever weak in maths. Cn u pls recommend any coaching classes in mumbai which wl help prepare 4 IGIDR entrance? Also r thr ne other gud universities 4 economics whr a student with average telent in math can try?Waiting 4 ur reply.

  111. hiiee frnds,

    i m a final year engineering student..m planning for ISI,JNU,DSE,MSE,IGIDR & JAMIA for MA Eco.
    m gud in math section nt much but gud..but i didnt even read eco …cud anyone plz suggest me some books for eco as wel as maths,eng and reasoning??

    1. hello nishant..
      I am also preparing for the same..
      I think we should follow these:-

      Microeconomics- Hal R varian.
      macroeconomics- Dournbush & Fischer.
      Economics- Alpha C Chiang.
      Statistics- Nagar & Das.
      and also some current knowledge in Economics.

  112. hi

    i am looking forward for entrance of IGIDR M.Phil can any one let me know
    what would be entrance test syllabus for IGIDR

    and what books i should refer??


  113. Hi ! My first query is how are the institutes in the country offering a Masters in Economics ranked in the decreasing order of their prominence ?

    Secondly, I am keen to understand the basic differences at various level between a) IGIDR and DSE , b) IGIDR and JNU

    And lastly as to what expectations one should have of the course MSc. Economics while applying for IGIDR and what material is to be used for preparing for the Entrance Test? If anyone could guide me on the sections, the course and the like for the entrance test of IGIDR.

  114. Hi,
    Microeconomics and macroeconomics are really huge, regarding the course structure. It is not possible to do each and every topic. Can anyone guide me as to which topics should be paid greater weightage??

  115. Hello,
    I am an MTech in Mechanical Engineering working in a consulting firm for last 9 years. I want to do PhD in Economics and IGIDR seems one good place. Please let me know the weightage of academics and professional experience in selecting cadidates for PhD. Also, please help me regarding interview questions (I have forgotten most of my undergrad and grad subjects).

  116. hi i m kushal,
    i m a commerce grad from pune univ….can ne1 help me out for the colleges that i should apply for ma in eco..

  117. Hi AlEX 1st of all thanks for such a nice blog… I am seeking ad in MA ECO DSE this yr c’d u pls help me out…as now I hav got just 4.5 mths time to prepare for it how s’d i do that

  118. am gonna apply write the entrance exam for
    MA history in jnu, and an damn scared,
    as well as confused abt wat to do, and wat not to do

  119. hey, m pursuing eco hons final year n wanna do M.A.in eco.. i want sum1 to help me out by judging me , what mathematics book shuld i refer for dse, jnu,igidr, isi , etc…

  120. Hi

    My name is indrajeet.
    I am preparing for M.A.Eco entrance xams?
    Will try my luck again this time?
    Actually I want IGIDR?s ; GIPE?s, University of Hyderabad?s and MSE?s previous year question papers?
    My email ID is indrajeetkumargupta7@gmail.com
    If any one of you cud mail me I will be highly obliged?

  121. @indrajeet & karan:
    Contact the respective institutes for the past years’ question papers.
    Some of the papers are available for download on the MA Economics forum of this website.Download them.
    As for the pattern of IGIDR entrance:
    40qs-English(GRE standard)
    40qs-Logical Reasoning
    50qs-Maths(+2 standard)

  122. hey am a student of delhi university..preparin fr m.a entrances..i would like to join some coaching institute..i visited the website of ecopoint and found it pretty expensive..thy have an offline course as well..would any one here want to share the fees so we could join the offline course together…you can visit their website http://www.ecopoint.in/…lemme knw..thnks..

  123. Hi Alex,
    I am currently working with infrastructure consultancy and want to pursue Phd in Energy & Infrastructure from IGIDR. I have done my MBA in Energy so i want to know whether it will be a good decision for me to pursue Phd from IGIDR after doing a MBA.

  124. Hello everyone! This is Kanupriya from Patna. I want to prepare for GIPE, ISI & DSE Entrance for M.A. in Economics. But I don’t know where to start from. I need prvious years’ Question papers. But the papers aren’t available on the websites. So if any of you is having the papers, please mail me at roykanupriya@yahoo.co.in. Thanks.
    And Alex……….. It’s a really nice blog……… A special thanks to you……..

  125. Hi guys!
    I’m going to ask the much repeated question: what will they ask in the igidr interview?
    (I’m an econ student)
    Is anyone else here appearing for the interview?

  126. hi alex,
    i m an eco student and i m preparing for the igidr interview for M.Sc. economics……so can u plz help me know that what typ of questions they ask in the interview..and i just got my interview call letter so m tensed so plz help me in this respect.

    plz reply soon…

  127. hi,
    I too cleared the IGIDR entrance, but am clueless about the interview. What areas do I study? Do I need to work on General Knowledge? Pls respond.

  128. hi alex,
    i have got interview call for ma eco from igidr , isi and jamia … i want to know what should i study the most ..and how should i prepare for it …

  129. hello Maya…..Meril…..Ritesh

    i had talked with a recent student of igidr and is is what he told me abut the interview.

    You shall be quizzed on topics from economics.Revise all what you’ve done in your undergrad well.
    You may be asked to do some problem solving on the board(maths stuff).

    so All the best for the interview. see u all at the interview…..

  130. Hey I?m a 2nd yr student at SRCC n i jst wanna tell d ppl here that there?s this guy naresh who has a very good reputation as an economics tutor, specially 4 the MA entrances, but he is a complete fraud..i paid him Rs. 10000 to give me home tuitions for macro economics, but he just ran away with the money n never returned. I think he teaches well at his coaching centre bcoz of which he has such a good reputation, but i strongly advise everyone against taking home tuitions from him..n even if u do, DONOT pay him in advance 4 the whole yr!!!

  131. hi frnds………….
    i need ur hlp plz help me out..
    actly i em a b.sc(pcm)-2nd yr stdnt n em nt at ol intreted in pursuin ma futr in scnc stream………so em keenly intrstd in gettin admn in a gud insti fr my post graduatn in economics az i hv deep intrst in dis sbjct……….i hv heard a lot abt igidr n wanna get admn in dis insti…
    so plz tel me hw shld i strt wid my basics az dere iz hrdly mch tym left n also plz do recmnd me names f some gud buks……..
    n also tel me bout othr gud insti fr pst-grad in eco….
    plz plz plz do hlp me….i ll b highly gr8ful…………………

    1. Hi Anupriya,

      For books and for information on exam preparation, go to this page. You might have to go through the comments to get information. Good institutes in Economics comprise University of Hyderabad, JNU and DSE. If you are interested in immediate job offers, you can consider ISI and MSE.

  132. Hie ppl,

    Pls help me with this.I am planning to appear for igidr test in apr 2011. Just wanna know if the syllabus for maths is similar to that of 12th standard maths (for science and arts)?

  133. hie alex,

    Thanks a lot for giving this information. just one last question. In case of verbal understanding(IGIDR Test), do we need to concentrate on vocabulary as well or is practising comprehension and grammar sufficient?

  134. hi alex,
    I have a quetion.For clearing ISI do I need to focus more on economics or math? And,do IITs have economics courses specially for masters? please reply.

    1. Hi Sanjana,

      For ISI, you need to practice mathematics as well as mathematical economics thoroughly. IITs have integrated economics/social sciences masters. You could check out IIT Madras.


  135. hey Alex,

    can you please send me the previous year question papers of HCU, MSE, and IGIDR if you have them with you.
    i went through the wordpress.com but, it did not open saying that it is kept private.
    I would be really happy if you can send me some of the to my mail address.

    Thank you for all the information.

  136. i’ll be writing igidr entrance test this year but m a 3 yr b.com(hons) student of delhi university.can any1 tell me how should i prepare?

  137. hi Alex,

    Now I’m a student of CU(Msc. 1st yr) & trying my luck again for IGIDR,ISI,JNU,DSE entrance.
    Plz help me by sending previous sample papers of IGIDR to my email- debasish.kol89@gmail.com
    will be very vry greatful if any1 can drop those.plz alex plz.

  138. hi Alex,
    i m final year eco student,
    i am going to be appear for IGIDR written test April 2011,
    i get syllabus but plz suggest me some good book for english part,
    i have M.K.PANDEY book for verbal ability, is it enough
    plz guide me whats the level of math section,
    i m too much confused how should i prepare for exam as i m also hv my final exam in april,plz do reply me as soon as possible, i really need suggestion


  139. # priya Says:
    March 18th, 2011 at 11:41 am

    hi Alex,
    i m final year eco student,
    i am going to be appear for IGIDR written test April 2011,
    i get syllabus but plz suggest me some good book for english part,
    i have M.K.PANDEY book for verbal ability, is it enough
    plz guide me whats the level of math section,
    i m too much confused how should i prepare for exam as i hv also my final exam in april,plz do reply me as soon as possible, i really need suggestion
    plz plz reply


  140. hi friends…how was the IGIDR paper this year??..I found maths tough…plz share your views to have a rough idea of the cut-offs..

  141. @sumit…..
    in IGIDR 2011…i found english to be really tough.
    abt cut off….mite be in the range of 80-90+
    how many did u attempt in total ?
    how many for math section ?

  142. @Sumit
    as there was no -ve marking this time arnd…..i attempted all 130 questions.
    i guess arnd 100 were genuine. Anyway keeping my fingers crossed.
    In my centre abt 50% of the candidates dint come for the xam,dont knw if this is the same case everywhere.

  143. hi all….i wrote igidr dis yr.
    i wished to know the avg placmnt packages offered to msc grads there.

    also plz help me telling the job profile such a graduate is offered.

  144. i cleard the igidr written..im from eco bakground..what kind of questions can i xpect in the interview?

  145. hi alex
    i?ve cleared the IGIDR entrance test for M.PHIL Economics?.cud you help me on how to prepare for the interview?

  146. hello
    i ‘ve cleared the igidr entrance xam for msc economics and i am btech in mechanical engineering….so i want to know wat kind of questions dey can ask in interview…..and also watz avg package at igidr for msc guys??

  147. hie alex…
    i dint clear igidr entrance test hence m appearing for mumbai university entrance test. is mumbai university’s credit based ma a good course and a recognised one in the job market like that of igidr or gipe?

    1. Hi Shraddha,

      MU has quite a good faculty in economics. In the job market, GIPE and IGIDR might have more campus placements. But, in off-campus placements, it is the individual which matters.


  148. hey
    i want to prepare for IGIDR entrance exam for M.sc in economics,bt m nt able to find last years entrance exam…can u please tell me the link or something so that i can get an idea about the pattern of the exam..

  149. Mr.Thomas,
    1. I have the admit from GIPE for Masters in financial Economics,but I?m not sure how feasible the course is in providing benchmark for further studies (abroad), as it lacks any precedence.Course structure(tentative) is very much in parallel to the LSE?s Masters in Economics and Finance.So,would it be wise to consider tenure track at GIPE ?

    2.Which is better in terms of academics,faculty and research – MSE or GIPE ?

    D 🙂

    1. Hello D,
      I know a couple of GIPE alumni; so if you could drop me a mail, I can forward you their mail address.

      According to me, GIPE is a better place for academics than MSE. MSE there days is primarily focussed on corporate placemnts.


  150. Hie Alex,

    I have cleared gd/pi of symbiosis school of economics for the msc program. I would like to know whether symbiosis better than mumbai university’s ma credit based economics degree with respect to course content and campus placements? Pls guide me.
    Thanking you,


  151. hi!! can ne tell me which institution ik Kolkata gives coaching for the entrances of IGIDR,DSE,etc. I recently appeared for my 2nd year final examination of Economics..PLZ help

  152. hi frnds… i was not able to find the previous papers on the above mentioned website “http://economicsentrance.com/” as the link dont exist anymore…. so if there any other site which provides the same, plz mention in the comments 🙂

  153. Hello all

    I am preparing for IGIDR entrance 2012. can any one tell me list all the books that are needed for entrance exam preparation. Also please tell me the topics covered.


    Please send me HCU previous papers my email arjsreddi@gmail.com

  154. Hi..i have done my b.tech last year…and this year i am appearing for ISI,IGIDR and GIPE….ISI and GIPE i have clue,but about IGIDR i do not have any idea how to prepare….and by the way when IGIDR and GIPE entrance is going to happen.

  155. Sir,
    I wish to know that for a student from B.Com how she can plan to study for the JNU paper and the IGIDR entrance paper for MA/MSc economics. I hope you would definitely provide help in this case.
    i will be eagerly waiting for ur reply.
    mandar priya

  156. Hello Sir,

    I am a BMS graduate from Mumbai university, I just had Managerial Economics & Econometrics as 2 subjects out of 36 subjects studied in 3 years. Apart from these I had selected Mathematics for 10th & 12 th both.
    Considering the above things, I want to understand if i am eligible to write the exam & apply for IGIDR, GIPE.
    Most importantly, considering my so limited exposure to eco & mathematics, what books would you reccomend for preparing for the entrance exams?.

    Appreciate your time and consideration,


  157. Hi,
    Can some one tell me has the sylllabus for igidr entrance for msc economics changed ? or is it english, analytical and maths only? Plz help me… I am lost.!!!!! what is the fee structure likely? I saw it as 8000 rs per semester. Is that the latest or is it yet to be updated?

  158. hello Alex
    i have a BSc in nautical science which is completely related to merchant navy. 1st query is about my eligibility for IGIDR. i had maths and physics as subjects in 4 semesters. since i am completely new to this field, please guide me how to prepare for IGIDR. what all books i should refer, general cut offs etc.

  159. Hi Alex ,

    I am an engineering graduate . I am looking forward to getting an Msc in Economics from a good Institute like IGIDR
    I have no basic knowledge of economics but want to change my career stream . I need your suggestions . Please tell me how to get into IGIDR and other institutions and also what books to study and what all I would need .
    Also please CC a reply to my mail id monk0062006@gmail.com

    Awaiting your reply .

  160. Hello Alex,
    I am an aspirant of IGIDR. would like to know a few references for their entrance tests, and also would like to know whether mathematical economics by AC Chiang covers all topics in mathematics, or should i refer to any other title apart from that.
    please reply to my mail id conradpintoes@gmail.com

  161. Hi,

    @S: here’s the thing.all the revelations u just wrote about vibhas being fraud only means 2 things-
    Either u rone of the students who didnt liked him and now have gone out of the way to defame him
    OR Ur saying that a person who is teaching around 200 students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd year from past 4-5 odd years is living a life of lie.
    Few of my friends have actually worked for vibhas as their research assistants and one cant do research work without holding a phd in their hand. So i dont know whereu have got ur facts from.
    Just like u said we cant trust vibhas,same applies to u. Just bcoz u claim to be from dse doesnt make u trustworthy.
    @sumit: vibhas only teaches u fundamentals that are required to clearur exam. The rest is upto u. Uhave totake the effort of finding new and hard questions and solve them. For,which everyone recommends past year papers. So do them.regarding the cancellation of classes,everyone knowsthis. Yet they join, cause they dont care if a dse teacher js teaching, all everyone cares about is a good teacher.
    And that too is an individual opinion. So sumit, everything is upto u.if u like class stay and if u dont than options r always available

  162. Hello

    This is Yadunandan Batchu from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi pursuing bachelors in Physical Planning (B.Plan). I am from Andhra Pradesh.

    I want to know whether I am eligible for the M.Sc (Eco) course offered at IGIDR or not?
    How many students with no economics background are considered for this course?
    Also want to know how many students from each field on average attempt for this course each year?

    Please reply


  163. What is the current pattern of IGIDR entrance test? What are the suggested readings and where can I source previous year papers?


  164. hello sir,
    am sarika from kerala. actually am planning to appear for jnu , igidr and tiss m.phil entrance this year. but the main problem that i confront is that i don’t know how to prepare for their entrance and which all books that i should go through for that. sir can u please help me in this

  165. Do we need to prepare TRIGONOMETRY for the IGIDR entrance examination? If yes, till what level do we need study it? Is 11th and 12th class trigonometry sufficient? What about inverse of trigonometric functions?Is that important too?

  166. The prospectus says, “The written
    test for both M.Sc. and M.Phil./Ph.D. candidates will emphasize general aptitude, analytical
    ability and mathematical skills at appropriate levels. In addition M.Sc. students will have the
    option of answering a section either on Economics or Mathematics at the undergraduate level.”
    So the only change this year is that we have to answer an additional section either on Math or Economics. The rest of the syllabus is same as before. My question is, does ‘mathematical skills’ include questions on trigonometry?

  167. I think it does as they test us at the higher secondary level also apart from UG level. What all include under math at UG level as they aspirants will be varying backgrounds?

  168. Hey,

    I have completed my B.tech and wish to apply for IGIDR. I need to know if any past year entrance exam papers are available and also what book should I refer to for the Maths.


  169. hey sahil,

    igidr prev year papers arnt available online as well as in the markets-as far as i know. but the pattern has changed a little bit(refer to their prospectus 2013),there will be comprehensive english, logical reasoning, 10th maths-any CAT book would suffice for it, and this time we will be given option to either attempt maths part(this will be apart from CAT-type maths) or economics part [clearly written in IGIDR prospectus 2013] For maths, its 12th level maths(see top of this page for details) and for economics, u can do with DU’s eco hons. reading for microeco and macroeco.

  170. hi, as mentioned n a comment earlier “only change this year is that we have to answer an additional section either on Math or Economics. The rest of the syllabus is same as before”.
    will be giving economcs n additional section.
    please tell me what all topic does the mathamatical ability part will consits of… ??

  171. Has anyone received the admit card for IGIDR entrance yet?
    The exam is on 28th and I am yet to receive my admit card.

  172. can anybody tell me about the sample papers for IGIDR entrance..the link “http://www.igidr.ac.in/newspdf/msc-infhandout.pdf” doesn’t have sufficient questions for practice..

  173. even i havnt received. on the website they have written, ” An electronic/soft copy/hard copy of
    the Call Letter will be sent two weeks before the written test ” which means we should have recd. it by now.

    1. two weeks before the Test means 14th April. maybe they sent the hardcopy yesterday by post. we should receive that in 3-4 days. that is If they’re sending It by speed post/registered post.

  174. Okay guys!

    If you haven’t received the admit card as of now don’t worry you would be able to download your admit card from the website itself (at least this happened with us) and you would also receive you admit cards via courier . Or you can call them up on any working day (The phone numbers are available at the website)! or you can mail them at soffice@igidr.ac.in…. I am sure admin people will be happy to help you out! and as far as the entrance exam pattern goes they have clearly mentioned the pattern in the information handout. And also their past year papers are not available! Just prepare the CAT type maths, LR, DI, English and Graduate level economics! I hope that should suffice! If you need any help you can mail me at heena_kapoor1988@yahoo.co.in


    Heena Kapoor
    IGIDR Alumni (Batch 2009-2011)

  175. I haven’t received my admit card yet. Is anyone else facing the same issue? I called the office and was told that the cards have already been sent and was asked to call back on Monday.

  176. hey nikita,. i recd. it yesterday, my friends recd. it today by mail… so u will also rec. it in a day or two by mail

    and thanks heena

  177. hey i got my admit card. I emailed them and the sent me a reply with the admit card. Is anyone appearing for the test in hyderabad? My venue is at TCS ILP Q city Financial district Serilingampally.

  178. Was there any sectional cutoff and whether weight-age is same or not for each section??
    I have done 31 in comprehension, 36 in maths and 21 in Adv maths
    any expectation of getting call??

  179. I need help with GIPE MA Economics entrance exam preparation with respect to the books to refer to.I have gone through the model question papers,but need some advice.

  180. Congrats Mahesh. Yes I’m selected too. How are you planning to prepare for the interview? I’m a student of DU and have my exams till 10th of June. That gives me hardly any time to prepare.

  181. @V: i attempted 86 and my score is 74
    @Rashika: hey but i think i didn’t see your name in the list 0:) and about interview i have no idea 😀 …i have engineering background and currently working in Coal India Ltd so i too get hardly any time to prepare…do you have any idea what they ask in interview??

  182. V: I too attempted around 85 and scored 72.
    Mahesh: Rashika is my friend’s name I’m just using it for this forum! I’m an economics student, so I’ve been told by people they’ll ask questions related to our grad stuff. But since you’re an engineer, I guess you should just be aware of some basic economics concepts. I don’t know really. :/

  183. Rashika: thanks for the tip :-)…I’m very bad at GDs and interviews so i just hope this one goes well :-)..by the way what’s your real name?

  184. Hello Mahesh,
    You attempted 86 out of how many questions? I am studying B.Planning, am I eligible for the exam? How did you prepare being a engineering student please guide me for next year exam.

    By the way congratulations to both Mahesh & Rashika. Do well in your interviews.

  185. @Yadunandan Batchu: thnx 🙂
    out of 110..40 from comprehension, reasoning etc. 40 from basic mathematics and 30 from economics or advanced mathemeatics (ur choice)…
    first two sections are CAT type…for economics part i read microeconomics by H. Varian and macroeconomics by dornbusch and fisher…
    and any graduate is eligible for this

  186. @ Mahesh
    @ Rasika

    Hey you guys, even i have cleared the Exam and having the interview on 20th, since i am from Engineering Background and has been working with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, would be much of a help if you can tell me what all to study for the interview??


  187. Hi guys,
    I scored 77 :). I am an engineering pass out and currently working with a strategy consulting firm. Any suggestions on interview questions will be helpful.

    thanks 🙂

  188. Hii.I am applied to Pondicherry University and have got through the university for MA economics ,is it worth going to Pondicherry University for Economics masters.Can u guys pls guide??

  189. now that igidr result is out.do anybody give us any details about what type of Qs were asked for Mhil/Ph.D prog in the interview round. finally only 10 students have been selected out of 33 shortlisted after written test. Also IGIDR have no clarity on how many seats were der for mphil/phd prog.Earlier it’s used to be more selected.

  190. Hi guys

    I am planning to join UOH, though had cleared GIPE & Jamia too. Is it O K? How do you rate UOH. Pl advice.

  191. If one was to choose between igidr and jnu what would be a better option??
    also my interest lies in getting good placements after my masters…
    since this is decision time would really appreciate a quick response!!

  192. @TAANYA It’s good to see you in the selected list of M.Sc. prog in igidr. could you pls shed some light on what type of Qs were asked in the interview round for M.phil/Ph.D as i’m looking forward to apply nxt yr for the same. although my background is engineering
    i have good knowledge of economic terms.

  193. hi alok!!thanks a lot!!
    well since my background is statistics I was asked a mix of questions related to statistics(probability, basic theorems,etc.) and also a lot of micro…u should brush up on hal varian intermediate micro as that’s very essential and mankiw for macro…pretty awesome and relaxed people interviewing you..give a lot of stress on your background!!
    hope it was helpful!

  194. Hello to everybody,
    I am a B.Com(h) graduate.took a year off for MA entrance exam.I am taking coaching for the exams but i find it very difficult to cope up.is it possible to crack DSE,IGIDR,JNU and MSE without coaching at all?
    Also i wanted to know about the placements offered in Madras School Of Economics!!
    Thank You

  195. Hello ! I have completed my grad in Eco this year from DU. Presently Iam preparing for MBA. However , I have decided that if I do not get through a good college , I will give MA papers next year for which I’ll start my prep from January . Is the time (jan-April) sufficient for prep or shall I schedule back the prep ? Also please guide that whether joining a coaching centre is necessary or self study is sufficient . And yes it would be great if you all could suggest a coaching institute near Ghaziabad or some offline course.

  196. @drishti: sure u can crack without any coaching..i am a graduate in engineering and i cleared DSE without any coaching..u just need to be sincere about your preparation
    @anjali: i think 4 months are more than enough as you are eco graduate..i prepared for around 3 months

  197. Hello Mahesh ! Thanks for your encouraging words. Could you please tell me how to go about it ? I have DSE paper pattern is very different from that of others, hence Iam not clear about how to proceed with the mathematical part of its entrance. Also are you sure , that I should go ahead with my prep without any coaching ?

  198. @anjali: i think coaching is always an added advantage but i m sure one can do without coaching too..i don’t know much about others’ pattern as i only appeared for DSE nd IGIDR..as my background was math so i didn’t face any difficulty in mathematical part..i went through Alpha c. chiang i think that is sufficient or u can seek help from any friend from math background..in my opinion math in DSE entrance is not much tough

  199. So which was tougher : IGIDR or DSE ? And yes , I completely agree with you that coaching is always an added advantage. But the problem in my case is that I couldn’t locate a coaching centre near my place , and I honestly don’t want to waste time on travelling. So if you get to know some online course , then please let me know. Ecopoint has an online course but then that’s pretty expensive – Rs 27K ( the classroom course is cheaper ) . And will Chiang suffice for DSE prep ? IGIDR I guess is all about 12th maths , which follows a pattern quite different from that of DSE. Anyways , thanks again for your help.

  200. question level in DSE is tougher than IGIDR..IGIDR follows more or less CAT pattern so u won’t face any difficulty in that as u r preparing for CAT but you also need to clear its interview..ya chiang will suffice..and i m sorry i don’t know about any online courses, if i’ll get to know then will post it here..and u r welcome twice for each thanks 😀

  201. Yes but integration and differentiation is of 12th grade in IGIDR. Btw , in a day , how much labour should I put in , for MA prep ? Anyways , great you made through DSE. It’s a dream platform for all Eco aspirants I believe 🙂

  202. yeah it is 🙂
    on an average i studied for 3-4 hrs a day as this much i could only give as i was working but as you also have to prepare maths u should give some more as math requires lot of practice to grasp the concepts..

  203. @prakhar , I suppose that IITs have an integrated course for Eco . They take in students via IIT-JEE ( a few top candidates ) . Similar to that is the procedure of IISc Bangalore. If recently they have changed norms then Iam not aware about it. Good Luck !

  204. Well IGIDR is one of the most prestigious institutes of Eco in India. The paper will be in April end next year. Keep checking its website for new notifications or I guess in this blog you’ll get the updates for sure. If you’ll scroll up this page , you’ll get its syllabus . Post entrance they have an interview round as well , which is again quite tough , as I have heard. Wait for other replies , I hope you’ll get the best of help from this blog.

  205. IGIDR takes place in April end and DSE in June so you could expect their forms maybe a month or two prior to the exam. Keep checking their websites for updates. I haven’t appeared for either of the two as yet , so Iam not sure about the exact date. You could wait for others to reply.
    @Mahesh since you have appeared for both IGIDR and DSE , please clear prakhar’s queries.
    And @prakhar your most welcome ! 🙂

  206. thanks a ton ma’am..n ma’am i’v been hunting for the presribed syllabus for DSE IGIDR & JNU for past few days but didnt get any of them..so it would be very kind of you to get me the syllabus for master’s entrance..thousand thanks again Anjali ma’am..

  207. As far as I know there is no fix syllabus for Eco entrance. If you are an Eco grad revise your second and 3rd year syllabus thoroughly. As Mahesh suggested above , follow Chiang for DSE maths. Apart from I’ll try to gather precise info in a few days , then will update you here. Iam also planning to prepare for masters next year , hence I can understand your anxiety. Anyways you could mail Alex regarding this query.

  208. @Prakhar do you know any online course for MA Eco prep ? I saw Ecopoint’s one , but then that is really expensive ( 27k) . Let me know if you come across any such course.

  209. @Anjali ma’am. …no ma’am not any..n thanx for the concern..n can i get connected with u on fb or smthng.?..coz i’l b back to my college n iwnt b able to b in touch coz i dnt hav an access to web dere..n ma’am i’m persuing graduation from univesty of allahabad 3rd year from economics and geography..but d syllabus v r being taught is not well updated n not upto the expectations..and i reali unaware of the books to b reffered while preparing for entrance..and ma’am i dont hav any idea of coaching..reali sorry..n thanks again.

  210. @Prakhar , Iam not on fb , so extremely sorry about it ! But you could ask Alex and Mahesh , Iam sure they would help you , since both of them are well placed and experienced. Books that we had followed in 2nd and 3rd year are Hal Varian -micro and Dornbusch – macro . Visit DSE website , you’ll get the required syllabus and recommended books as well.

  211. I just checked DSE handbook , and option B’s syllabus is really going off my head . Could anyone please simplify the topics and mention exact and appropriate readings ? Prakhar we two are sailing in the same boat . Let’s wait for the replies ! 😀

  212. @Anjali ma’am..
    never mind ma’am..n yeah ma’am option b delves for genuine deft in mathmatics..n i’m sceptical that even mathmatics background are able to cross thru it..n ma’am is dere any other way to be in touch with you apart from this plateform..?

  213. @ Alex sir and Mahesh sir..kindly mention some quintessential topics to b covered thoroughly while preparing for JNU & DSE…

  214. Hello ! @Prakhar , Iam afraid that other than this I could not be in contact via any other medium. But relax , you could get all required updates here. Infact I have the same query as yours – the precise syllabus. Let’s wait for others to respond.

  215. Really Mahesh ? You indeed saved my life ! Thanks a ton !
    I guess then option B is for people with mathematical/btech background , because in that option I could not locate theoretical Eco at all. Thanks again ! 😀

  216. @Mahesh Sir ..yeah true sir.but still we dont hav any refined syllabus to get thru it..do help us in dis regard.

  217. @Prakhar , check the link above posted by greenworld , it will help you for sure. For micro and macro Varian , it’s workbook , manikw , Dornbusch is a must.

  218. @prakhar: syllabus for option A is same as B.A.(hons) at DU. u can get it from DSE website and by comparing to your B.A. syllabus you can make necessary amendments.
    my background is not from eco..i studied H.Varian for micro and Dornbusch for macro..

  219. Hi, I am in my 3rd year of Economics Major from St.Xavier’s Mumbai…I am planning to give the entrance for IGIDR but I don’t know what the syllabus for the entrance is ..Can someone please help me with that? and also if there are any coaching classes available in mumbai for the same.

    thank you!

  220. @Ishita: plus two maths, some grip on verbal/non-verbal reasoning will help you sail the entrance. I understand that you are based in Mumbai. So, a visit to campus and conversation with students/profs will surely help.

  221. Hi,
    I am Abhinav.I am an engineering student from COEP. I wish to study at IGIDR.I want to know the preparations which should be done for the entrance test. being an engineering student,what are the chances of getting admitted in the institute?

  222. Hi Everyone!

    You guys must be knowing that this year inwards DSE is having a reservation of 50% of the seats for merit based students from Delhi University. I think this is hell of a decision taken by the University. Do you think getting 80% is a big thing in DU with the semester system around. Marks are given to students like pancakes. Earlier even those students who gets 80% would n’t able to clear the exam but now with kind of decision wouldn’t it be a CHEATING on others.

    I think we should raise our Voice against this….WHAT Say Guys??

  223. Is the actual paper tougher than the sample paper? Is Gipe relatively easier than IGIDR/DSE? Can you please rank the difficulty level of the entrances

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  225. Hi alex,
    I am shambhavi. A 2nd yr eco hons student at delhi university (north campus).
    Could you please tell me the names of a few good coaching institutes for IGIDR, JNU enterance exam perparation specifically.i shall be ever so grateful to you.

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