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The following search enables you to find out the relevant information pertaining to economics entrances in India, not only from this site but also from 4 to 5 other sites. These sites are maintained by DSE alumni and career guidance professionals. Information regarding distance coaching and availability of previous question papers are also provided.


I have been getting a lot of queries regarding various sample papers for IGIDR, ISI, JNU, UoH, etc.

DSE Option A Question and Solution (from Amit Goyal)

DSE Option A 2009

DSE Option A 2009-Solutions

Here is the DSE Option A entrance exam paper of 2007.(Hat Tip to HE who does not want to be named) and the Solutions (Thanks to Amit Goyal).

DSE Option A 2007

DSE Option A 2007- Solution

Here is the DSE Option B entrance question paper for the year 2007. (Tip: Amit Goyal)

30 June 2007 Option B

Here are the MA Economics entrance question papers of University of Hyderabad (UoH/HCU).

[I acknowledge the Odisha Research Scholar Forum at UoH for making available the entrance papers for 2008 to 2010.]






MSE sample papers

2012-13 brochure with some practice questions

An old question paper

Sample papers of IGIDR and ISI [2005 and 2007]

1) ISI MSQE 2005 Sample Paper

2)IGIDR MSc Economics Sample Paper

3) ISI MSQE 2007 Sample Paper

4) IGIDR MSc Economics 2013 Sample Paper (Hat Tip Andrea) [NEW]

Here is the solution for ISI sample papers (ME-I) from 2006-06. [Thanks again Amit]

ISI solutions(2006-09)

Amit Kumar Goyal’s (a DSE alumnus) initiative to assist undergraduate and graduate aspirants all over the country who wish to study Economics further:

Manoj @ Prime Education conducts coaching for MA Economics entrance examinations:

To purchase the past entrance question papers of JNU and DSE via Prime Education go here.

Books suggested for entrance preparation

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

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  1. AMAZING BLOG! maan gaye.
    now, please let me know how do you rate these books:
    Modern Microeconomics by A.KOUTSOYIANNIS, Macroeconomic Analysis by E.SHAPIRO and Mathematics For Economists by R.G.D ALLEN.
    i’m writing m.a entrance at various places but not very confident. hopefully this blog is going to help a lot!

  2. Chetana,

    As far as i have heard, A.Koutsoyiannis is an excellent book. And i believe that Allen and Shapiro are excellent authors. As long as they give you a basic idea of economic theories and their mathematical models, they would do just fine.

    1. shikha

      I m doing B.A(h)business economics from d.u.can any1 help me out that whether i will be in disadvantaged position for appearing in dse,jnu and igidr

  3. hi alex
    great site, very helpful
    I am currently doing my BBA
    however i have really started enjoying economics
    I want to do my MA from JNU
    plz guide me on preparing for JNU, and which books i should read
    i have very basic knowledge of eco

    1. I’m doing my B.A. in Economics and i want to join JNU after graduation. So please sugest me some tips to prepare for the entrance exam. Also what type of question is usually asked for the Economics entrance exam.

  4. Nipun,

    Go through the comments here. This will help you in gathering more information.

    Stimulate your interest by reading articles and news items relating to Economics. You need to have a strong base in Economics and also learn thoroughly the text books prescribed by the University of Delhi to gain entry into JNU.

  5. Sunny,

    The books i mainly refer are
    1) Intermediate Microeconomics- Hal Varian
    2) Macroeconomics- Dornbusch and Fischer
    3) Math-A C Chiang
    4) Statistics- Use Scahums series and Nagar and Das

  6. Neha,

    JNU, DSE, IGIDR, GIPE, Univ of Hyd, Jamia Millia University and MSE are all good.

    ISI offers a highly quantitative course called MSQE.

    All information will be given in their websites. You can find the links to them in the side bar of this blog.

  7. hi alex,
    i’d like to hear your opinion on would it b wise to sit for a year and prepare for m.a if i don’t get a good institute this year. or i should take admission ANYWHERE, which i’d really detest.basically, i want to knw if droping a yr reduces my chances of getting selected.

  8. Chetana,

    If you detest doing something, i wouldn’t advise doing that. And if this is the first time you are taking up the test (With inadequate preparation), you can definitely give it a shot again if you don’t make it.


    They have not yet put up the admission notice. It will be put up here.

  9. the BA(H)COURSE at jmi is good but a lot will depend on ur hard work if u want good marks.It wont prepare u for dse and jnu and jmi itself is biased towards du students for the MA COURSE!

  10. They do cover the syllabus its a protocol afterall but the course isnt apt for the MA paper a t jmi itself otherwise the faculty and syllabus is great .Seriousness of fellow students is a also an issue!

  11. hai Alex,

    Thanx a lot for this site……itz very very helpful for everyone whuz intrested in economics and related issues…… n’ a must watch site for those preparing 4 ma entrance…..
    Blogs wer superb…….thanx once again……
    all the best for all ma ntrance aspirants…..


  12. Ajesh,

    DSE conducts the test in DSE itself.

    The Entrance Exams for both M.A. and M.Phil will be held on Saturday, 24th June 2006 at the Delhi School of Economics. [DSE Hand Book 2006]

  13. Alex…,
    so….unlike JNU we want to write DSE entrane in Delhi rite????…..No other exam centers na????

  14. hiii Alex….
    just read yor profile……u like malayalam movies,
    music etc…..n just like a malayalee…….:-) wer u got admission last year n wat doing now…..???dis website is very helpful for students like me….thanx a loot again:-)

  15. Chetana,
    Simple but comprehensive books for micro & macro.Refer them:
    1.’A Modern Guide to Macroeconomics: an Introduction to Competing Schools of Thought” by Brian Snowdown, Howard vane Peter Wynarczyck, Edward Elgar,UK,
    2.”Microeconomics: Theory and Applications”, by Robert Awh, Wiley, Newyork

  16. Nidhi,

    The Univ of Hyd forms are out. You can see them here.


    The choice is subjective as it depends on what topics one is interested in. I am not very interested in Environmental and financial economics, so i wont be trying in MSE.

  17. I believe that there is a bengali lobby in Indian economics.Take any book or journal ,a good number of articles will be by a Chatterjee,Mookherjee or Banerjee.

  18. GVV,
    Yup… also joining with you…..It seems der exists a strong bengali influence in journals n articles..Dnt know how dis aroused!!!!!..will expect a change on time being:-)

  19. hello alex, i m frm uae right now i am going to finish grade 9 and will be soon in grade 10 and as i am 18 yrs old should be finished plus 2
    but joined late to school and i wanted to know is there any college which gives us offer of o level or a level in 1 or 2 year

  20. Hello sir, i hv completed my MBA, i m mmuch more interested too continue my study further so that, i m preparing for MA economics from pune university..can u recommend me good books for MA Eco I. i need good books for PUBLIC ECONOMY and INDIAN ECONOMIC POLICY.i shall be thankful to you if u reply soon…

  21. hi…
    i am currently givin my final yr exams…….i have around three weeks left for th JNU entrance….so if u could tell me wat books to refer to…i had macro eco as a subject and have done indian eco also…could u pllllssss tell me how to go abt it now…i reallly want to get thruuu!!!

  22. Neha,

    The books i mainly refer are
    1) Intermediate Microeconomics- Hal Varian
    2) Macroeconomics- Dornbusch and Fischer
    3) Math-A C Chiang
    4) Statistics- Use Scahums series and Nagar and Das

    Work out the previous question papers too. It is crucial.

  23. hey alex !
    long time ….. exms were on . nywy, how ws the igidr test? belated “all the best”. cudn’t appear due to soe reasons. tell me how different was the real question paper from the sample ppr. in any case, from as much as i hv gathered, u’ll get through. my net connection giving some trouble. hope to b more regular here. this site has been damn helpful. thanks!

  24. alex
    please tell me if these books are good for DSE entrance
    microeconomic theory—H L Ahuja
    matehematics for economists–mehta and madnani
    macroeconomics—H L Ahuja

  25. Andaleeb,

    I suggest you learn from the following books.

    1) Intermediate Microeconomics- Hal Varian
    2) Macroeconomics- Dornbusch and Fischer
    3) Math-A C Chiang

    I have seen Ahuja’s Microeconomics and Varian is much better than that. The other 2 books, i do not know. If you are able to solve the questions asked in the DSE entrance exams, then the books you are referring is enough.

  26. i applied for UNI OF HYD and OSMANIA UNI. is UNI OF HYD (is it comparable with JNU, MSE, IGIDR???) good? any tips for entrance?

  27. Ashok,

    The quantity and quality of research is more in JNU and IGIDR in comparison to Univ of Hyd; but that does not mean that the Univ. is not good. There are a good number of academic activities and research taking place in Univ of Hyd too. I do not know about Osmania Univ.

    Entrance tips: Get your concepts absolutely clear. [Use a good text like Varian for Microeconomics] Work out previous question papers.

  28. Hi Alex,
    I’m pursuing B.Tech, right now in 3rd year.I want to do M.A in Economics but since I’m not familiar with the basics of economics,can u suggest me books which will be helpful in this regard.
    Besides as u have mentioned earlier the reference books for applying to universities like DSE,JNU etc..will those books only be necessary and sufficient for preparation for the entrances??

  29. Sunny,

    The GIPE form has not come out yet. It should, by the end of this month.


    Those books which have been mentioned earlier are necessary because they provide the concepts in a really good manner. For any competitive exam, nothing can be sufficient. But, what is necessary is a good grasp over the basics of the subject and try to work out the previous years question papers.

    Varian for Micro, Dornbusch for Macro and Chiang for Mathematical Economics will enable you to get a clear idea of the subject. And if you find that certain topics are not clear to you. Refer other text books and try to do the concept which are not clear from there. Work out questions in the back of the book. Read EPW and magazines which talk about the subject. The various books which i think are good are given on the bottom right hand side of this blog.

  30. Hi alex

    can you suggest me some books for preparing for objective questions DSE entrance. Please tell me which topics in statistics should i stress on.

  31. Navneet,

    All questions in DSE are objective and one can solve them only with a good knowledge of the basics. [A conceptual base is necessary but one needs to be really thorough with the topics]

    Statistics:Probability, Probability Distributions, Mathematical Expectations.

  32. hi alex,
    how was jnuee. how was the paper of sis(world economy). How much u attempted in economics paper of SSS. How would u rate it in compare to previous years.

  33. I would like to know about the M.A. courses in colleges in Chennai apart from MSE.Which colleges would you rate among the best? I am also writing MSE entrance. Is it possible to get question papers of previous years?

  34. Vijaykumar,

    Apart from MSE, in Chennai, i think that MCC is good and so is Presidency. Madras University has a masters programme in MA Econometrics (I do not know about the quality of the programme).

    As far as i know, the previous papers of MSE are not available.

    1. hey everyone,
      i am from science stream ( physics and mathematics main subjects).
      will it be good for choosing option b in dse entrance.

  35. hi i wanna ask u abt good coaching classes for enterance preparation ma eco. plz plz…… reply as soon as possible

  36. thanks for this info yaar but i’ll b eligible nxt yr n moreover i dnt wan crash courses rather i m interstd in coaching along wid my final year to keep my concepts fresh bt i havnt found any gud one yet plzzzzzzz…… help me out dude (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE)

  37. but in ecoent.more emphasize is given on basics ny idea abt naresh sir classes n keshav puram m confusd which one2go2

  38. Abc,

    I think it is best you do the learning by yourself. Do Varian and there is a workbook by him which can be used along with the text. I do not know about Prof. Naresh’s class.


    I have been to Economicsentrance and i have found them to be excellent. If the basics are strong, one can tackle any problem which comes.

  39. Hello,,
    Can anybody….please tell me what will come in the Admission test of BA(HONS.)ECO Jamia Millia Islamia…
    Any Sample Papers…

  40. hi guys am satya here..
    1st thax to ALEX …4 hosting a great site…..4 economics student…
    am currently a DSE student…here giving u people some Suggestion ….not get prepared 4 DSE entrance only ..side by side study well undergrade mathematics also…bcoz Unfortunately DSE is not a place for those people who r weak in mathematics..Give more focus also on econometrics and satistics..

    1. Hi Satya,

      Since you’ve done your MA eco already maybe you can help me. I ma a B. com Hons grad from SRCC Delhi. I have just enrolled in the MA Eco programme in Mumbai Univ. I am finding the Micro a little challenging. Do u think it’s a good idea to continue without being an eco grad or maybe I shoudl switch to M.Com?



  41. I have qualified for the integrated MA programme in IIT Madras. I am interested in doing Economics course. I was wondering if you have any idea about how the course is compared to other economic courses in India??How do you rate this course and faculty? What are the prospects after completing this course?

  42. Hi Alex,

    I’m Amol, BCOM,MCA and into MMS final (Master of Mgmt Science, Systems).
    I’m very much interested in Economics as a carrier option. I’m currently working with SAS, an analyitics based BI solution provider. Im basically into J2EE and technology area.

    Can you please guide me as to how an MA in Economics can help me in combining the career prospects with IT. What solutions can be rendered using IT as a base and Economics as a domain?
    Are there any specific industries/examples you can point me to? Could you share your email address with me so that I can write more?

  43. can anyone plz guide me as to hw are the M.A Economics course run by bombay school of economics n by punjab university.plz guide.

  44. Hi alex,
    I’m really confused about how to go about doing Economics…due to some horrible decision making I am currently in Physics. Could u please tell me if it is feasible for me to study for the DSE MA entrance OPTION A without any undergraduate training in Economics? Can it be done by self-study? I find OPTION B to be very Math (Hons.) oriented.
    Thanks..and I am so grateful for your site…it’s VERY helpful. Keep it up.

  45. Yes you can Sunitha, Physics isnt really a bad option 15% of Economists come from Physics after Economics and Maths.

    Opt A is better for you. And you can study yourself its not a great task

  46. Hey, can any1 give me info abt paper structure etc of GIPE (Gokhale Inst, Pune) Entrance Test?

    btw, GIPE xam is preponed by 1 day. It is now on 8th instead of 9th July. visit GIPE website

  47. Thanks for the encouragement Ram…
    Could anyone tell me if I would be losing out on a lot if I don’t do Economics at the undergraduate level? Would my basics be poor or do we go over them again when you do an MA?

  48. @Sunita,

    Again, 40% Economists never took Economics at their Undergraduate level, ofcourse many Economics Nobel Laurets also

  49. Wow Ram…sorry but are you humouring me with those 15 % and 40 % statistics…or are they actually true? Very heartening if the latter. Thanks a lot. Are you sitting for an entrance exam? Studying Economics further?

  50. Sunita,
    First of all, advanced studies in Economics requires people who are good in Mathematics. In fact, like Ram said in the US, the Phd selectors prefer candidates from Math and Physics backgrouds than economics as the former courses are considered to be very rigorous in nature.

    And to learn economics, self study will do. But there might be conceptual doubts which you have, that need to be clarified by someone who has learnt the subject. But, i believe that if you have the passion, you will grasp the subject easily.

    The option B is very math oriented but i assume that those from math or physics background should be able to do well. But if you think not, then you could take up option A. The books required for preparation is mentioned in the DSE website. You can go <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>here</a> to get more info about the DSE entrance.

  51. Aditya,
    GIPE asks questions on Micro, Macro, Analytical Reasoning (GRE Barrons should suffice) and math and stats.

    And Schaums series for Micro and Micro will do.

    Go here to find more details.

  52. Dear Alex,
    Thanks for the advice. I think I will continue with studying undergraduate Physics then…with renewed vigour if I see it leading to an MA in Economics. It is quite frustrating to see how flexible the US is…unfortunately in India the undergraduate Physics course is very specialised and discourages one from pursuing any other interests simultaneously 🙁 Keep up the good site! Tc

  53. @Sunitha,

    I feel education in US isnot so flexble. I want to go for Economics PhD after Engineering, here we have lot of chances to get into Economics, MA Economics, later MPhil through entrance test. But at US they judge your application with Reco letters and you UG Grads, so 100% I cant get into top 50 Schools, or I need to take expensive 1 year MA Economics courses offered by a few universities, that too look for UG Maths or Maths oriented Graduates.

    But UK is some what flexible by offering PG Diploma Courses, but its bit expensive. But India provides you right path since they recruit students through entrance tests. that a best option to show the proof that you are eligible to study your course of choice.

    And my statistics are not a joke, they are real figures derived from various sources, mostly from US and UK Economic programs.

  54. I am a +2 student with CBSE Syllabus taken Commerce + Maths stream and will be completing my +2 course in March 2008. Please guide me with some good undergraduate /professional courses in Kerala or Tamilnadu.

  55. Joseph,

    If you want to know about the colleges offering an undergrad in Economics, let me know.

    The other subjects, i don’t know.

    What are your long term goals, if any?

  56. hey am a tyba economics majors (hons)student from bombay.thinking of applyin in gipe.can sme1 helpme with wat to prepare n how to go about(books to refer etc).also if can get hold of sme previous question papers.can u suggest any other institute good 4 postgrads eco courses particularly finance.plz plz help

  57. I have learnt a lot from this site.THANKS.I am a graduate-Eco(Hon.)and living at LAXMINAGAR,DELHI.I need coaching for MA entrance.Pls tell me which are the good options.

  58. Your site is the ray of hope in the darkness.Sometimes back I had seen an advertisement in THE HINDU-Mahesh Lalwani’s coaching,RajendraNagar,Delhi for ISI-JNU-DSE.But I dont have the exat address and contact no.Could u pls help me?Pls let me know about other coachings also with their location at DELHI.

  59. Vijay,

    At present the only place which conducts coaching is Prime Education situated at Lajpat Nagar.


    The name of the coaching centre is Axiom. I too do not have the exact address and phone number now, but i will get back to you. The other coaching in Delhi is offered by Naresh in north Delhi and Prime Education.

    This site will be of use to you both.

  60. Can somebody guide me where to get the previous years quations papaers for Pune University online ? for M.A. Economics of Pune University ?

  61. HI Alex, Hw r u??

    I have started to prepare for ma in economics, however i dont have strong foundation in economics since i m in tybsc statistics, so can u suggest me which books i shd refer for building strong foundation in economics, i do read et regularly, n which books i shd refer for maths & stats,

    I m currectly reading books by – Introduction to Probability by feller & For macroeconomics By Fisher…so can u suugest me few more books tht could help me…

  62. Amit,

    The books which are mentioned in my earlier reply will help you have strong foundations in the subject.

    To my knowledge, there is no coaching for MA Economics entrance in Mumbai.

  63. Nidhi,

    Yes. I joined HCU.


    You will find some of the papers in this link. [Scroll down to see it] I heard that there are more courses than this, as in more optionals are there. You can take up papers from other disciplines also.

  64. alex……….
    i didnt got through any good inst this year,will try next year…
    what about u…?where did u take admission?

  65. Nidhi,

    I do not have first hand information as i am yet to read those books. I have heard that Microeconomics by Mascollel and Green is good and Simon & Blume for Math.

  66. hi alex
    am partha currently dse student..just stumbled at ur great site..
    just tell me what are the papers HCU offering for MA in economics..

  67. hi partha
    congrats for being at DSE,
    tell me how to get through its entrance.
    please tell me your recipe of success.

  68. hi Andaleeb,
    first its not a big deal..if u hav good understanding of subjects and have a good command on the theory of micro and macro than its not tough at all..but you hav to be strong in mathematics and staistics also..
    if u hav any other query you can drop mail me at

  69. hi,
    this is a wonderful site for all those who wish to know more about economics and the premier institutions which offer higher education in this discipline.

    which books can help me crack DSE in statistics and mathematical economics??????

  70. Excllent site. Could someone plzz tell me the exat adress & contact nos.of the coachings run by at south campus & PRIME EDUCATION at LajpatNagar.

  71. Jayadevan,

    No book will help you crack DSE.

    The books that will help you are Chiang’s Fundamental methods of mathematical economics and for statistics, any book will do.


    Economicsentrance does not have a permanent address. You could mail them and ask.

    About Prime education, all i remember is that it is situated in vinobhapuri, lajpat nagar 2 and the person’s name in Manoj Aggarwal.

  72. hi,
    i m radhika.i gave my MA ent. this yr bt cud’nt get thru it.i’ll b highly obliged if u can help me in lettin me know about d coaching classes n ref.books.

  73. hi Radhika.where r u from?i m also looking 4 a good coaching.i visited AXIOM-ECONOMICS,RUN by prof.mahesh lalwani,
    situated at 5/46,opp shankar road market,old rajinder nagar,delhi-60,mob.-9811881399.

    i’ve known prof.naresh runs his coaching at north campus.another one is at lajpat nagar,but don’t have the exat address.just looking 4,on getting i will give u.
    if someone has,plzz let me know

  74. THANKS A LOT ANU.Do u have any idea abt d standard of Naresh sir’s class,fee & duration?Can u tell me abt d venue of PRIME EDUCATION & ECONOMICSENTRANCE.COM?
    What r u doing at present?

  75. vijay,
    well ppl say naresh sir is the only 1 to prepare fr ma economics and for the standard of teaching you can go for trial classes there. the site econmicentrance is offline. well do u have any idea how to go about preparing for the same. pls contact at ”

  76. I would like to pursue my bachelors in economics. Could you please tell me which are the good colleges that offer economics? I have heard that Presidency (Kolkata) and St Stephens im Delhi are among the best? Is it true?

  77. HI ANU,
    Thanks 4 paying attention.I’ve mailed u.plzz reply.
    Abt preparation i kno dat d books shud b coverd-
    alongwith topics of mathematics & yojna-kurukshetra 4 essay.
    I attempted 4 JNU last year but failed.willing 2 kno more abt preparation plzz.

  78. Hi,
    I am employed with the IB division of Citi.
    I am interested in doing my MA in economics.
    Please guide me through the set of preparations to crack the entrance in the first attempt

  79. all those who wnt to know extensively abt the ma entrances and the coaching, pls visit the igidr page(in this blog itself) as these topics have been heavily discussed over there..

    all the best.

  80. anu and vijay,
    plz refer to akshay’s response(no. 58) on igidr page.also, u can contact eco ent at n c if u get a also keen on finding a good coaching so plz keep sharing the info! i’d like to add that for microec, varian’s book and workbuk are the best thing u can have. all the best!

  81. to those of u whm i mailed personally…please note that my email address has changed.

    @ chetna

    will be in touch with this site…in a way,this blog too helped me get a long way 🙂

  82. Hi Alex,
    Hope ur studies are going well at HCU.
    Alex, as my aim is to pursue advanced courses in Econ;so will a
    BSc Maths degree (Madras Univ.)be good for me? This is a special
    course for those who didn’t study maths at +2 level,quiet similar to any regular BSc Maths degree-in terms of papers offered.I would be grateful to u for ur kind advice.Plz mail me at—–

  83. Sunit,

    If you enjoy math, then the Bsc will be good for you; but if not you might not enjoy it.

    I would suggest that you take up a BA Honours economics course in Delhi or Calcutta. [If you enjoy math, go for it.]

    It also depends on where you want to go further. For, doing a good Honours program will help you in competing for the economics entrances here.

    Another warning, economics is not math.

  84. BA(hons) Economics of delhi university does not enroll those students who didnt have maths in thier +2 … as far as my knowledge goes.

  85. sir
    m student of B.A.(HONS)ECONOMICS n wanna do M.A. in eco frm DSE……….SO PLS ADVICE ME HOW 2 PREPARE 4 DAT……………i mean which books i shud read etc


  86. Frens,

    Before postins HOW TO s, just look at previous discussions.

    Akshay and others posted valuable suggestions in the blog, read them all, dont expect an instant reply. All such queries are answered previously.

  87. hi joyoti
    am partha currently a dse student…for getting in DSE my suggestion is you read varian for micro..mankiw or donbush &fisher for macro and for statistics any good books will do…what is more need is better understanding of theory and a good command on its application…best of luck

  88. hello…….
    can i know what kind of placements are there after doing masters in economics from either of the institutes viz. isi,dse,jnu,igidr.And what is an approx. salary given

  89. i m preparing for isi,dse,jnu,igidr exams and i want to know how should prepare for it .is there any institute who gives guidelines for its entrance exams like preparing cat

  90. hello alex…
    it is indeed a very helpful site…
    im a student of 2nd year B.A(honours)economics from rajasthan university,Jaipur and i want to do my masters in economics…i want to give the entrances for various instis and i was suggested tht i take up coaching thru correspondance…wat do u suggest in dis regard??

  91. Coaching tru correspondence great but who offers any idea, and what about cost associated? i contacted prime education n but no replie

  92. thanks ram…i met a councellor here who told me bout this…i really have no clue about how to get info in this regard…plz help…wat r u doing by da way?

  93. I too dont have any info regarding this, and you can get more info from the same person who told you about Distance more coaching

  94. HI,
    Luckily I explored this site today. So i thought why not paste a question. I completed my grads B.A. Eco(H)in 2006. Now I want to pursue Masters in Finance or Econometrics. Can u plz tell me the best institutes in India for this and how should I prepare… plz help

  95. hi alex,
    really a helpful site. im presently in 3rd yr eco hons at presidency college, kolkata.shall sit for d tests nxt yr. but why u ppl r not so interested abt msqe at isi???? here at kol students will die to get into isi!

  96. Subhajit,

    I am not interested in the MSQE at ISI because of the high mathematical content; which leaves very less room for thinking and dreaming. 🙂

    And there is less scope for inter disciplinary studies.


    MSE is Madras School of Economics. What all papers do you have in BHU?

  97. India,

    DSE,JNU,ISI are okay in case if you want specilisation in Econometrics, but the other option if you can is IITs, IITs are good ofcourse better to DSE and JNU for Econometrics. A few of my Profs are from IITs PHD in Econometrics they are damm good profs.

    ANd for finance part DSE comes first DSE MA Economics is best if you are interested in Finance annd then IIMs, I dont consider them better.

  98. Dear Students,

    I’m Currently doing M.A. In Economics from S.P.College Pune. Do anyone know the syllabus for M.A.-I (for 2007-08)
    If Yeas plz reply me on “”

    My subjects are as follows :
    1) Public Economics
    2) Microeconomic Analysis
    3) Industrial Economics
    4) Indian Economic Policies

  99. was just luking for searches for ma economics coaching and found this amazingly good and interesting site…. appreciation to alex for the same.. as i went thru the posts here i found out that a lot of ppl dint get thru this year’s papr in dse and jnu.. the same story is mine. finally the love that we all share for the subject(economics) forced us to drop this year to prepare again.. and all of us stuck with one question>>>>>>>>>> whr to take the best coaching from???? and the answer is prime education ecoentrance axiom…. which one is the best, economical and near ur place no idea???? even m sailing in the same boat. plz plz help me…. dont want to loose on time and admission again… thanks to all the site really gave me a lot of information abt other institutes that r gud for ma.. i knew abt jnu and dse only…… really grate ful… sorry for such a lenthy post…

  100. Nan,

    Coaching is only complementary to what your know; so do not depend too much on the coaching. Use the recommended textbooks to learn and know the fundamentals very well. Do not prepare keeping in mind the previous question papers. (That is one thing which i and some of my friends did)

    Think of what you would like to do after MA Economics. If you want a handsome salary, DSE, IGIDR and ISI will help greatly. But if it is research that one wants, you can try for the other institutes such as HCU, GIPE, MSE etc.

  101. alex,

    ya i knw one shud not depend on coachings and all.. but then at the same time i did appear for jnu and dse with full prep and confidence that i wud surely get into it but to my surprise i cunt make it… so here i get afraid wat if i cant this time too.. then it will be really tough u knw… also od u have any information abt forien univs that offer ma in eco.????

    thanx anywaz..

  102. Nan,

    The levels of competition in entrance exams have reached very alarming heights. Even though one prepares well, there is a possibility of not making it. And it is very crucial to be cool headed during the exam at least for DSE.

    Apply for about 5 schools in India which are good. A lot of foreign universities offer. It depends on which place you like to go.

  103. Alex,

    last year i just knew abt jnu and dse so had appaered for those two only… now i got to know abt other instis too from ur site so shall fill in for those too…

    regarding forien univs. nothing specific as such… any good place would do.. do u hv any information abt those…

    as in how to apply, wen to apply, etc.

  104. is it necessary that i shld hav puc maths for DSE???cuz i didn have it??i am currently doin my BA in eco from christ andi have a quants paper but its a triple major not just eco..

  105. @ aishwarya

    basic understanding of 12 th level mathmatics, and its application in economics, especially in microeconomics…but this year the entrance exam was maths heavy…consider studyin frm sydsaster hammond…

  106. hi my question was can i still apply to DSE as i have not done puc maths???is there a requirement that only people with pu math have to apply???

  107. BA Economics is sufficient.
    or BTech in any discipline.

    No restriction regarding PUC or SSC.

    Eligibility Conditions
    A .Students from Indian Universities
    (i) B.A. (Hons.) Economics of the University of Delhi with 50% or more marks in the aggregate.
    (ii) B.A. (Hons.) / B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics of any other Indian University recognized by the University of Delhi with 50% or more marks in the aggregate. In the case of Universities where the B.A./B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics degree includes courses other than Economics, the course shall be treated as an Honours course only if it contains at least 55% marks of the total marks in respect of papers in economics.
    (iii) 60% or more marks in Graduate/Post-graduate degree in any other subject from the University of Delhi or any Indian University recognized by the University of Delhi.


  109. hi guys
    congrats for a wonderful blog.
    i am currently a second yr ECO(hons) student at venkateswara college (DU). i wuld like to ask u when is the best time to start preparing for the MA entrances(JNU, DSE ..)so that one can concentrate sufficiently on the BA exams as well as give a gud shot at the entrances.

  110. hi,
    i’m preparing for the JNU entrance. i’m more interested in SIS (World Economy). i have done mathematics only till the 10th grade but i’m well versed with the graduation level maths. i do have statistics as a paper at the graduation level. is it enough to crack the test? also, can i find the previous year papers online? what are the important topics ans what is the exam pattern? till date, i have only seen people discouraging me about taking up economics in delhi. is it really that tough?

  111. dear sir
    i am prabhu in cheenai now i am preparing for jnu ma economics entrance test please guide me which book is better to study & please send syallbus for that exam

    thank you

  112. I am a mechanical engineering graduate, currently working with gammon india
    I am interested in development economics, especially at JNU due to the emphasis it places on interdisciplinary studies and the exposure one can get there.
    How can i obtain the syllabus and previous papers of the JNU entrance exam for MA Economics?

  113. hai alex
    i am preparing in jnu entrancefor ma economics and please guide me and how to prepare that and which book is better for entrance and please send syallbus and modal questions and contact me and guide me

  114. Sarthak,

    The earlier you start your preparations, the better it would be. You could start revising Micro and Macro along with your second year papers. The more clear your concepts are, the better.


    You can get the question papers from JNU library. They are not available online; though you can register at to get few DSE papers. It is true that the entrance tests of DSE and JNU are competitive and very highly too; though that does not mean they are tough.

    Learning math is relatively easier that understanding the concepts of economics.

    Prabhu and Gobi,

    The first thing is to get your concepts right. Varian for micro (And Varian Workbook will also help) and Dornbusch for Macro. Chiang would suffice for Math and any book for probability. Getting the concepts right is the most important thing.

  115. Absolutely worthfull site for everyone who looks for pursuing economics in premium institutes.
    i’m doing B.A. Economics in loyola college, chennai
    (first year).I have one doubt that whether i can write entrance examinations of certain universities/institutes, because i did my plus two in Humanities which doesn’t include any kind of maths programme.
    So can you guide me on my current situation? pls reply.


  116. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for running this web site, its certainly a one stop for all the students preparing for the
    MA-Economics entrance.

    There is lot of information about DSE/JNU/ISI but very little about IGIDR entrance.

    Can you please provide some info for IGIDR entrance:
    a. Topics to be covered in the entrance exam, and
    b. Good reference books for the preparation.


  117. hi i am pursuing pg in applied economics i want to do Phd in IGIDR. but in my +2 level did not studied mathts. is it possible to do. thank you,

  118. sir,
    i want to know about the procedure of entrance exam for MA(ECONOMICS)means the pattern has changed last year. so iwant to know on this yr the how the question pattern will be(all are objective type??).how can i get the form of exam?so please suggest any other eligibilities required..thank u.

  119. Hi,
    this is sugandha..i would like to inform u that ur link to download papers of ISI is not working…i hav tried downloading several times but the file doesnt open do something abt it..thanx!!

    also i would like to knw that for preparing maths for ISI, should i stress on trignometric functions in calculus..??

  120. Wasif,

    Well, you will not be able to take the entrance tests of IGIDR and JNU (MA Economics). You will have to go through the respective application eligibility to find that our precisely.


    I have put down the areas on which IGIDR entrance asked questions, last year (here). Any book which covers mathematics will suffice. Practicing more problems will help you gain speed and confidence.


    I do not think that IGIDR insists on having math when you have already done your Phd.


    Which university/college’s entrance test are you referring to?


    The files are working for me. They are in pdf format.

  121. Hi Alex,

    Really appreciate your efforts in helping us out. I am pursuing graduation in Maths from Calcutta univ. I’ve heard that there is a separate qs paper for students from the Math background in the DSE entrance test. Is this true, and if so, then what is the pattern of that qs paper?

  122. Sreya,

    Yes, the separate paper is known as the Option B. It covers mathematics and statistics. Since, i don’t have the question paper with me right now and i did not attempt that, my knowledge about that is very limited.

    I listed a few topics that came in the year 2003. It can be viewed here.

  123. hii alex
    i am preparing for mphil entrance of dse . can u guide wat kind of questions are asked and how i shud prepare for them.

  124. Bhumika,

    I have no idea about the Mphil admissions; but if anyone else who visits this page knows, you might get some information. The DSE site has a handbook which gives instructions.

  125. HI alex,

    Can you tell me what all institutes that i can apply for M.A Economics.
    You know my condition that i didnt did maths in +2.

  126. Hi Alex,
    It is good site where people can comment on economics curriculum and economics related topics. I have never seen any other site like this. Good work. I have done my masters in economics at GIPE in Pune and have come to US for further studies in Economis. I feel that this site can give good information to those who want to pursue studies in Economics.

  127. Hi Alex,

    You are very patient in answering question 🙂

    I went through the admission criteria, entrance dates, test structure of IGIDR and DSE. The doubt nagging at the back of my head is whether a Bachelor of Management Studies graduate is eligible for applying for the PG in Economics courses for both these Universities. I see B.Com mentioned, but not BBA/BMS.

    Appreciate if you can help


  128. hi alex
    jus been through ur pages.. frankly its mind blogging.. really commentable work… well i hav learned that u are from kollam..
    i am from anchal.. would like to kno abt the wher abts.. i will mail u in person for sure..
    all the wishes for u

  129. hai , am IAS aspirant is there any one to help and guide will required materials.

    My Optional is Economics.

    Pls let me know

  130. Hi Alex !!
    I’m prasanna ,a 6th sem. BE(CSE)student from C.G. I want to give DSE & JNU entrance exams in ’09.In 12th standard(CBSE) I had PCM-Eng.-Economics as my sub. But in my comp. sci. & engg. i didnt have any sub. rel to economics,although a few are rel to management.But i havent forgotten the eco basics we studied at 10+2 level.
    Please tell how should i prepare for the entrance exams??

  131. Prasanna,

    The comments in this blog will aid you in that. The books that are recommended are also mentioned in the various comments. Working out problems over and over again will aid in your understanding. Moreover, not having economics in your degree will not pose a lot of problems if you go through the recommended books.

    Sourcing the question papers and also getting the books is the first step. Understanding the concepts is the next one. And finally continuously work on the different ways a questions can be posed regarding a particular concept.

  132. hi alex!!
    i read various replies of yours,i did note down d books that you recommend, and name of coaching centres too…
    frankly speaking your blog is like an oasis in the desert providing a vast array of info abt the various eco. entrance exams in india,esp. to ppl like me(i’m 4m bhilai,chhattisgarh) far away from places like delhi……

    n pls keep up d good work ovr here on ur blog….

  133. hey alex… great job!!! thanx a all d information in this blog.. it reely helpd… cud u pls tell me wats ur email id…

  134. hi ,i want to know about the due dates for submission of entrance test in MA economics in the mumbai,hyderabad, calcutta, bangalore university.

  135. a fair dice is being rolled.what is the probability that a 6 appears in at most n attempts.plz hlp me wid this sum.wht is the ans.thnx

  136. hello all,
    this is to inform that naresh sir’s coaching for m.a entrance exams, is starting from 21st jan,2008 at keshavpuram (block c-2), flat no- 8c, near keshavpuram metro station, new delhi. all the best to everyone appearing for some exam.

  137. Sir,
    I am a non-DU student.If I start my preparation for DSE and GIPE MA now,are there chances of making it?what should be my strategy?

  138. sir,
    this a wonderful site n is a gr8 help to al d students who want to sit 4 MA entrances.Sir if i start serious my preparation now, wud i be abl to crack dse/jnu /isi.I m a 3rd year student of eco (hons)del university.n plz help wid books i shud refer to for d preparation.Shal b highly greatful 2 u…

  139. Hello,

    Can anyone tell me on books to use for the IGIDR entrance (MA Program) also if any organized coaching available in mumbai for the same.


  140. hey,
    (great work,really admirable….)

    im doing my bachelor’s in engineering right now,but have developed an interest in economics,and would like to get into a good MA programme.
    i want to start preparing for the dse entrance,and would really appreciate some help.
    first of all would it be advisable to go for the option B?The impression i’ve gathered is that only math/stats undergrads would go for it.
    As for the option A,with no base in eco. is it possible to prepare for the paper in a year’s time.
    if i want to go for a phd what other places should i be considering besides dse.
    Thanks i hope the post is not too long..

  141. Chhavi,

    There are people who have started a week back and cleared the tests; there are also people who have studied for more than a year. So there is no strategy that will ensure success. Work on your basics from the textbooks mentioned by the institutes and some of them can be found in the comments section of this blog.


    The above mentioned comment is a reply to your query as well.


    I have not come across coaching for IGIDR as such anywhere. And the books that are generally suggested is any math textbook for 12th science students and an elementary knowledge of economics. But, be on your guard, because every year the competition is scaling new heights. So the paper might get difficult.

    Yes, Chiang is mentioned.


    If you dream a good placement, then DSE will aid you a lot. But if you are interested in academics, other (not so famous) institutions like University of Hyderabad, MSE, etc will help you.

    One year is more than enough to prepare.

    I have heard that it is better to learn economics and sit for Option A rather than opting for Option B.

  142. hi Alex…

    This is a great place for the “budding economists” to meet!

    about me, i’m doing my MA in eco from Pune University. Am in my final year now… preparing my Thesis.
    Just started off though. i chose the topic of Stock Market Scandals and crashes.
    Would u suggest any particular way of going about it?
    Any references…books or websites.. ?

    Cheers !

  143. Lalima,

    You could go through the book ‘Irrational Exuberance’ by Shiller.

    Some pointers would be
    -are stock market crashes rational or are they irrational?
    -the role of SEBI (regulators) in the stock market
    -how does the legal provisions affect the stock market?
    -what about the foreign investors
    -are stock market crashes ‘corrections’ or not?
    -does media affect crashes?
    -the structure of the stock market per se (if it can be analysed in its entirety)

  144. hi!
    u’ve given me different way to look at it..
    I was adding the following points-

    -Concept of Stock market
    -History of Stock Market
    -The vulnerability of market and Investors
    -Reasons for crashes apart frm scandals
    – effects of world market on indian market
    -what makes market move
    also writting about the role os SEBI
    and will mention all the stock exchanges in india…

    am i going right?
    -types of investment instruments

    (b) M.A. in Economics (JNU—–SSS)

    Bachelor’s degree in any discipline under 10+2+3 pattern of education with at least 50% marks, and Mathematics either at 10+2 level or at Bachelor’s level, either as subsidiary or as honours.

    (b) M.A. in Economics (with specialization in World Economy) (JNU ——-SIS)

    Bachelor’s degree in Economics under 10+2+3 pattern of education with at least 50% marks in aggregate and with either Mathematics or Statistics as a subject.


  147. MSE/ISI/IGIDR/JNU and the like univs. require a mathematical background from the prospective students so,
    If a candidate did not have mathematics either at the senior secondary level or at the undergraduate level but still is interested in studying Maths then a way out would be to clear the senior secondary level mathematics paper offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). This would require registering for the course in July and taking the exams in April-May of the next year.

    The said examination is recognised by all major Univs. including DU n CBSE…
    Check out the website for more info—–

  148. Alex,
    I saw this info in the MSE’s website.—–here is the extract frm that site—-


    An essential requirement for the programmes at MSE is a fairly good knowledge of and comfort level with mathematics as taught at the senior secondary (plus-two) level. A candidate who has completed a regular mathematics paper at the senior secondary level and has completed any undergraduate program ? B.Sc, B.E, B.C.A, B.B.M, B.B.A, B.A, or B.Com is eligible to apply. If a candidate does not have mathematics training at the senior secondary level then he/she must have had a mathematics paper at the undergraduate level whose syllabus is at least equivalent to the syllabus at the senior secondary level. However, if a candidate did not have mathematics either at the senior secondary level or at the undergraduate level but still is interested in studying at MSE then a way out would be to clear the senior secondary level mathematics paper offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). This would require registering for the course in July and taking the exams in April-May of the next year. In fact we would strongly recommend this option even to those of you who have had mathematics at the senior secondary or under-graduate level but feel a bit rusty about it. For more details on the NIOS course you can look up their website at

  149. Hi Ankita,

    I have sent an request for Category – A (Admission through entrance examination) along with DD for Rs.200/- & self-addressed empty envelope to JNU. Waiting for the application form. You can get the details in JNU site.

  150. hey!! could you suggest to me books that deal about economics in general because my entrance exam consists of general knowledge!!

  151. Hi Sunit
    Which entrances are you appearing for?
    Could u plz tell me wen is MSE conducting its entrance and are its centres spread out through out India?
    Thanks in advance.

  152. Hi Alex…
    Can u plz tell me from where to get sample papers for IGIDR, GIPE, MSE, HCU???
    Keep up d good work…
    Thanks in advance..

  153. Hi Shadan,

    How long it took for you to receive the JNU app form by post ?
    I sent a request letter one week back.
    Still waiting for the app form.

  154. Hi,
    I came across this blog on google search. Its a very interesting blog. I would like some information regarding ECO HONS. My brother is appearing for 12std board exams and he has opted for Commerce,and would like to persue Eco hons as his undergraduate degree. I would like to know which are the best colleges for eco hons in Inida and what is the scope for eco hons. I would highly appreciate for the information.
    Thank You
    Kind Regards,
    Shivangi Gupta

  155. Econ(H)
    Delhi Univ.- Hansraj,Kirorimal,SRCC,St.Stephens….and the list goes on.
    Calcutta Univ.–SXC,Presidency….so on.

  156. Hello…

    It took about 2 weeks to get d form…
    Dont worry ur form is probably on its way.

    Are you from Delhi?? Are u following any
    specific book for DSE?

  157. @ANKITA n Others
    I hav the DSE 2007 qstn ppr(MA option A) in pdf……give me ur ids…i’ll mail it.

    No.Iam frm Kerala.
    Micro-Varian,Henderson,Varian’s Workbook.
    Maths-Chiang n XII std. text

  158. Alex MT….will soon be publishing the 2007 DSE qstn pprs on his blog…so folks watch out…no need to send mail to Sunit.

  159. @ Shadan
    The books that i hav mentioned would help u only in understanding the concepts of micro n macro.
    But they wud(DSE ppl) ask u qstns(esp the Comp.Exch Micro,which are repeatedly appearing for approx 8-10 marks…but that matters in this cut throat competition..around 1500-2000 ppl jostling up for jus 150 seats !!)which could seem to be sourced from Planet Mars…As no one has till date told me frm where that type of qstns can be found…except few Profs in Delhi…who can help us out…So u really need to go beyond those aforementioned texts…

    See MIT’s OCW(this blog has a link)…it may help u to some extent…Still..except the unexpected this year too..
    The last year’s qstn ppr was dubbed as the toughest one in the last 10 years…
    Hope i have succeeded in frightening u folks…hahahhahah(Giant’s Laugh)

  160. Primeeducation’s distance mode coaching is not so much appealing.

    Dont go for that, its waste of money.

    You wont get any materials except correct of last few years DSE and JNU papers. The same materials you can get for 250rs.

    I opted out of that in the last minute and saved money and time too.

  161. SUNIT it seems u hav undrstud comp eqm qu.guys ne of u who hav understod the competitive eqm exchange questions – tthe favourite of DSE …..PLZZZZZZZZ ANE ONE EXPLAIN IT TO ME…I cant solve them…..

  162. Thanks a lot Sunit… and yeah u did succeed in frightening me (LOL).

    Friends can anyone help me in solving this prob??
    Public spending in country Z is expected to be about Rs.90 million this year. 30% of this is paid to households in d form of benefits, grants and subsidies. The remaining 70% is spent on goods and services such as hospitals and education. The multiplier in country Z is 2.5 and the fiscal deficit is Rs.12 million. What is the public spending as a component of aggregate demand in country Z??

  163. @Shadan/Ankita,
    I am a complete novice when it comes to solving GE problems.
    OCW : Shadan..there are some good lecture notes on micro/macro…u can search there like :

    1.GE in a Pure Exch. Econ———————-David Autor 14.03 Fall 2004
    2.Axioms of Consumer Pref & Theory of Choice— “”
    There are few problem sets too.

    Though Varian’s/ D&F’s text is enough…concentrate on the basics(like the ones asked in 2006 n 2007 qstn ppr).
    Happy Grinding !!


  165. Hi All,

    It seems that the following books,
    1) Intermediate Microeconomics – Hal R Varian
    2) Macroeconomics – Dorn Busch & Fischer
    are by foreign authors.

    Can anyone let me know the price of these books in India ?
    Whether Indian edition of these books are available ?

  166. sri sathya sai university offers a highly advanced and superb course for economics, equivalent to LSE standards , for both MA and BA.We are visited by nearly a dozen of visiting profs from MIT and other premier institutions.Today we had a talk by Dr Vijay kelkar.

  167. hey Ankita…
    dont worry… ur form wont get cancelled…
    dey ask it juz for safety… in case it gets detached from ur application form which is unlikely to happen.
    so dont worry.

  168. “sri sathya sai university offers a highly [advanced] and superb course for economics”

    But the said univ. offers only BA Econ and BSc.(H)Econ course.
    No PG leve course in Econ.

    (MS / MSc /MA) (Research Degrees-PhD/MPhil-are NOT to be considered.)

    The OBJECTIVE rankings SHOULD be based on the following parameters:
    {As the respondents consists mainly of students who may not have access to very authentic and verifiable data, therefore the rankings are vulnerable to subjectivity creeping in their personal choices, hence the conclusions must be drawn accordingly.}

    1. Research Output. (Its impact on academic community at large)

    2. World Class Faculty. (Profs. ?akin to? Western/European teaching pattern; doesn?t mean that they need to possess degrees from foreign Univs. As ?Swadesi? degrees are equally good though not better)

    3. Course Quality. (Interdisciplinary + Mathematical)

    4. Admission Criteria. (Rigorous Filtering Process).

    5. Visiting Faculty/Guest Lectures/Seminars/Conferences/Workshops. (Conducted Yearly.)

    6. Infrastructure. (Library, Econ Softwares etc.)

    7. Placements. (In institutions like Banks, IMF, WB, Big Corporations, UN, Govt., and Academic Institutes/Univs. etc.)

    8. Reputation Abroad.

  170. i’ll b appearing for jnu ma economics(social&international)dis year.
    can anyone out here help me in solving the reasoning part asked at the entrance. here is a question guys do giv it a try and lt me knw da process fr solving dis kindda question.

    Q.Below are given 4 sets of 4 statements each.the no. of true statement in any set is different from the no. of statement in any other set. A crime has been committed by one of the individual X,Y,Z,W.Find who is guilty.
    SET A
    1.square root of 5 is irrational no.
    2. every real no. has a unique real cube root.
    3. every cubic equation with real coefficient has atleast one real root.
    4. X has committed the crime.

    SET B
    1.if a is an integer and b is a non integer real no. then (a+b) is not an integer.

    2. there is a real no. such that mod(x+1)=mod(x+2)
    3. if subsidies are removed pareto superior situation results.
    4. Y has committed the crime


    1.if both real no.s a&b are non-integer then (a+b)
    is also a non integer

    2. if a&b are real no.s then a/bis also a real no.
    3. there is a real no. which satisfies the eqn.x^4+2x^2+1
    4. Z has committed the crime

    1.if a>b then(1/a)<(1/b) where a,b are real nos
    2. every non-negative real no.s has 2 distinctreal square roots
    3. every rational no. has a unique decimal representation
    4. W has committted teh crime.

  171. ANKITA,(Post#276)
    Competitive Equilibrium Allocation:

    See the D-School MA(Econ) aspirants commnty.
    Topic: “Daily Question”
    Post : By Amit Kumar on 3/21/07.

  172. sunit…..i need sum v.imp info frm u..tell me wht i hav 2 do 2 get my applicatn form by post???is the regtn form also given alongwth the form… i hav 2 send self addresd envelop???plz tel me….i dont wnt 2 tk chances.i made a big mistk in jnu form….pls reply …

  173. @ Ankita
    The best thing would be to Contact DSE office.
    Department Office Ph. NO. 011-27667725 Ext. 1535
    Office Hours 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
    (Monday through Friday)

    “i made a big mistk in jnu form”–the said mistake is totally immaterial and it wont be affecting ur candidacy in any way if u hav mentioned the DD no. in the appl. form.
    Keep the worries aside and concentrate on cracking the JNU ‘nut’. Happy cracking !

  174. ne one recevd acknowledgment card jnu by post???within how mny weeks do they send the card… idea…..whn 2 xpect…..

  175. hi people,
    i am in a final year graduation student,with economics and psyhology as my subjects.i wished to fill jnu enterance form,but to my badluck i could not do so as i didnot had “maths” with me in my 12th standard,so i am automatically disqualified from JNU & IGIDR.i am very depressed & simply can see my dark future.
    I REALLY WANT TO GIVE DSE ENTERANCE & go through it,give me some tips as to what all things i can do.i am ready to work hard.dse enterance does not demand maths in 12th.
    thankyou for this site atleast depressed students like me can share their pains and answers for tht frm great people like u all.
    thanx again
    do reply…..

  176. [Shiuli] Refer POST # 254.
    “….i am automatically disqualified from JNU & IGIDR.i am very depressed & simply can see my dark future.”
    Dear, dark night precedes every bright morning. When a door gets closed,HE opens various other doors. Dont let the worries hide ur vision. Seek and u shall find !!!

    SOURCE:Dr. Greg Mankiw’s Blog.
    1. Every economist needs to have a solid foundation in the basics of economic theory and econometrics, even if you are not going to be either a theorist or an econometrician. You cannot get this solid foundation without understanding the language of mathematics that these fields use.

    2. Occasionally, you will need math in your job. In particular, even as a policy economist, you need to be able to read the academic literature to figure out what research ideas have policy relevance. That literature uses a lot of math, so you will need to be equipped with mathematical tools to read it intelligently.

    3. Math is good training for the mind. It makes you a more rigorous thinker.

    4. Your math courses are one long IQ test. We use math courses to figure out who is really smart.

    5. Economics graduate programs are more oriented to training students for academic research than for policy jobs. Although many econ PhDs go on to policy work, all of us teaching in graduate programs are, by definition, academics. Some academics take a few years off to experience the policy world, as I did not long ago, but many academics have no idea what that world is like. When we enter the classroom, we teach what we know. (I am not claiming this is optimal, just reality.) So math plays a larger role in graduate classes than it does in many jobs that PhD economists hold.

    Is it possible that admissions committees for econ PhD programs are excessively fond of mathematics on student transcripts? Perhaps. That is something I might argue with my colleagues about if I were ever put on the admissions committee. But a student cannot change that. The fact is, if you are thinking about a PhD program in economics, you are advised to take math courses until it hurts.

    Linear Algebra
    Multivariable Calculus
    Real Analysis
    Probability Theory
    Mathematical Statistics
    Game Theory
    Differential Equations.
    So, Shiuli be bold …if ur in trouble..that means HE is jus testing ur ur way up..many of the good things in life is hard fought and won.!!!!
    Don be dejected if u cant make this time..with renewed zeal go for it again…Write the Open School exam of 12th Maths and…nxt year u can sit for ISI,IGIDR and JNU as well..Best wishes for ur D-School exams.

  177. Shiuli—- To be able to handle the D-School qsntns(micro&macro) you must know atleast [‘differentiation(calculus)’] and [‘Matrices’].As they test the application of conecpts rather than mere familiarity of the theoretical part. These two topics can be covered in one and a half months. Refer Class XII textbook or join a local tuition centre as they could equip u with these necessary tools which are inevitable for solving the questions of micro n macro problems that are maths-oriented.
    But to survive the D-School’s rigorous training once you join the course..u need to know lots and lots of XII standard maths. Believe me, the said topics are ver easy. Be sincere and put ur all efforts to learn them. Once u gain a mastery over it then the entrnace exam would be a cakewalk for u.

  178. Hi,

    In JNU, there are two M.A. courses in Economics,
    1) School of International Studies (SIS) – M.A. Economics (with specialization in world economy)
    2) School of Social Studies (SSS) – M.A. Economics

    In the application form, we need to give our preferences in the same order. If we are selected for the first preference, then we can’t opt for the second one.

    So please help me in selecting my preferences over the above two courses. What is the difference between the above two ?

    As of now, my preference is
    1) SSS
    2) SIS (world economy)

    please help me out..


  180. hi..i hav opted 4 SIS as my frst pref nd SSS as the second one coz SIS is a better course than tat SSS one bt the ntrance papr of wrld eco. course is tougher than the the simple m.a. in eco course.

  181. Dyanesh…
    The eligibility criteria for MA in Eco with specialization in world economy is Bachelor’s degree in Economics with either Maths or Stats as a subject.
    If you satisfy this criteria then this course is better than MA in Eco(SSS).

    Can anyone tell me which is a better option: UoH or MSE as far as placements are concerned???
    Please help.

  182. Thanks Shadan.
    I haven’t read the eligibility criteria before filling the app form !
    I am not eligible for SIS (World Economy) since my UG is B.E.
    But I have given my preferences as 1) SSS & 2) SIS
    I have taken a DD for Rs. 430 (2 courses).
    Now I don’t want to overwrite my application form.
    So I am planning not to appear for the entrance examination for SIS & take only SSS.
    Hope this is fine. Pls let me know ur comments.

  183. Let me try to cancel the old DD & get a new one for only SSS.
    I hope it’s fine in overwriting app form (only DD details).

  184. let me know whether to overwrite the app form (remove the SIS preference in JNU form)
    OR to send the form with 2 preferences even though i am not eligible for SIS.
    I am really confused and worried since there is only 1 week left.

  185. Hey ! I lost my pencil under my table.
    Now I dont want to purchase a new pencil again.
    So Iam planning to search my lost pencil.
    Can anyone tell me which option is better:To Search or to buy a New one.
    Iam really confused and worried since there is only 1 week left for my exams.

  186. Dyanesh…
    Get a new DD if u want to save money. U can use a whitener… its not a problem at all.
    else u can submit it like dat… dat will also b ok…
    Infact u can give the test also for getting d experience…
    Make sure to despatch ur form on time… dont worry buddy.

  187. Crow…
    Don’t try to make fun out of people over here…
    If u can’t help people here, just shut ur mouth and keep quiet…

  188. Oye !! tusi dil pe mat lo yaar. Jaise bina ‘pun’ ke Ogden Nash (not to be mistaken as a distant relative of our more familiar Princeton Nash) adhoora hai….usi tarah….bina ‘fun’ ke yeh zindagi bhi adhoori Babu Moshaayi ! And as Shadan said..anyway write the SIS exam too..let ur life get enriched wit lots of experiences.

    Hey Shadan…u gave me a nice alternative. Iam evaluating the pay offs of choosing that option.

  189. How Authentic is this Analysis? The interesting thing is that ISI’s (MS QE) course is missing !!!
    Which is the best college in India for graduate studies in Economics (

    Delhi School of Economics
    197– 62.3%

    JNU (Dept. of Economics)
    39– 12.3%

    Indian Statistical Institute
    31– 9.8%

    29– 9.2%

    Madras School of Economics
    11– 3.5%

    Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics
    9 — 2.8%

    Number of Voters : 316
    First Vote : Nov 19, 2005
    Last Vote : Mar 06, 2008

  190. Hey Alex.the blog was very helpful.Even im a student of loyola planning to write the dse test next year..

  191. Shadan…
    I was out of Bang for few days…
    Today I have sent the form with DD for Rs.430 (both SSS & SIS)…
    I may not appear for the SIS entrance exam, because appearing for the exam (with out eligibility) is based on our own risk !
    Thanks Shadan & everyone else here for your great timely support…

    although i’ll b givin dse nxt yr, but 4 starters 2 c D PAPER is damn good !
    finally b4 startin my prepn der is sth dat i cn look up2 n say ,”hey dis is wat i m supposed 2 expect nxt yr,so i better gear up 4 it ! ”


  193. hi, can u please guide me which books should be referred to prepare for maths and stats part for entrance test of ISI…

  194. hi, does anyone have any idea about the questions asked in the MSE entrance and do they conduct thier exams in delhi?


  195. Dear Swati & Harsha,

    MSE said today that the announcement will be out in 1st week april.
    On both MSE+Anna Univ websites.

    Best of Luck

    Ashok K.

  196. Am looking for guidance on preparation for MSE entrance exam.
    Grateful for any help.

    Candidate in Bangalore.

    Best Regards

    Ashok K.

  197. UoH MA(Econ) Admn notice is out.Last date for issue of appl(Rs.300 or Rs.50) is 27/04/2008.
    Test dates 1-7th June.Exact dates for MA(Econ) test is contained in the prospectus.
    Centres-Delhi/Kolkata among others.

  198. hi…
    i am a final year student of economics interested in doing MSc. in QE from there any negative marking for the objective type questions ?
    thanks in advance

  199. Sunit n Others,
    HCU MA Econ entrance is on June 4th. Intake-50.Appl form is downloadable.Previous Year Q.Papaers..Don’t know !…Contact the Admn Office at HCU.

  200. hi all,

    I am a graduate in engineering (mech), am i eligible for ma/msc economics in UOH. If no, please tell if I can apply to any other college DSE, MSE< Bombay University.
    Please do reply.

  201. Manu,Ur eligible for MA/MSc Economics course of all Univs/Institutes/Schools including UoH,DSE,ISI,MSE etc.
    Bombay Univ–check their site.

  202. @swati
    if u sent the form by post u shud recev acknolegment card ……….did u sent it by post???i didnot recev my ack card till date……….do reply!!!!!!!

  203. Ankita

    yea , i hav sent it by post nd havnt received ny acknwldgemnt card nd none of my frnds hav received ny acknwldgmnt card.

  204. Plz tell that when will mse forms will be out. plz rply bcoz i have heard tht they are out but i m not finding anything on the website

  205. Hi All,

    Am looking for prev year question papers for M.A. Eco, Pune Univ.
    Specifically i need the Econometrics one as it has been recently added to the curriculum and not readily available in the market.

  206. hey guys jz passd 12th(phew!) lol!
    wanted to know whether presidency cal or xaviers mumbai i mean rakings of colleges offering an eco hons. apart from delhi colleges.

  207. I am prepng for mAEco mainly for JNU and DSE. My favourite area of interest is Indian economy and JNU says it’s eco prg focusses on applications of theory in indian eco perspective. But there is a slight doubt i have about the biases of JNU and DSE faculty.

    Since Mr.Manmohan Singh is a ex prof of DSE, their library is named after a hardcore capitalist Ratan Tata, wouldnt DSE b teaching all free market tthings, like MS is the best prime minister ever, the criticisms of UPA’s economic policies r misplaced, overexxagerating the few good effects of NEP and stuff like that.

    On the other hand, JNU faculty members who write in Frontline magazine r regularly critising MS’s economic policies. And though all of the criticisms do sound logical there is tendency to depict LEft parties as “progressive” and put the blame solely on UPA.

    I believe DSE would be teaching capitalism and JNU communism.
    Am i correct??

  208. kshitij,
    lol….maan gaye yaar aapko !!!…U did an interesting analysis[:)]
    Ur reasoning on JNU’s communist tilt is correct. Profs like CP(dead against LPG) & P.Patnaik (Handpicked by Kerala’s Communist Govt to head the State’s Planning Commn)proves this.
    And interestingly our PM was also the VC of JNU as well as an ex-Prof. (only for a yr or two) of DSE.

  209. Hi there

    I am looking for best colleges outside delhi for my daughter who wants to pursue eco honours.can anyone help.


  210. hey guys!!!
    how was IGIDR entrance test???I think english and reasoning was pretty good. Maths was as expected 12th standard mathematics.I have no idea what is and have been the cut offs like.Anything to say???

  211. i found maths a bit complex. inspite of being 12th std topics, the quetions were a bit unexpected types.not hoping to clear. all the best to other test takers!!

  212. hi,

    everybody has concentrated on dse- option b.
    i am a non commerce background student.
    so please send me details regarding option -B , like previous papers.

  213. @aditya,
    ya english analogy ques as well as fill in the blanks were tough coz the options were too close….i attempted 57 in eng+LR and 42 in maths…hey any idea wen they declare the results??

  214. Hey Aditya,i think u did a good amount of questions…chances are good…:)
    Well my attempts were hardly 90 questions in all.Lets see!!!

  215. Hi,

    Can u plz tell me if M.A. in Eco is possible thru distance learning? I am a B.Com graduate…


  216. Anchita

    Ignou is the best for dist learning.

    though u need to b really good at econ and maths to study the ma level books at home.

  217. hi,
    I am pursuing degree,. can i kno the scope of M.A Economics -which university s good and its Job oppurtunities in India or Abroad

  218. Dse forms will be out frm 19th may.

    Does anybody has an idea when will igidr result will be out???????

    I have got to knw tht nse exam is in chennai only and i stay in delhi so is it worth going there to give the paper. I mean is the college very gud??????????? Plz advice as the last date is 10th may……

  219. Hi Kshitij,

    Thanks a ton for ur reply…
    Actually, I am a little confused as to which course to choose…
    I wanna do something thru correspondence in Finance…Do u have any idea which wil the best one be?

  220. hi
    cud ne1 pls advice as to wat buk shud b referd 4 math n stat of jnu?
    altho theres v less math in d entrance..focus on macro-micro applications rite???
    n ya apart 4m jnu,dse,igidr,hyd univ…wich other univ r gud? is essay expected in jnu dis yr? wasnt dere last yr?

  221. ne comments on ISI(MSQE) 2008 paper ?
    How would you rate it’s eco ?
    what abt math.. what is the expected cutoff ?

  222. hi!!
    i hv given my ba in economics this year n m waitin for my result!!!
    i m givin jnu,dse entrance
    could sum1 please help me wid d names f sum books wich wud b of sum help 2 me?

  223. Hi Annie,

    i gave the ISI paper on 4th. I am an engineering grad and hense Maths was quite easy for me. I am sure that I will score btw 105 to 110 in Maths. But am screwed in eco….woll not be able to score more than 50..[:(].. anyways…what about u??

  224. yeah, even i am an engineering grad so maths was quite easy. eco wasn’t all that great for me either. i have attempted 6 questions and almost solved everything but don’t think i will get more than 90 or so. I don’t know how good / bad this is though.

  225. Hi i am venkat. i am an engnr preparin 4 DSE this yr. i have some dounts regardin the preparation.foll r the books i refer. idecided to study economics instead of takin option B.

    maths- many books. feelin quite easy.

    i went thru the past DSE question paper above and got dejected. can anyone suggest me in which book to get those problems for practice?
    i could find only few questions lik these in varian.
    my confidence has gone down due to such problems even i can get hold of some concepts. please guide me on how to go on from now for micro and macro.

  226. just logged in for a friend who is appearing for the DSE entrance and I was amazed at the help you give.

    really good work

  227. can anyone tell from where to get optionB past papers with solution, prime education gives paper only????

  228. Thanks kshitij! i am workin on it. how was JNU. It was quite easy. I think M.A @ DSE is better than JNU. wat do you all think?
    I think placements are good @ DSE than JNU. i have heard ppl sayin JNU lays emphasis on research while DSE doesnt.pls give your views. any one knows the salary packages at DSE or JNU??

    you cn mail me at

  229. hi venkat

    i also tuk jnu..sss n sis both…i bet sss cutoffs r gonna b xtremely high..hw ws wrld eco?

  230. @Kshitij

    Yeah, even I have heard the same about JNU. And given that the communists have produced legendary leaders and republics 😉 in the past studying at a commi institute can’t be an option even in death for me. So didn’t appear for JNU. Preparing for D School. Any idea how the D School cutoffs are like?

  231. Aditya

    Its tough to choose btwn capialists(DSE) n communists(JNU).

    DSE has 150 seats, 50 were reserved earlier, now thanks to Arjun Singh, almost half wd reserved.


  232. Aditya

    Its tough to choose btwn capialists(DSE) n communists(JNU).

    DSE has 150 seats, 50 were reserved earlier, now thanks to Arjun Singh, almost half wd reserved.

    1.yr 2006, q 31,32,33.
    2.yr 2007, q 31,32.

  233. There is reservation in IIM n IIT, so DSE wont b left out, wd it.

    anyways we still have to give the exam,

    just think as if dse had only 75 seats.

    Thanks crow..

  234. DSE 2008—Questions on Reasoning and Quantitative ability may also be asked.
    DSE Department of Econ. ranked highest in India !!!

    See the 2008 Handbook.

  235. Cut off Official-40
    Depending upon the performance of candidates in the entrance they scale it up/down.(This what i heard thru grapevine from current DSE students and an ex-Prof of DSE in Delhi.)

    As DSE 2007 entrance was a bit tougher…I HEARD THRU GRAPEVINE….that the cut off was lowered to 35 or 38…

    So to get selected …it depends on how your fellow aspirants perform in the test.
    The best bet would be to see that we atleast score 40-50(high chances of getting selected) or 50-60(very high chances)or above 60 [in this case :-)]

  236. hey alex… i just finished my maths hons(b.a) 2nd year n want to pursue ma in eco from dse… when should i start preparing for the test? and can u suggest any coaching centre?

  237. hey alex, was wondering if there was a link to an MSE past yr paper somewhere here…need it for a friend, thanks a ton.

  238. Sunit,
    Don rely on that piece of info…You can find a majority of people scoring (at present in delhi school)50/60+…so unless one scores 50+ it is very hard to make it to DSE. I would recommend that students out here who are aspiring for D-School must make sure that they score 65/70+ . You will be competing wit BA(Hons) Economics and BSc(Hons)Econ students of Delhi/Calcutta Univ. and also with a lot of guys from Engineering/Physics Hons/Maths Hons/BCom Hons background too.

  239. Anon,

    I do not think that MSE entrance question papers of previous years are available.


    After all, the aim should be to score the maximum. (Though that was not my aim when I wrote the DSE entrance test) 😛

  240. k…i remembered seeing one somewhere but didn’t bother to save it!

    thanks anyway…

    Btw, the DSE cut offs were around 63/100 last year.

  241. Kavleen,

    The usual books are

    Intermediate Microeconomics- Hal Varian
    Macroeconomics- Dornbusch and Fischer
    Stats-any good book on probability will do (RD Sharma-12th standard mathematics textbook)
    Math- AC Chiang-Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics

    There are other ‘good’ books as well. Go through the previous comments to find out about them.

  242. Crow,
    I will keep that in mind.

    Apart from what Alex mentioned this particular book i found to be very useful :-

    Analytical Macroeconomics[from Alfred Marshall to John Nash]
    Analytical Microeconomics[from Keynes to Mankiw]
    _______________Both by SAMPAT MUKHERJEE
    _______________Publisher : New Central Book Agency
    Price Macro-Rs285 and Micro Rs350

    The micro book follows the approach adopted by Varian and Macro that of Mankiw. Both books are heavily math oriented. Contains lots of problems and their solutions as well. Though there are few minor printing mistakes. DSE/ISI aspirants would find this book handy.

    The author is a Reader in Econ of SXC,Kolkata and holds MSc(LSE) and bcoz of this background the concepts in his book are dealt in an analytical fashion. The book is mainly intended for BSc Economics grads and Postgrad students of Econ.

  243. hii Alex
    I am vasudha here…rite now doin my eleventh i have opted for pcm wth eco….and im lookig forward to pursue a B.A in eco…..but m actually confused abt the best india or abroad..acorrdin to my search..the best universities oferin b.a n eco are lse,harvard,mit,princeton.but i couldnot find dse,jnu in the list anywhere….so which are actually better…and as i have two years to prepare for any ting. i wana utilise them in the best possible ….plz advise on the same and even inform me which kind of coachin do i need to take and books to be referred for seekin admision in the best.

  244. [but i couldnot find dse,jnu in the list anywhere]
    DSE/JNU/ISI do not offer a UG course in Econ.

    [and im lookig forward to pursue a “B.A” in eco]
    Go for “BSc” Economics/MSc(Integrated) Economics course instead.

    [confused abt the best india or abroad]

    India – IIT(Offers MSc Integrated-5yrs)/Calcutta Univ(offers BSc(Hons.)Econ 3 years)/Delhi Univ.(offers BA(Hons.)Econ 3 years)…Hons.(Honors) means a degree higher than a normal Bachelor’s dgree but below a Postgraduate degree,in case if u din knew this.

    Abroad – Harvard, MIT and Univ of Chicago.

  245. [..and as i have two years to prepare for… i wana utilise them in the best possible ….for seekin admision in the best]

    The year i finished my XIIth, there were only 3(Yes,just three) students who secured cent per cent marks(100) in Economics in the whole of India in the CBSE Board exams at the national level.I blissfully attained 89/100 🙂 in Economics.
    Such students are honoured with a MERIT CERTIFICATE by the Board. Such certificates carry a lot of wieghtage in the admission process of Western Universities.
    So try to maximize your scores. Be the BEST in the whole lot. Work Hard,Read a lot,Play a lot,amidst all these never ever loose the direction…this is the key.
    One fine morning..come to this blog and tell all of us..”Yes. I have finally made it to the Hallowed Portals of Harvard !!!!! “.

    Well,that was my dream left unfulfilled.

  246. please if ne body reading this knows the place or address where this coaching institute is situated,, please put it on this website………………please

  247. hi everybody

    i have just taken my second year B.A.(Hons.) economics exams from delhi university.they were quite tough especially the microeconomics paper.difficult numericals from varian workbook were asked.based on these papers i would say that the dse2009 paper is going to be a tough nut to crack so prepare more and let no complacency settle.

    1. i would like to know more about the coaching available for such entrances.
    2.further apart from the textbooks suggested which magazines or dailies one must read to build a general knowledge about economics? there any forum where we can ask economics related doubts? many have solved the varian workbook? cause i have just started doing it and need some help
    5.we have been doing s.c.gupta for statistics in first good is nagar and das?do i have to do schaum series too? do i prepare for the essay section of jnu entrance paper?
    7.and from where can i get the past year JNU,DSE papers?

    i would be happy if someone can address the above queries.

  248. CONTD.

    since am not exceptional in mathematics i would like to focuss more on JNU and crack plz do tell me more about JNU entrance and give me tips on how to go about it…

  249. 1. i would like to know more about the coaching available for such entrances.
    >>>Prof Naresh,Keshavpuram,North Delhi…..Prime Education,Lajpat Nagar,South Delhi…

    2.further apart from the textbooks suggested which magazines or dailies one must read to build a general knowledge about economics?
    >>> Economic&Political Weekly(EPW) and Economic Times would suffice at this stage. there any forum where we can ask economics related doubts?
    >>> and

    7.and from where can i get the past year JNU,DSE papers?
    >>> Go to JNU Library and DSE photostat shop(located inside the dse campus).

  250. Hii .. I want to apply for MA Eco course frm DSE. Please help me out zo as to how to apply? We have to only register online and send its print out to DSE or we have to apply online as well as take out the pdf application form , fill it and send it to DSE (in addition to the online registration) ..Plz help me out…

  251. Arey Manu yaar !! itni choti-moti cheez ke liye aap DSE office mein phone karke poochiye na.
    Acc to me, download the pdf form…fill up the application and send it to dse(attested copies of few certificates are also to be attached i guess)In addition register online…u’ll get a roll no(ie sr. no.) and download that “Admission Ticket” too.But this Admn Ticket need not be sent to dse.Keep that admn ticket wit u(that serves as the AdmitCard for ur entrance exam. Now ring up dse office

  252. Aspiring Economists

    Read the GREG MANKIW’s [Harvard Prof] blog. See the top right side under the heading “Economics Blogs”

  253. Hey Crow, u seems to be a similar minded chap. Plz gimmi ur contact mail id or orkut profile add. Wish to exchange a thought or two…


  255. hey!!!
    I will be writing the entrance exam for University of hyderabad next week. Can you please tell me abt the pattern of the entrance exam. Do they have descriptive answers?I am absolutely clueless. Please do guide me with that asap.

  256. Harsha..some of us pass thru this dilemma-“what next?”
    Time is ripe for a deep introspection on your part.
    As far as my knowledge goes an MA Econ. degree will equip to seek a career in :-

    2.Corporate Sector.
    4.International Organisations.

    This write-up may be interesting to u

  257. Hi
    I am B.Tech Final year student n want to do M.A in economics.
    Can I Do?
    which schools are better. in India and abroad. what do i need now like projects or publications?

  258. hey ,does nyone have ny idea abt wat kind of g.k. and maths questions can be asked in uoh entrnce?
    which book shuld be referred for maths?
    sydsaeter will be fine, i guess.

  259. Got ISI (Calcutta) call- I know there are 6-10 people on the board and they ask you highly technical questions and sometimes ask you to do stuff on the board… but what exactly these questions are I have no idea

  260. hi guys i am pankaj ,i want to some previous question papers of jmi (m.a.economics)and hyderabad cenyral university(m.a.economics)

  261. hi alex!! wonderful work.. really commendable!!
    i am currently pursuing B.A Eco(H)in Jadavpur University(JU) in kolkata.. i wish to appear for M.A Eco entrance exams,… i would b grateful if anyone can leave behind some info they have about such coaching classes in kolkata..
    which one do u think is better? JNU eco(SSS) or JNU (SIS). i wish 2 b in the corporate world and pursue my MBA sumtime later..also..alex, wat d you think about economic journalism? any idea?

  262. can u tell me more about JNU & DU entrance exams ..
    kindly tell me how 2 get question papers & which books 2 study.

  263. thanx sunit!!!!!! alex i m solving the past 5 year papers provided by dse but i am facing difficulties in solving them!!!!!!!!wat do i do????????

  264. Kavleen,

    I suggest that you do all the chapters in Varian, otherwise it might not pay off. Regarding the JNU cut off, I have no clue.

    Regarding math, make sure that you know all the math required to solve nay ‘economics’ problem that comes your way. Apart from applied math, I don’t know what ‘pure math’ one has to study.

  265. hey do we have to register with other colls of DU before the DSE entrance results or after it ??

    and is there anyone here giving option B?

  266. well it does sound difficult …. but i just finished my engg few days back from MU and hardly have a few days to prepare … am not left with much of a choice, am i??

  267. Any idea about the IGIDR results?
    I wonder why it takes a month and a half to check 1500 multiple-choice machine gradable answer sheets for IGIDR!

  268. hi alex

    i am reena doing Eco.(Honours) have just giving final years exam and last year I was unwell and could not perform as expected and might not be able to fulfil the criteria of 50% requirted for most of the entrance exams (MBA & MA) May sugest alternative career options.


  269. Hi all,

    I am from mechanical engg. background. Please tell me what questions will be asked from mr in the IGIDR interview…..
    if they will be technical i.e. about the mechanical subjects or they will be related to engineering mathematics….
    please reply….


  270. hey all,

    i have a call from igidr for Msc (Eco)..
    anybody with any info regardin the interview plz reply..

  271. Hi
    If anybody has any clue about what dey ask in MSc economics IGIDR interview plzzzz help us….
    Will be very grateful.

  272. hi alex,

    plz help me my telling about d pattern of entrance of hyderabad central university… i’ll b very grateful

  273. hi ALEX,dis is shiuli…
    i appeared for M.A ECONOMICS(CREDIT BASED)ENTRANCE EXAM..mumbai university,can anyone tell me howz dat?

  274. hi everyone! the name is pushkar and i am from pune.i had made it to gokhale last year but i dropped the idea coz i have a few doubts it would be of great help if any of can answer them

    firstly how far back does the placement history go?

    why havent the 07-08 placement details been reported on the website yet?

    wht kind of job profiles & salary packages offered?

    wht academic benefits are trickled down to the students from the research work conducted on the pretext of the presence of rbi chair professor of money and finance?

    in reality how knowledge intensive is the teaching in financial economics and macro?

    lastly how difficult would it be for a graduate with no maths at grads or +2 level to survive?

    Disclosure:the info seeker is currently studying for chartered accountancy course and is half way through it but his intellectual inclination is towards economics! so guys plz help and respond


  276. seats are very less in gipe around 30-40,after reservation it will be very less…
    is ther any chance fr any OMS like “me” to qualify?any “negative marking”????

  277. Hi! I am aparajita.I am studying B.Sc.Eco.with Stats and Maths in Xavier’s ,kolkata.

    I wish to pursue M.A.Economics from DSE/JNU/ISI or IGIDR.

    Can any 1 pls.recommend reputed entrance exam.coaching centre(s)in Kokata.

  278. You study at Xaviers! That should be quiet enough! Anyways… In 3rd Year RN sir organizes a crash course for competitive exams- I have not taken that and the receptions I got from my friends were quite mixed.. but nonetheless it is the one most people attend to. Although I am not sure about the future of this crash course as I heard rumours it was taking a toll on Sir’s body and mind badly.

  279. hey…i jus wanna know how many and what sections are there in the dse entrance. and what is the course outline. please reply. thnx

  280. Hey..I am pursuing my BA Economics(Hons.) from DU…I want to know if there are any good coaching institutes in Delhi which could help me clear the entrance in DSE?? Plz plz plz reply somebody!!

  281. hi sukriti..believe me its ur hardwrk nd self o grp studies whch bring rslts. no coaching institute wil teach u anythng new. its very diff frm mba entrance coaching where u require institutes.i wuld suggest u strt prepaing urself nd in d end u can go 4 crash course..give a look at 10 yrs

  282. hi alex..
    m preparing 4 m.a(eco) entrance..
    could u plz tell me 4m whr wud i get solutions of last yr ppr..
    n plz avail 2008 dse ppr also in ur blog..
    actually i need jnu pprs also..
    plz mail me if its possible 4 u..
    my id is-

  283. hi there dis is shiuli…i cleared M.A(CREDIT BASED COURSE)-MUMBAI UNIVERSITY…!!!!!!!!!
    so…..howz dat? hey guys anybody here knows about the “placements” of “mumbai university”…..any placement happened till date? i m bit worried …shud i join it or not? help me n suggest me guys….

  284. hey Alex
    I have cleared jamia..Could u please tell me would jamia be a bettr option than hyderabad univ?…hyderabad univ gvs till 12th to take admssn…n jamia wont gv results for interview till around 21st..n den agn jnu isnt out as yet.

  285. Hi Amrita,

    It is better you go for Hyd univ. recently Hyd univ has received great funds to encourage research. they are even planning to give laptops to the MA. (you can confirm by ur sources). Last year placement were good. any way you can take a chance of investing some money in Hyd univ for addmission becoz the amount is very less then wait for jamia process. u will buy some time to decide.

  286. Hi Alex
    I have cleared both HYD UNIV. and Madras School of Economics.Which one is better in terms of placement?

  287. hi alex

    i have cleared both delhi school of economics & isi-delhi.which institute is better in terms of placements?

  288. Hi Arijit,

    Thanx.for ur advice. I will chk.on R.N. Sir’s classes.

    Cud.u plz. rcmd.good MCQ books for cracking ISI-K/DSE/JNU/IGIDR entrance exams.

    How is the book on micreconomics problems by Prof. Kalyanjit Roychoudhry.

  289. hi alex….
    dis is shiuli?i have cleared M.A economics (CREDIT BASED COURSE)-MUMBAI UNIVERSITY exam!!!!!!!!!
    so?..howz dat? hey guys anybody here knows about the ?placements? of ?mumbai university??..any placement happened till date? i m bit worried ?shud i join it or not? help me n suggest me guys?.

    plz temme it will b of gr88 help….

  290. hi alex
    i m deepti.i hv cmpleted eco hons dis yr..i wnt to improve my concepts of maths n ststs..which books shld i refer to?dis yr dere were alot of questns on math n stats in i want to work up on dat..plz hlp me out….

  291. hi alex
    i have done economics hons dis year…
    i want 2 improve my concepts f maths,stats,micro n macro!!!!!!!!
    can u plz tell me d books i shud refer!!!!!
    thank u!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. can any1 guide me bout sum coaching institute fr ma in economics????????????
    please i need help!!!!!!!!!
    thank u!!!!!!

  293. hi alex?.u there…..
    dis is shiuli?i have cleared M.A economics (CREDIT BASED COURSE)-MUMBAI UNIVERSITY exam!!!!!!!!!
    so?..howz dat? hey guys anybody here knows about the ?placements? of ?mumbai university??..any placement happened till date? i m bit worried ?shud i join it or not? help me n suggest me guys?.

    plz temme it will b of gr88 help?.

  294. Hi Alex,

    Got through both DSE and IGIDR….ya talk about luck!!!! :)…… and i’m awfully confused where to go… could someone please show me the light????

  295. Aditi,

    I suggest that you opt for DSE. IGIDR, I have heard specializes mainly in finance but in DSE you have more options. Also, being in Delhi the academic atmosphere will be better.

  296. Hi Alex,

    Iam studying B.Sc(Eco) with Stats.and Maths. in St.Xavier’s College ,Kolkata.

    I intend to get into Economics in the post-graduate level preferably from DSE.My other choices of institutes is ISI or IGIDR.

    Can u pls. advise how I should prepare to crack the entrance exams. Perhaps there is no coaching centres for entrance exams. in Kolkata.

  297. @aparajita
    for dse:go thoroughly through your UG micro,macro&mathematical economics plus statistics.
    for isi:+2 level maths,stats,micro and macro
    for igidr:english,logic&+2 level maths&stats
    wish you all the best.

  298. @kavleen
    Microeconomics:Hal R.Varian
    Mathematical Economics:Sydester,Alpha C.Chiang
    Statistics:SC Gupta-VK Kapoor

  299. Hi Sumit,

    Thanx for ur advice.

    Entrance exams.for DSE/ISI,i beleive,r in MCQ format.

    Do u recommend any book for solving MCQ problems.

  300. hi aditi..
    want 2 knw sumthn abt u..
    did u joined any inst 4 dse prep..??
    4m when exactly u started ur serious prep??
    actually m also prep 4 dis..ryt nw m in final yr..
    plz rpl asap..

  301. Hi!
    I am currently doing my second year B.Sc.Statistics in Pune.
    I intend to do M.A. Economics after my B.Sc.
    I have to admit I am considering this option out of pure interest. I have not read many serious economics theory books. I am studying Samuelson and Nordhaus and I love it. I have two years to decide and prepare for the entrances. Can you guide me please? I am more interested in DSE and GIPE (as it is in Pune) Are students having a degree in economics preferred to other students? What level mathematics are we talking about?
    Thanks a lot!

  302. hi kavleen
    try varian’s workbook.
    also there’s one more book by pindyk&rubenfield which is good.
    trust me varian’s book would suffice for prep.

  303. @aparajita:
    you don’t need doing anything spl if ur good @econ&maths….stats if ur going for DSE.
    dont go for sub-standard material.
    basic textbooks are sufficient.
    one thing more.if ur preparing for IGIDR,you need to be good @ logic.try solving puzzles&DI problems

  304. HI Alex,
    can u tell me some links where i could get questions related to exchange, welfare. I am done with ten years of dskl. i need some more questions. pls help me out

  305. cud anyone plzzzz tell me about jamia’s m.a. econimics, its syllabus and wethr it has a good working placement cell.

  306. Hi ALEX,
    could u plz tell me, which institute is gud to do P.hD in economics.
    i am in a delemma, as i got admission at DSE and IIT-kanpur… me wh one i should join and why?

  307. hi sumit,
    the MIT OCW site for onl9 material is not accessible.can u tell me any particular link so that i cud download the necessary material

  308. hi sarmishta,
    jmi placement cell is not good 4 economics if u r thinkin dat doin ma 4m jmi vil land u in corporate world den u r rong 1 of my teacher is 4m jmi she told me join jmi if u want 2 be in teaching line aftrwards

  309. hey guys i m mansi i took all d major ma in eco enterance exams this yr bt didnt get thru…….i m veri disheartened n demotivated i prepared with all my best efforts ….i have decided to reappear once again but very confused abt HOW TO START ALL OVER AGAIN??? guys pls help

  310. @Mansi
    commiserations for you.
    assess your prep.
    the books you read,the topics you did well.
    feel happy about it.
    then slowly move to the dark side and start working on it.
    remain cheerful.
    reapply for the all the reputed instis.
    im sure you’ll make it this time.

  311. hi..can anyone tell me how to apply for london school of economics for m.a. in economics i.e. what r the exams that i have to clear and what is the minimum requirement for getting admission in it???

  312. hi everyone
    This site is very useful for lots of people , n i must thank alex for his effort
    thank you buddy

    And i did my B.Sc mathematics frm Loyola,
    i hav a plan to appear for ISI , DSE ,JNU ,IGIDR .
    i heard tat ISI – MSQE paper is very tough , can any one plz tel me t reference books which can help me for t exam especially for ISI.
    Thank you in advance

  313. Alex

    Can you tell me which is better…Doing an MA in Eco or an Msc in Eco taking into account placements after the course completion…Im cueerently doing BA in eco madras university…

  314. Dipankar

    There is no separate exam for getting into london school of economics…it all depends on your degree marks ,your SOP,co-curricular activities and your references..And you have to take a GRE test and score high in the quantitative section…

  315. alex
    pls help ms out how to prepare for dse n jnu. how much hour a man should put in studies for competing this exam

  316. Saakshi,

    I am not aware of any coaching centers in Jabalpur. In the top of this page, there are two websites mentioned — they are Delhi based coaching centers.

    The recommended textbooks for the entrance tests are mentioned in the DSE handbook; you will find them amidst the comments in this page as well. Focus on these textbooks and cover all the topics. Also, work out the previous entrance question papers. The more time you put it, the better will be your return.

  317. hallo alex

    i want ur help. pls tell how can one improve the concept. reading throguh good buks is that which improve concpet pls help me in this for i hve almost all good books but i doubt whether this is enough to clear tyhe concpet pls tell how shall i study that is help me in studying eco plsssssssss

  318. thax sunit for all ur help n giving the website……..its really helpful……..can u give any more contact adderess of vardhan kosal

  319. hello, alex I am eager to know how can I get online entrance paper of DSE?? I got DSE option A 2007….but I want more papers……… kindly send me links or another related information………I know its very popular and common question ….but I m quite serious to appera in entrance of DSE

  320. hii, alex please send me list of books for DSE entrance …

    I got some books name

    MICRO- hal and varian ( work book also),leazer and gould
    MACRO – dornbusch fisher, h.l ahuja
    STATS – nagar and DAs ( schaum series), other relevant books
    econometrics- A.c chiang,

  321. but i want to know more books which should be key books for this entrance DSe ..actually I have no sufficient time ….so I want those books which are fully related to DSE question paper

  322. hey….m doin B.A.Economics right now….i wanna prepare for entrance exams of jnu,dse and mse….plz do guide me in all aspects…

  323. Hey…alex….please tell me……Microeconomics- D.salvatore, anna koutsyonnis, hal r varian……Macroeconomics- Edward shapiro and Dornbush and fischer…..are these book enough for any competitive examination for economics PG programmes????………..and by the way……why are you not online in this ???….are you ok ???…is everything alright????….Please dear reply..!!!!

  324. Angel,

    You can purchase the previous years DSE question paper from the DSE photocopy shop. The books that you have are sufficient for DSE. More than the books, it is the concept that has to be clear. So work out more problems. There is no single book that caters to the DSE entrance as such.


    The comments in this page will give you some idea about the process of preparing. After you go through them, if you have nay specific queries, do post a comment.


    The books that you have mentioned are enough for PG entrances for Micro and Macro. Once you go deep into any book, you will get the concepts right. This is what is important.

  325. heylo!!ppl out here…ive alwys liked dis blogpage…thnx alex a lot for dis,a forum of dis kind for MA aspirants is rare..and dis one is of quite gud help..not only ALEX..but many oders who post here…come up wid valuable suggestions…thnx to all u guyss..specially coz dis year id appeard for ISI,JNU,DSE,IGIDR..and cleared all of dem..(luckily!!!)..and im reaaly happy and its like kinda payback time for me….now ill b only too happy to help ..:)so if nebody needs ne kinda help…im alwys dere alongside ALEX and d rest:)

  326. @Ardith,
    For someone without a graduate degree in economics, what would be the ideal way to prepare for the dse exam? what books would you recommend? Please specify topic-wise. Also, from where to get practise papers? Please take time out and reply.

  327. @Vamsi:
    please go thoroughly throuogh the standard economics texts like Hal R varian(micro),Dornbusch,Fischer,Starz(macro),Maths(Alpha C.Chiang).
    This,by no means,is an exhaustive list of books but if you feel comfortable with these texts,i’m sure you can crack any MA(econ) entrance.

  328. Hi Alex,

    I am an Electrical Engineer.I want to apply for DSE.I checked out almost all the posts in your blog.You have mentioned lots of books for preparation of DSE.But my problem being an outsider is that I do not know the topics I need to prepare from these books.A comprehensive and detailed outline of topics helps you in marking your performance.Can you chart out details of the topics which one needs to study?
    And also do I need to study topics related to India’s Economic History and Current Economy of India and world economic structure and Institutions.

  329. Hi Alex,

    I have applied for Ma Economics part 1 as an external student pune university, Do you have any idea about the syllabus has there been any change and where can i get details for reference books subjects taken are – Theory of price, Public finance, agriculture economics and Indian economy. It would be great if you can help is out with the details as I’m completely lost and don’t know whom to contact.

  330. hi every one
    I am an MBA aspirant , but got interested in Economics .
    so can any one tel me the difference between MBA n M.A.economics field ,
    with respect to growth and careers

  331. hii prabakar

    there is a huge differnence between MBA and ECONOMICS, by pursuing MA .economics from good insitute ,u can work as an economic researcher with firms like ncaer , CMIE, CII ,world bank , imf. moreover if u have interest in research you can also pursue your phd in future.

  332. Hello…Alex!!!….I want to appear in IGIDR entrance in next year…….i want to know, how many Questions they ask??…..and what are the ratio of answer(in english and maths) for selection…….plese give me detail about it….Thanks!!!!

  333. hello everyone!!
    i wanted some guidance as to how to go about indian eco development paper??
    how to prepare for this paper….the readings given are in a very haphhazard manner….plz give some tips…

  334. hi alex,

    i am blessed to discover this wonderful site. indeed very helpful. i am a economics graduate and an mba from a not so known college. now i want to pursue m.a in economics. i am looking for gipe, jnu and dse. please give me some guidence in preparing for the same.

  335. hii akuti
    as i have given dse and jnu ,i can tell you that you need to focus on maths and stats more for dse , with strong understanding of microeconomics and macroeconomics. main books to refer are the following:
    1) Intermediate Microeconomics- Hal Varian
    2) Macroeconomics- Dornbusch and Fischer
    3) Math-A C Chiang
    4) Statistics- Use Scahums series and Nagar and Das
    from this u have some sample papers you can go through them and start your prepartion
    you can also visit my site or mail me if you have any futher doubts
    all the best

  336. any1 who can help me out with it is most welcome(especially Alex).i am currently in final year of my Economics from Calcutta University.i didnt do well in my first year exams and scored a 46% in eco and i am awaiting my second year results.even though the exams went really well,Calcutta Univ. is quite unpredictable when it comes to results.i have already started preparing for the various entrance exams for an m.a. in eocnomics.however,m tentative as i didnt score well in frst professors say that will not be a problem as most institutes set a eligibility criterion of 50% and ISI does not even require that…..i have checked all the sets recommended by u but m still in a fix..can u help me out???
    [m not a bad student though,i got a 91% in my 10th and an 89% in my 12th.]
    wats ur take on my issue?

  337. hii nikita

    your professors are write most institutions ask for 50% aggregate.but there are some which ask for you need not to worry.yo can work upon it in your 3rd year and as u say your second year result is you will cover up there.
    n ofcource you are a great student as i feel people sitting for MA economics are all intelligent.

    so all the best and do well

  338. Hi All,

    This is Mukesh.

    I have just joined this community, it’s really looking as great source of help.

    I am a science grad and also have done MBA through distance learning.

    I am looking forward towards the entrance for MA Economics from DU.

    Please suggest any books or course material which could help out.


  339. thanks ‘ecoholic’ for ur encouragement….now will u plz let me know which r the institutes requiring a 55% aggregate…??

  340. hii nikita
    institutes which ask for 55% aggregate are:
    delhi scool of economics

    u can check out this link for dse
    and for othre ones its 505 only. i was dountful for gipe but i guess it also ask for 50% and for info u can log on to my blog by just right click onmy name in this reply ” ecoholic”. there on side bar u will get links for top institutions for m.a in economics in india and u can check out for the elgiblity criteriato make yourself sure.

  341. hii mukesh

    for doing MA from DU you need to refer to books like

    1) Intermediate Microeconomics- Hal Varian + varioan workbook
    2) Macroeconomics- Dornbusch and Fischer
    3) Math-A C Chiang
    4) Statistics- Use Scahums series and Nagar and Das

    with last year question papers,
    for more detail on books ans prepartion for entrance mailat:
    all the best !

  342. hii…
    ecoholic thanks for ur response…
    actually iam in my 2nd year of graduation….
    one of my main paper is indian economy since 1947…
    so anyone who has done economics hononours can tell as to how to go about it….as i find it very tough….
    plz give some guidance regardin this..

  343. hii ashima

    well you can refer to books like uma kapila , rudra dutt and sundram for indian economy, i know its a subject difficult to prepare, but you can see your last year question papers and according to the pattern prepare selective topics which you think are important. try to study from uma kapila , its agood book and will help you.for more you can mail me at , with topics of your subject may b i can provide you with some material and do tell me pattern of your question paper, with that we can proceed further.

  344. all readers of undergraduate economist please log on to about economics blog by clicking on ecoholic in this post on and vote on apoll question. it is also blog for all economics people. so log in now and vote for the question. it is on the ongoing finacial crisis all over world.

  345. hii Aarushi

    for maths you need to be good in


    set and function problems

    economcis and finance problems

    you can refer to book A.C chiang and some indian author books for probablity and you should also prepare statistics topics like , mean , median , mode and sampling theory.
    for more queries mail at

    best wishes

  346. thanks a lot for your reply. i am also looking for development studies i TISS. can you tell me about the career prospects after TISS. will i be eligible to write indian economic service exam ( upsc) if i do my ma in development studies from TISS?


  347. hy …….thats a good thing if you are planning to go for development studies. TISS is fine , you can also try for IGIDR . its very good for development studies, ya you can very give ur indian economics service exams after your M.A


  348. i want to know about the entrance test of tiss for development studies? can u give me some direction? how is the difficulty level?

  349. i want to know about the entrance test of tiss for development studies? can u give me some direction? how is the difficulty level

  350. Hello friends!!
    can anybody tell me from where i can get ISI’s question papers? I have downloaded sample questions bt nt able to get question papers. please help me out.

    One more query is that i want to solve some numericals on IS-LM and multipliers exactly on the pattern of DSE 2008. There is no as such numericals in Dornbush.

  351. Hi…alex……in 12th..mathematics was not my paper…is this a problem related to Pg entrance???…while i am doing graduation in economics with one paper of economical mathematics which icludes in economics syllabus. is it enough??…..also i am trying to solve mathematics at 10+2 level…..please help me!!!

  352. hi alex,
    first lemme tell u…. frm the look of the site itself i feel that u r deeply involved wid economics….
    i would like to know a few information from u…
    i am an engineer from mumbai university and also working….i would first like to know if i can gve this entrance exam…if yes which books do i need to refer… 7 months enough for the prep?

    A great blog keep going sir……

  353. Does anyone know about the Master of Finance and Control course offered by Delhi University??The admission procedure and preparation?

  354. i am interestd in pursuin a masters in economics frm DSE/ JNU. i hav done my under grad in psychology. can u plz suggest me a good coachin centre and study material. thank u

  355. hey…alex & others…would please post dse &jnu 2008 Q.papers in this site…i need it much…but not available here at kolkata…please please help

  356. Hai, Myself Ankit.
    I am pursuing my PhD in Economics from JNU. I have also done my Masters in Eco from Jnu and Grad from DU.

    Was looking to give some tutions in Economics , mainly Micro, Maths, Advanced Micro. Thought why not earn some extra.

    If alex wishes, then he could forward me any query in this regard.

  357. Hi Gautham!
    MFC is one of d most prestigious courses offered by DU. enterance examination is totally based on CAT pattern followed by GD nd Interview.Total no. of seats are 40.I thk forms r out.

  358. Hello Ankit!
    will u start any coaching for the preparation of MA(economics) enterance mainly for DSE n JNU?
    Can I ask my some doubts to u via mail, based on mic n maths?

  359. hey alex…
    firstly…it’s a great site…
    am preparing for m.a entrance for jnu,dse n bombay university…is m.a economics from calcutta university good??…

  360. Thank you Kirti!
    And do you know where I can get the sample papers for the MFC test?
    And do you think i stand a chance if i start my preparations now?!!!

  361. Hey,
    I’m a student of BMM (mass media)studying at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
    Can anyone help me with information about the admission criteria/cut-offs/eligibility for MA in Economics at St. Stephens College?

  362. frnds…can any1 tell me bout d dates ov gettin forms, last dates& entrance exam. for d colleges like..dse,igidr,isi,jnu.. for ma economics…

    ……..thnx in advance

  363. Divyak..there is no seperate MA Econ course at Stephens..There is only one MA at DU..and that is in DSE Deptt of Econ…selected ppl r enrolled in DSE Econ Deptt and given affiliation to scores of DU colleges…including stephens..

  364. hi frns….
    m new here… plz help me in fetting sample papers for DSE… I HAVE SOLVED DSE papers btt want more questions…
    yhanx in advance…

  365. Hi everyone…

    And special thanks to Alex for this site…it has cleared a lot of doubts…

    I am an engineering graduate and am interested in MA eco. course from DSE…
    Have no such background knowledge of economics…

    I have read all the post and it mostly talks abt option A paper for DSE…

    few questions:

    1. Can anyone help me out and provide some info abt option B…is it tough, what’s asked etc.

    2. Someone told me that most students apply for option A even if they are not from economics background…why is that…is much easier than option B??

    3. which paper should i prepare for option A or option B?

    hope to hear from u guys/gals soon…thank you…

  366. hi.
    i m doing ba in eco and maths 1st year from DU.
    what are the options after doing masters in eco?as in what kind of jobs do u get after ma in eco?
    wanted to know whats better mba or ma in eco?
    have many more doubts.but before that pl clear this doubt….
    thank u !!!

  367. Hey,

    I have 57.6% in B.Com. but DSE requires 60%. Can it be negotiated? Has anyone in your knowledge tried it before and got admitted?
    And what is the criteria for JNU?


  368. hey harsh g……….
    1.dse option b is totallly mathematical and it was mainly prove that kind of question
    2.option b is easier as it has all multiple choice question..and as ur interested in a degree in economics this works as a base for u.
    3.i am also an final engg student and i have been through the hunt which u are doing at this moment. have to first download the prospectus…it gives the book names an the subjects to study.and u have to download the syllabus of B.A eco(hons) DU syllabus.and follow those four subjects from that…and what u must need are the previous yrs question papers

  369. hey megha

    1.after m.a eco…options are
    work as an economist in a bank or a financial institution(starting avg pay of DSE and IGIDR…other top colleges ia abt 5 to 6lakhs)
    u can go in for a phd in eco after ur postgraduation in eco

    m.a eco and MBA cant be compared at all…mba is more of a polishing course were they just add value to u as a product so that u get a very high paying job.

    m.a eco is for people who love the subject who appreciate the subject and can give 2 yrs of their life just to study deeper economics although the monetary gains after the course is less

    u can also appear for indian economics services..

  370. hey harsh g???.
    1.dse option b is totallly mathematical and it was mainly prove that kind of question
    2.option a is easier as it has all multiple choice question..and as ur interested in a degree in economics this works as a base for u.
    3.i am also an final engg student and i have been through the hunt which u are doing at this moment. have to first download the prospectus?it gives the book names an the subjects to study.and u have to download the syllabus of B.A eco(hons) DU syllabus.and follow those four subjects from that?and what u must need are the previous yrs question papers

  371. hi i m doin ma eco from ignou, can any1 guide me on good book for microeconomics, i hv read intermediate by varian and chiang, and varian’s microeconomic analysis is proving to be bit heavy( though i hv studied maths at grad). anything tht makes master’s level micro more accesible to people who r nt maths nerds will do.

  372. I am amazed to see how any one(Alex) can be so dedicated in helping people out iwth the information, which i wouldnt had recieved even with hours of surfing.. and that too in a single package…

    I very much thank Alex for his efforts…. Keep it up….

  373. Hi Alex,

    Big fan of yours. Your blog has helped me a lot. Just wanted to check if you are still active on this blog. I need some help with M.A programs..


  374. hey alex and everyone else…..

    a very happy new year,

    just wamted to knw if there is a detailed syllabus available for DSE and JNU entrance…. a “syllabus”…

    and secondly… are there any more sample papers anywhere????


    1. Abhimanyu,

      DSE does have a detailed reading list, which can be found in the DSE handbook. Regarding JNU, I am not aware of a detailed syllabus, but the past question papers do provide a decent idea regarding what might be asked.

  375. hey Alex..
    haven seen u around replying to posts in a long time…
    well ‘m preparing to give dse entrance this june…i completed my grad last year with eco as my major. will a home study referring all the books u’ve mentioned and old papers work out fine or is coaching really crucial..
    so would you please let me know what you think…

  376. hi,i m 1 yr student of stats. in d.u.i want to do m.a in economics frm d.s.e.plz tell me wheter i shud go for eco or maths secton?wat r their syllabus nd which book to read?

  377. Hi Alex,

    Hope you are keeping fine. I got your link from a forum on which you had helped many prospective MA -Eco students.

    I would seek your assistance with respect to:

    1) I am a MBA from IIFT. Given lack of exposure to Ecomomics, is it possible to get into MA-Eco from a reputed institute. If yes can you suggest few names apart from JNU.

    2) Or Will it make more sense for me to peruse M Phil. I am 28 and work in a BPO as AM drawing 8 Lakhs.

    I wanted to share this just in case I am too old. Will the prospects for the future hold good after MPhil? BPO jobs are not that exiciting.

    Look forward to your inputs/insigts. Thanks for your time.

  378. hey… the IGIDR forms are out.. for M.A,M.phil…. its on their website just download it… and ISI forms coming out on the FEB 10…

  379. I would suggest all to take help from a person who have been coaching personally for JNU/DSE MA Economics admission test. In Kolkata,my teacher is quite experienced. One may contact: +919433272928.

  380. Hi,

    I am an engg. graduate and have been working for more than 3 yrs. now in the IT industry.
    I am keen to take the MA economics exam for DU.
    Could someone please tell me where to start?
    I need to know what level of basics from BA Economics would I need for the exam. There are a lot of books mentioned in the website so I am really confused!
    Also if someone is from Pune then could he answer as to where I can find a good coaching or mentor for studying for this exam?

  381. Hi, Piyush,

    I am in pune and working in IT for more than two years.
    I think i also aim DSE this year as you do and am also an engineering graduate.
    But, i think i am very less informed about the type of prepration i need to do.
    I wrote this coz if you find any info, i think it will
    be of a good use as well for me…!

  382. Hi Ankur,

    I am in the process of gathering info.
    Send me your mail id so I can contact you and send you some updates now.

  383. We are a group of Delhi School of Economics Alumni, who have come together to initiate a startup coaching company “ECOPOINT” for MA Economics (DSE/ISI/JNU) Entrance test preparation.

    Kindly post all your questions regarding MA Economics at our blog



  384. hey alex …
    thnx fr such a great piece of info. it was indeed very helpful.
    i am doing my BA eco hons from DU ..and i want to do my masters preferably from DSE. can u just give me a basic idea of how to prepare fr entrance and from when should i start them n stuff…and also other good univs for masters.
    i ll really be very grateful. thanx in advance ! 🙂

  385. hey alex,

    where can i prepare for the ISI entrance from? the questions seem to require a lot of practice and although i think i know which books to understand the concept from, i m at lost ends at which book will give me enough practice problems.

  386. wat exactly do u mean by markets? Hal Varian is a good book to learn general consumer/firm/equilibrium behavior from

  387. hi..this is venki.May i know the portion for the entrance exam of ma economics (specilaisation in world economy), jnu. and the suggested boooks for the same…

    and as for ma economics, sss, jnu is concerned, the book A.Koutsoyiannis is enough?

    well nice to c this kind of work…cool very much impressive work

  388. Hi Alex,

    Thank you so much for hosting this blog.

    I am a DCE (Delhi College of Engg) grad with 6 yrs work ex doing relatively well in may career. I have developed a longing to study economics and want to study MA, Phd in Eco. I am right now preparing for Option B for DSE. How competitive is it for me since I really am studying more or less from scratch and I think I will be competing against maths honors. Would I be better off taking option A? Also, where can I get sample papers for Option B.

    Also, It would be great if you can suggest me on other good universities/college for pursuing higher studies in Economies.

    Sincere Thanks!

  389. HI,
    Could anyone tell me about hyderbad university and MSE. Where are the sample papers available?
    What is the Syllabus for entrance to MA/MSc Economics?
    What are the placement scenario in these colleges? Which books should i refer for Micro, Macro, stats and Maths keeping in mind the syllabus for both these colleges?
    Please reply on urgent basis.

  390. Hiii…
    I am a Ist yr.student of economics hons in d.u.
    I want to do either an internship or research during summers.
    Can you plz suggest me one.

  391. hey. for all those of u who hav given IGIDR written test. how diificult is it? i haven’t studied maths for 5 yrs now.. is there any chance i can make it.. i have a month and half to prepare

  392. @ geeta
    Though I hav not taken the exam but I hav seen the sample paper & spoken to students of the college. it seems written is not tough, it’s diluted version of CAT paper
    For maths u need to practice that of class 11th & 12th
    though only one & half month is left, i am pretty sure it can be cracked.

  393. Hi,

    I am planning to do M.A in Eco and thinking of giving entrances in Gipe, Igidr, Mse. I have completed my B.A in Eco in 2006 and my math is weak. Any suggestions which books to read and what is the best way to prepare? I am based in Bangalore. Are there any univ without entrance exams? Pls helllpppppp

  394. Any suggestions which books to read —Mathematics for Economists by Simon and Blume or Fundamentals of Mathematical Economics by Alpha C. Chiang

    Are there any univ without entrance exams? —Most of the State Univs (Pune Univ,i think they don hav entrance-verify)

  395. Hey Shruti,
    I am also planning to sit for MSE exam. Haven’t got anyone to tell me more about it. My case similar to yours. If in case you get any information regarding MSE sample papers or what to study for MSE ( as in IS it more mathematical or theoritical ) Please let me know about it too.
    Very less time is left. Please help if you are able to get some.
    E-mail is

  396. HI Alex,
    m preparing 4 various entrance xmz bt i wanted syllabus of B.A.Eco honours DU to prepare for DSE…..can u tell me from whr shud i get it as m not from delhi…….

  397. somebody help me!!! 3 months left for dse entrance….plz suggest which coaching class to join…i don’t think i can do without taking one!!

  398. i m preparing for ma(eco).i stay in chandigarh.can you suggest me a good institute in chandigarh for admission in dse and jnu….

  399. to all,
    after analysing the last 5 yrs dse papers..i realised that maths,stats,probability forms abt 60-70 marks of the we have to be good in it is the decider….

  400. hi alex

    i want to know where will i get the sample papers of GIPE. Do you have any idea of the entrance test.


  401. 108.

    Hello Alex,my name is jasmin and i m studying for economics entrance.i chanced upon ur blog while searching for help for the entrance exams.i m very impressed with ur blog and kudos to ur passion for economics.ur blog is very informative and thank u for comin out with such a wonderful blog.i wanted to ask u which is better for MA economics-jamia milia or univ of hyd?can u plz rank these in terms of economics course they offer-DSE,Jamia milia islamia,GIPE,UOHand Madras school of eco.?and what about pondicheery university?is it ok for Masters in Economics?and btw i read in ur blog that u r pursuin ur masters from UOH?if i m not wrong u must have finished the course by nw.wat r u doin nw?i hope u ll reply.thank u alex.bye..

  402. hi,
    i m currently pursuing eco(hons) frm KMC ,DU.can plz any one tell me wats the job opportunities after doing MA frm DSE or some other reputed institute??? i dnt want to b a lecturar…

  403. can anybody tell which is god coaching institue for perparing the entrce xam……….im xetrmely confused which want to join………should one join primeeducation or ecopoint……..plzzzzzzz someone guide me

  404. I have my friend studying at ECOPOINT who is extremely satisfied with them. They have three Dschool people, who teach Micro, Macro, Maths/Stats.

    I have seen his notes, I can assure you, you would have never seen these questions anywhere. These are like BULLSEYE, completely focused type of questions. They people are clever enogh not to give photostat of assignments or notes, becuase that may dilute their material in market for free.

    I have their questions (by my friend) and even answer of these questions, but I cant, I just cant undersatnd their economic intution, Now he is so confident that he can say HE WILL ‘CLEAR’ ISI. We guys bloody cant even sit in ISI, there are some people who are confident to clear ISI.

    These people are razor sharp. I am going to them definately for daily batch, bloody they are taking for all seven days a week. For me I will definately go to ECOPOINT for MA Economics Entrance

  405. Sahas, thanks for telling about ecopoint

    But tell me one thing, what do you mean by you cant understand their economic intution. Here ‘their’ means questions or teachers. Are the questions really tough?

    Do we need such tough questions at all?

  406. Jaya, ‘their’ means questions. I mean they are tough questions which I cant do on my own, even while having their answers with me. Yes, i asked ma frnd he tld me taht reason of giving or doing tough questions is that we have to do a liitle more tahn waht is reqd, taht boost up confidence. moreover, they have done everything, i mean everything its like a complete course. i am so much impressed. thanx ecopoint…. 🙂

  407. u r rite sahas, easy questions all of us can do, but yes we have to do higher level of questions in order to get thru dse

  408. hello, alex……

    I need your help….can u provide me some material on HICKSIAN THEORY OF TRADE CYCLES.?..i have material on it..but want to have some pin point -functioning of multiplier and accelerator model in hicks .theory…& limitations also…

    i awaits of your reply…reply soon…

  409. hiii alex,

    plz tell me how can i perpare myself for essay type questions in the entrance xam………..wat should one write n leave out is it possible for u to write one of the essay type of anwer for me so that i can get the idea of the answer……………i will be thankfull to u if u mail me atleast any one ans on essay type qts……..i needed guidance for that

    1. hello neha plz check the UOH site coz the forms r already out and the last date to submit applictions is 30rth april…so plz hurry up….

  410. hiiiiiii every body i am suresh from hyd.i want to know about DSE entrence background is science and can i make it.plz suggest which option is the best one for a science student.and level of questions and the date of apllication available in the website

  411. Thanks Manoj,

    Also i can see on the GIPE website that the forms are available only in April… correct me if i am wrong… i can submit an internet form with the DD anytime before the 15th may rite ??
    and for the UPH.. i dont seee any thing on the net for the forms………. could u just send me the link…

  412. hi guys
    i hve just given my 1st year xams in BA(H)eco. frm DU.My ultimate aim is DSE or JNU.
    can u guys recommend sum of da buks wid wich i shud i start my preparartions rite now?
    n how xactly shud i go bout it?
    n were can i find DSE ques. paprs?

  413. hi i m tamanna frm kolkata,i have just given my class 12 commerce examination and want to pursue economics honours i want to know the college in which i can apply for this plz reply

  414. well i guess there r a lot of confused souls out here. follow this:

    the whole approach to dse entrance had a paradigm shift after 2006

    the paper in last two yrs has been application based, so just learning the concepts wont do, u need to know the application too.

    here is a summary of thgs that all of u can follow in months to come:

    Maths and Stats have always been the hot topics in DSE and these are the low scoring ones too so i’ll suggest to work on these first.

    Maths: the new syllabus already has an optional of linear algebra and real analysis… shld hav a good grasp of both

    for beginners try out RS Bhardwaj (if ur nt good at maths); i would rather like u to refer to hammond first (incl. the index) and then move on to simon and blume for a chapter on kuhn tucker,implicit func.

    for sets n relations, there are a couple of chapters in albrich and smith, i thk ch 2 n 3 (im nt sure of ch. 3)

    Refer to last two yr papers and try analyse the topics on which more stress was given……work ur way through maths


    the two main topics hav always been probablity and sampling, along side a couple of questions from here and there

    Again for beginners start from SC Gupta…..n go on to fruend
    for probablity dont change ur approach…..retain one and then follow that….coz there are n no. of ways to solve a probablity problem…diff books suggest diff ways.
    pick questions from IIT entrance books (sounds big but isnt),SC Gupta,RS Bhardwaj (for stats), fruend (imp)….
    the topic probablity has a large span….u need to cover…PDF’s,CDF’s,PMF’s…..n diff type of distributions too…uniform,binomial,normal,bernolli..etc

    for sampling give a little more strees on cases of diff. in means,diff in prop.,diff in variances….along side the normal cases…..fruend and RS Bhardwaj are good books for this.

    Alongside these u need to knw the application of all the other topics in stats…..dispersion,correlation,index no.,skewness,etc

    u can go through the following chapters of simon and blume (do not indulge in learning up proofs):
    Ch 2,4,5.6(application),7,8 (till 8.5),9,10 (till 10.4),11,13,15.3,18,21 (till 21.3),27 and appendix A.1
    u also need to knw….sum of infinte series,sequences etc

    for stats i dont thk there any derth of practice material….there n no. of books for u.

    study references for:


    As you may have seen…..there is a clear shift in the types of questions being asked in papers of 2007 and 08 compared to earlier yrs….

    Nowadays ur given a model or a set of statements…..n there are 4-5 questions based on them:

    Now I believe there is a gap between what is taught in undergradute course and what is asked in the paper (its totally application based)
    I’ll suggest all of u to get the basics on track from DFS and mankiw…..n move on to willam branson….nw whats soo sacrosant about this book… gives u a mathematical approach to macro….(its nt difficult)…I would suggest u to do till ch. 10….however ch 9 and 10 are optional.
    the chapters that i hav given are 4om 3rd edition…chs may differ depending on editions

    then search for a application based questions in macro 4om diff sources!!!!!


    Along side Varian,ruben and pindick, workbook of varian…u can follow “problem solving approach” book by kalanjit roy choudhury….i thk it comes in 2 parts!!!!!

    Best of Luck!!!!!!
    n for those who r in college 2nd yr/1st yr. focus on basics….
    all this i hav mentioned would nt only help u in dse entrance but others too!!!11

    1. Hey ! Thanks so much for so much info.

      Well, i am in my 2nd year economics hons now [DU]. Do u suggest some coaching or something for the preparations?
      And btw, if u don’t mind, What do you do? Are u studying in dse?

  415. hey sajal,
    it should not be ur first option to get through GIPE.. but as a 3d option its good…the college exists since 1931 and the college also has a very intensive mathematically oriented course…

    1. hello yash…u said GIPE should be considered as a third option..which college/univ, accdg to you ,stands second?can you plz tell me..

  416. @Sahas: I have not heard any good about Ecopoint!! All my friends who have attended Ecopoint said Vibhas is better..I do not rate Vibhas high either so I fathom their standard is real low!!

  417. hi every1,
    could any1 whose preparin 4 jnu teme how to solve those statement based questions… like who won th medal n who stole th chocolate kinds… i cant seem to find a solution…
    it l b gr8 help.. thanx a ton

  418. @Yashrt: If you have enough vella time then you can try out Ecopoint (or naresh/vibhas) but it is of no good use. All that matters for entrances is your own efforts..

  419. @sahas: You are extremely lame!! You say you do not understand the questions and then you say they hit bull’s eye..and please people do not fall in such tricks of ecopoint posting as ‘sahas’ and writing goodie goodie things about Ecopoint.

  420. Yes Eco Student u r rite, there is no need of any coaching. All of these, ECOPOINT, Prime, Naresh, Vibhash etc are useless. Everything depends upon how u prepare. Nobody can help us. Last year my friend went to Prime, that was utterly useless, I am sure for others too, it is same.

  421. Hi all

    If somebody is taking the MSE exam could we discuss the answers to the model paper problems here? Or could you tell me where can I obtain the solutions to the paper. Thanks a lot.

  422. Solve this
    1.Consider collecting a random sample that has two observations.From apopulation that is normally distributed with mean u(mu) and variance 16.The variance associated with distribution of twice the difference between these two observations equals

    1.64 2.128 3.32* square root of 2 4.64* 1.414(square root of 2)

    dse-option A-2006

    Q 2. A RANDOM variable has outcomes Success and Failure with probabilities 3/4
    and 1/4 respectively.A gambler observes the sequence of the outcomes of this variable and receives a prize of 2 to the power n.If n is the first time that
    Success occurs.What is the expected value of the gambler’s prize.?


    dse-option-A -2005

  423. hey I am srinidhi. am doing my third year B.A. in econ. am so clueless about the whole admission procedure and the criteria for admission. and i think am weak with my basics. I don’t really remember my micro. and we have never been trained to apply math and micro in any current issues , rather any issues. its always been plain theory.I want to start preparing. How exactly should i start preparing and go about it? what are the books i should read and refer? and what are the subjects i should concentrate on? I want to apply to JNU.

  424. I am currently pursuing B.A Eco from DU. I m willing to pursue Ma economics for my post graduation…so i want to know how to start preparing for it?

  425. Hi !
    I am a Economics hons student from Delhi university. I am planning to start preparing for DSE entrance. So i would just like to know how should i start with the preparation and also where can i get the syllabus of the entrance examination.

    Also i want to know what are the future prospects after doing masters in economics other than going into teaching or civil services.

  426. Hey Sahas,

    Im planning to take an year off and prepare for DSE 2010.Does Ecopoint offer regular coaching classes??

  427. Hi Alex,

    I’m a graduate with Economics and i’ve applied to the University of Hyderabad and GIPE for MA in Economics. I’m currently preparing for their entrance exams. Can you please suggest me some reference books or any web links which can help me in my preparation and the areas i should focus on to prepare for UOH entrance exam which is coming up on the 4th of June?? Do share your views regarding GIPE entrance exam.

  428. Hi Alex,

    I am a B.Com Graduate and also pursuing PGDBM Course. I would like to do MA in Economics and then PhD in Economics. Is it possible? I am based in Goa and have a consultancy firm dealing in taxation at present. Can I do a distance learning course of MA in Economics ?

  429. Hi Alex,
    I’m applying for the M.A. program at University of Hyderabad. Would you have any idea as to the format of the entrance exam paper or any set syllabus? They haven’t mentioned anything specific in their prospectus.

  430. hey gautham…u cam ask eco point guys thier ph no.s are given on their website..the lectures aare worth attending..very good lectures..and they focus on developing ur thinking also.which is very good.

  431. Hi

    I am a law graduate , willing to pursue my masters in economics … since i am not from mathematics background, option b seems not feasible. Please guide me with what option should i choose and my plan of action with respect to the preparation.
    Best Wishes

  432. see..1st go and get the papers of previous yrs from dse photocopy shop.. in delhi…2.the paper has lot of stats,probability and maths mcq`s..this is abt 50 mks on 100..then micro u can go through the basic chapters through varian that can get u abt 8mks so ur attempt can be of around 60…the books details have been given in the siddse06`s scrap…it will give u all the info u want…

  433. hi friends i have completed mcim in business economics and shortly joining for research, anyone help me in regars, from where i get EVIEWS and book for it..

  434. hello. i am appearing for the dse entrance this year. was wondering what all texts to use to prepare. which ones are u guys using?

  435. i got thru the written exam for msqe program at ISI KOLKATA..can ne1 suggest wat shud i prepare for the interview..?what r the frequently asked q????plz lemme know asap…my interview is on 22nd!!!

  436. Hi Alex,
    thanks a lot for such a helpful site.Please tell me where can I get previous question papers of DSE and JNU entrance exam for MA-eco.Please reply.

  437. hi,
    i am appearing for the GIPE entrance examination this week and id like to solve sample question papers from the previous years pls send it to also i would like to know the scope for actuarial science. could u give me some leads on it??? pls.

  438. Hey..i have been shortlisted 4 igidr’s interview n have no ideaof wat 2 expect der…

    can u help me with dis?? i’m really excited abt dis place..

    1. Int’v’w @ IGIDR is bit like this:
      A large chunk of questions on your undergrad subject(s),some problem solving on the board.
      Mostly profs ask the kid his/her fav topic and grill.

  439. maths..maths and only maths…they are people who expect u to be good with it…they give u pen and ask u to solve things on the basic level do ur 12th maths well and then move ahead/…all the best

  440. radhika pls go on ths website and check out the forum on IGIDR..there u will find the best advice…specially the last few

    1. hey thanks a lot!! but i dont see a link on ur post..which website 🙂

      also…shud i prepare for current affairs 2?

      1. no….the interviewer is looking for basic abilities…yes but u should know things like…recession,what should the indian govt do to fight it/… etc..

  441. hi,
    cud u pls tell me which are the gud colleges in Bangalore that offer masters in economics? and from wen do they start giving out forms to apply?

  442. hi,

    i am preparing for jamia enterance…what is pattern for jamia entrance…which topics they generally focus on?
    n are there any sample papers o previous years papers of jamia which i can look for?

    1. they ask multiple choice questions on econ and maths and you need to write an essay as well.
      The questions are pretty straight-forward.
      Sample these questions(from vut they asked last year)
      (a)differentiate e^5x(it’s that simple,i tell ya)
      (b)guvnor of RBI
      (c)when LM shifts outwards,what happens to inflation.
      Hence,don’t worry about the sample papers/last year’s paper.
      Cheers and good luck.

      1. thanx for the info

        one thing more…essay part which we have to write….what are the topics they focus on??

  443. topics for essays are mostly derived from the contemporary economic issues.
    i wrote an essay on the inflation and its impact on Indian economy.

  444. hello..cud u pls tel me how is panjab univ for ma eco..??it takes students on merit..but i dont know if its good..plz help.

  445. Hi!!!
    Anyone from Gokhale Institute of politics and economics here??? Actually I have got thru its entrance and have my admissions on 13 july…before taking admission I wanna know abt its faculty,environment etc and more specifically and importantly I wanna know abt its placement…

  446. a good college for u..i would suggest u to go to orkut and chat to ppeople who are now in GIPE…they are the only ones who can answer ur question……go to GIPE community

  447. how was the dse entrance for u?pls reply for me i think the paper was easier as compared to last the mathematical part was less i …specially in macro…i attempted 65..but dont know how many of them are right…this yr the cut off will be higher as compared to last yr…i think cut off will be 56..hope it is less..but there were 4500 people appearing for 150 seats…thats why cant be too positive..

  448. the paper was fine.Attempted 70 marks but not sure about accuracy.there were 3000 applicants for part A..the roll numbers went uptil 5000 but there was a break of 2000 in the roll numbers..there was lot of micro and stats in the paper, seemed to be much more than last yr

  449. no the paper is even every yr like this…its 25 marks each..macro,micro,stats,maths…ya..accuracy is the problem..with me also..

  450. guys..can anyone tell me hows Hyderabad University?? Thats the only option I am left with actually! Plz help!

    1. Hyderabad university is an excellent place for research. Also, the library facilities are good. Y V Reddy happens to be an Emeritus professor in HCU. Being a central university, the resources it commands are enormous.

      Last MA batch got a lot of good summer internships. Owing to the crisis, the placement scenario was not good.

  451. hii!!

    i am a bcom hons final yr student i jst wanted to know that if i am eligible for jnu’s MA in economics with specialisation in world economy as the eligibility criteria in jnu’s site no where mentions bcom hons ….. can pls anybody help??????

    1. You are not eligible for the course. Only those who have done BA Economics can pursue that particular course. However you can apply for MA Economics at School of Social Sciences at JNU

  452. got thru jamia written for ma eco..can anybody tell me what do they ask in the interview?…also how is d faculty dere n wht abt placement cell?

  453. Hi Sohini!
    Last years’ jamia entrance was quite rigorous..there was 5-6 people in the panel…my interview went for abt half an hour!!they asked me econometrics(assumptions of CLRM),micro(consumer theory),macro(monetary n fiscal policy) and Indian agriculture n industry..i am able to recall only this much..just revise ur basics..stay calm n u will easily clear it…if u have econometrics…do revise it..they will definitely ask question on it…if u have ny other query u can mail me at
    All the best..

  454. hey,
    no one has yet replied to my enqiury numbered 720…. i request for a feed back, also i wanted to know whether DSE and JNU has interview rounds & the kind of questions they ask…
    waiting for a reply!!!

    1. DSE and JNU do not have interview. You can see the past year JNU and DSE papers to know what kind of questions they ask. DSE qn papers are available at DSE photocopy shop..I think you will get JNU papers from there as well

  455. hey…plz does any1 know how is panjab univ for MA eco?they take students on merit..n also, i have got in gokhale’s waitin list..i m really worried about my chances..can any1 help??plz..