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Alex is an economics educator and researcher based in Bangalore, India. He did his PhD at the School of Economics, University of Sydney and his MPhil in Economics at the University of Hyderabad. He completed his MA Economics also from the University of Hyderabad.


What I write in this space constantly evolves from more reading, writing and discussions. Hence, not all posts in this website reflect my current opinion or thoughts on a particular issue.

My primary interests are Indian Economy and Classical Political Economy.

My secondary interests are History of Economic Thought and Philosophy of Economics.

I can be contacted at alexmthomas@gmail.com.

47 Responses to “About”

  1. surfryder Says:

    thanks for dropping in to my blog and ur generous comment. i think i have got a huge financial treasure here!! sure i wud poke around here often for i am desperate to manage the financial things for myself. probably ur economics teachings can help me abt understanding things.. keep up buddy..

  2. sri Says:

    Your blog is added to enewss.com
    With in an hour your feeds will show up on enewss.
    Please add a link back to us your blogs.
    eNewss team

  3. Tim Chapman Says:

    Thanks for the link. I think I’ll be spending some time here having a proper read through the site – it all looks very well researched and stimulating.



  4. Jay Says:


    Keep up the good work.


  5. Rakesh Mohan Says:

    Very Nice Blog on Economics and Eduacations……………t


  6. Ranjan Says:

    Nice to go thro yr blog. I am confident that you’ll go to LSE. All the best. I will be keen on coming back to yr blogs and see the progress u make in yr interest areas; specifically development economics and mathematical economics. Though I have a detest for statistics about which i read somewhere that “Statistics is the only science that enables different experts using the same figures to draw different conclusions.”..:-)

    Keep it up!

  7. George Mathew Says:

    Hi Alex,
    It was nice to go through your blog on economics. I am particularly interested in social development issues that appear in here. I hope to drop in here often to keep myself acquainted and updated. Your commnents on HDR 2006 is appreciated. Keep posting

  8. Debi Prasad Says:

    hello alex,
    nice to have you as a friend and I hope my guide.I have sent you a mail writing my problem.Please help me..I hope you won’t disappoint me..

  9. Cosmic Voices Says:

    Economics demystified…short and simple ..A great blog….. Keep it going

  10. Sujith and Renni Says:

    Hai Alex,
    Had a look at the blog. Great work.
    Sujith S

  11. satya Says:

    thax for hosting a great site but am pointing some points on this site…dont take it wrong…
    1. DSE-Recruitment is not a “Institutes of economics”
    am giving u a site economics institutes all over in india http://edirc.repec.org/india.html
    2. SAS should be included as a econometric softwere

  12. satya Says:

    here i am giving a microeconomics book link…anu one can get see the entire book on net..its really a great one…suggesting u to include it on ur text book links.


  13. Alex M Thomas Says:


    DSE recruitment was placed under institutes so that readers can get to know the placements of DSE.

    SAS shall be included.

    The book link will be added too.

  14. vignesh Says:

    wow… u have done a great work man!! i got ur site address frm pagalguy! so, do u have any plan to do MBA?

  15. Alex M Thomas Says:


    No, I have no plans to do MBA.

  16. Mark Beachill Says:

    You may be interested in this small piece I wrote trying to explain the seeming paradox that people can live on a dollar a day in the third world:

  17. shromondas Says:


    I saw that you wrote about my post on SWFs in blogbharti!
    Well, Thanks a ton!!
    By the way, do you happen to know Shemmy Chandy? Actually he was the one who told me about ur blog!


  18. neha Says:

    Hello.I am a final year student currently pursuing Physics hons. 4m DU.I decided to prepare 4 IGIDR exam recently.So I really wish to know if the course is manageable and about other good Eco institutes other rhan ISI….help! thanx.

  19. neha Says:

    It’s nt that I know nothin of the syllabus but need to prepare it properly. :)

  20. naquash Says:

    i am happy to see this much response to ur blog
    u will reach as u wish for [yeah... one class classical economist in this planet!]honestly . naqu

  21. yashkant Says:


    i am planning to give MA-eco 2008 entrance test(option B).is there any fixed course?
    can u suggest some books for ption B.
    u have given 2007 option A paper if possible please give option B too.

  22. Eapen Alexander Says:


    I’m actually one of those people who pity and think bloggers are frustrated souls who sit in a small dark room and write against the government. Seeing your blog has changed my view about blogs and bloggers. Very interesting and intellectually stimulating. I can see that you are putting in a lot of research into your work, and that you have a genuine interest in the subjects. I am economics student myself, my interests lie in Political Economy. Hope we have more souls like you in our country. Believe me, we need it! Keep up the good work, will be visiting your blog often from now.

    Jai Hindi!

    Regards and Best wishes

    Eapen Alexander

  23. ecoholic Says:

    hii alex

    i regulary follow ur blog and by this is got inspired to write a blog of my own .its name is “about economics”
    http://www.ecocraze.blogspot.com…….please do visist my blog

    keep up the good work and all the best

  24. chandresh Says:

    i want to know the no of seats

  25. Abhishek Parakh (EquityPandit.com) Says:

    hi Alex,
    Nice research work. nice to see you have deep thoughts about Economy. Be in contact…


  26. MADHU Says:

    I’m an english student accompishing my final year.I want to do MBA IN pondicherry university, but didnt appear for CAT.Do i have the eligiblity to do MBA? CAN ANYONE GUIDE ME IN THIS. REPLY TO MY MAIL-ID smadhumadhi@yahoo.in

  27. nitin Says:

    Dear all ,

    i am physics postgraduate and have completed my MBA with 4 year work experience in bank .
    Can you guide me if i’ll be able to clear IGIDR ??

  28. Meenakshi Singhal Says:


    i have done b a maths honours and preparing for dse entrance examination throu option B (maths).can u tel me books from where i should prepare..

    i m lot confused if i m doing sufficient preparation.


  29. Gagan Says:


    I am interested in pursuing Ba Economics through correspondence can you please push me in right direction



  30. anshu Says:

    hello everyone…
    I want to know more about TISS entrance test…
    what kind of questions they ask ………
    if anyone know about these,please give me the information about selection process and entrance questions pattern…..thanks!!!!

  31. Anshul Says:

    Hey alex,
    I have very recently discovered this website of yours. I have been trying to search for colleges which offer under grad courses in economics in india. I haven’t been to successful i and i was hoping i would get assistance from you.
    Can you suggest the best universities which offer economics?

  32. mrig Says:

    Hey Alex,

    I graduated 2 yrs back in economics and want to get back to the subject. Can you recommend some books that were prescribed to you in your undergraduate days? For macro, micro, indian, theories et al? This blog seems to be the best place to ask for help.

  33. Santanu Says:

    hi Alex,
    today for first time i browse ur blog..its realy good..i liked it…



  34. Jagan Says:

    Thanks for sending me details about IGIDR entrance pattren.
    This is a good blog to know the info related to Economics instantly and in crisp manner

  35. karan Says:

    hey pls mail me previous years question papers for DSE option A, JNU MA eco(world economy) , MA eco, GIPE, Mumbai university and pattern of IGIDR. my email id is karantheboynextdoor@gmail.com. thnks

  36. Alex M Thomas Says:


    If the following papers were available, I would have uploaded them.

    However, in case you get any of them as a soft copy, please do mail me.

  37. susmita Says:

    This is Susmita.Am a BBA(finance) 3rd yr Student under Calcutta Univ.Bt am interested in Pursuing M.A (econ).However,none of the colleges in Kolkata is offering M.A(econ) to a BBA grad.What should i do??I am really passionate about this subject and want to pursue it.Does one need to be really v.gd in Maths for pursuing Economics?How do i add value to my C.V?
    Please help..

  38. AKSHAY MPDI Says:

    I have passed my Class 12 boards with 93.25%. I wish 2 pursue eco hons for my undergraduate degree. Which colleges should I apply for? Can you rate the courses in Loyola, St. Joseph’s Bangalore, Christ College, Hindu College, Ramjas and Hans Raj?

  39. amit Says:

    hey i have got thru Msc environmental economics from IGNOU..its a full time course jointly organized by MSE & IGNOU.
    what are the prospects for it alex?
    is it a good university to study?
    the degree will be offered by ignou itself as a full time course.
    does this course makes me eligible for IES?

  40. sijin Says:

    I am very much impressed reading the comments from diff parts of the world…. Keep going…..

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  42. sakshi Says:

    well i really liked your blog… i have given my 12th boards exams and now i want to persue eco hons.. i am very fond of the subject and would like to continue my higher studies in economics.. your blog has been really inspiring!

  43. rafeek........................ Says:


  44. Vikram Says:

    Hey Alex, you had commented on my blog a while ago. Just wanted to drop by and say that you are doing a fantastic job and am sure you will do a great job in your PhD.

  45. neers Says:

    hi there!

    remember me??
    interesting and interesting….! :)
    am finishing my M.SC in International Relations with minor in International Political Economy!!

    great to find you! :)

  46. Anwesha Says:

    Hi Alex,
    I revisited your blog after quite some time and I must say, you are doing one hell of a job :)

  47. Pradeep Kumar Panda Says:

    HeY Alex,
    Nice work dear… very informative website… keep it up…

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